Instagram Auto Poster – WordPress to Instagram

Instagram Auto Poster – WordPress to Instagram

You can check the plugin work add post in the live demo.
Be sure to specify an Featured Image when you add post.

RESULT – instagram page

«Instagram Auto Poster – WordPress to Instagram» – The plugin allows you to automatically send posts to your account instagram.

Use the main thumbnail with custom tag:

  • {TITLE} – Inserts the Title of the post
  • {URL} – Inserts the URL of the post (not clickable links)
  • {EXCERPT} – Inserts the excerpt of the post
  • {TAGS} – Inserts post tags
  • {CATS} – Inserts post categories
  • {HCATS} – Inserts post categories as hashtags
  • {HTAGS} – Inserts post tags as hashtags
  • {AUTHORNAME} – Inserts the author’s name
  • {SITENAME} – nserts the the Blog/Site name

To use the plugin you just have your username and password instagram.

Rating and Reviews

rating and reviews instagram auto poster

Sometimes post in instagram published, but the link does not work, why?

This is due to the large number of users who try the demo version, instagram sends such messages to spam. It is necessary to use the full title, a little description and photographs of real people or places

Update – 28.12.2016

  • Add support custom post types
  • Add new tag format {SKU} and {PRICE} for WooCommerce product
  • Removed option with collumn

Next update is scheduled for 10.01.2017 includes: 1) rebuild new image from instagram ratio

Update – 14.11.2016

  • Add support with plugin “Featured Image From URL”

Update – 01.11.2016

  • Fixed critical bug with auto posting WooCommerce product

Update – 31.10.2016

  • Fixed critical bug with auto posting to instagram

Update – 26.09.2016

  • Fixed support woocommerce plugin
  • Add option use shortlink

Update – 26.07.2016

  • Fixed bug with special characters in the title

Update – 22.07.2016

  • Fixed syntax error in older versions of php

Update – 21.07.2016

  • Images are now recreated to avoid errors and PNG to JPG convertation
  • Fixed bug with special characters in the excerpt

Update – 20.07.2016

  • Add setting “How to make auto-posts?”: Use WP Cron to Schedule autoposts OR Publish Immediately
  • Add setting “Display a column in the list of posts?”: Enable OR Disable