Discussion on Instagram Auto Follow/Unfollow/Scraper

Discussion on Instagram Auto Follow/Unfollow/Scraper

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Is it safe to use or is there a risk of banned account? Few years ago I have seen such a sites and a lot of IG accounts were banned… I read something that IGs algorithm can find out I use automation… Do you have any security or feature that protects users from instagram algorithm?

If you follow the recommendations it is safe. You can get banned even if you don’t use an automation software, it is important to follow the recommendations and not doing too many requests daily and not too fast.

And where I can read the recommendation?

It’s in the documentation, in the files you get when you buy the product :)

Hello, I use am a small social media agency that has 3 clients. I need to increase followers and organic engagement of my clients. Which of your apps do you recommend?

Hi, please send me an email

Hi, how i get the promotion? 23$ price?

The promotion lasted a few weeks, and is now over.

can i use that on multiple computers with multiple insta account

You can use with unlimited Instagram accounts, but up to 6 at the same time. Your license allows you up to 3 installations (so 3 different machines if you want).

Hello, good day: -Do you have the option to change the language to Spanish? – does it have an anti-blocking module?

Hi, most of languages can be added, contact me directly for more info. There is no such thing as “anti-blocking”.

HI. how do you update ?

Hi, please read the documentation :)

Can you lay out the steps to update without having to reauthenticate and losing 1 of the 3 chances to use the extension.

It is written in the documentation, please read it carefully.

hi, is there is any risk of my instagram account get banned when using this chrome extension ( when using scrape followers feature )

Hi, scraping is “safe”, you might just get temporary limited if you scrape too many too quickly.

Please this application to increase the people I follow or the people who follow me

It does both but for the 2nd one it’s indirectly. The app will follow people for you, then depending on your targeting and the quality of your account, a percentage of those people will naturally follow you back.


jussay Purchased

Hi, I have hardly used this product, and after long time today I thought to use found old version not working then I downloaded new one and it asked registration and when I entered the key it says ‘Resource_QUOTA+USED_REACHED” this license has been used too many times. not sure what it means same machine and same browser giving error.

I replied, please contact me only by email for support requests.


jussay Purchased

hey thanks for your quck reply and fixing issue.. impressed bro :)

You’re welcome :)

Hi, i sent you an email for support please check, its urgent :)

Hi, I replied already.

Hello, can I get phone data from the Instagram account?

Please send me an email with all the things you need

Send your email, please.

It’s on my profile (click on Newsletter then contact me) and you also can send me a DM on Codecanyon.


relisys Purchased

Hi. I have a strange issue. I have installed this extention in two places. My home pc and my home laptop. On the laptop it worked fine for a few days and then It suddenly logged me out of the plugin.

Now when I try to login and use my email and purchase code, it gives me the following error:

resource_quota_used_reached The license has been used too many times(3)

I have restarted the browser and cleared the cache even though i doubt that matters for the extension. Any troubleshooting I can do for this?


Hi, send me an email with your license key so I can check please.

Hey, how do I check the password?

So I’ve been trying to log into my account, but I was getting an error for some reason, so I tried to log in again… And now it gives me an error saying that I have used the license 3 times already. Please fix the problem. I’m not even logged in, hope you fix it, cuz otherwise it’d be loss of money. Thanks

Hi, please read the documentation, the password is there. Also your license is personal so you should not many any request in the comments, it is not safe for you, please send me an email.

I did some comment on your other instagram/twitter product.

I will need only Instagram, in terms of comparison for Instagram, which is a better more robust solutions?

Are you planning to add more features to this bot? Like send DM, extract email or usernames or phone from existing dms.

Does this web extension save a list of already followed/unfollowed user in order to avoid interaction in future sessions?


Other questions: Can you scrape usernames from post the liked? From ALL posts or a specific post, extract the usernames that liked that post.

Or the users that comment on all or specific post.

1) It really depends your needs, check the descriptions and videos of my items. 2) I’m not planning to add feature, I will just maintain it and support it. If you need a custom version, send me an email. 3) If you activate autowhitelist, it’ll save the list of your follow/unfollow requests, then you can copy that list and save it anywhere you want. You can also scrape your Followers or Following to get lists. 4) Yes you can get usernames from the likes of a post, from a specific post. And same for the comments.

Hi Author,

Is this BOT still working or any updates or Bug fixes are going on?

Hi, it id working and updated regularly :)

Thank you for the update!


relisys Purchased

Hi. I want to buy this today. I just need to know what the allowed limits are. Since you built this plugin that you might know the Instagram limits better than all of us. What are the limits per day/week/month of how many people you’re allowed to follow or to have following you. I want to keep it on the safe side so the account is safe. Do you know these limits for 2022-2023?

Also I see you have a deal for Instagram and Twitter bot. If i buy that, is the Instagram bot in that package the same as this one or its a different program because its combined?

And another question. Are these bots via your service that we need to sign up or its a script that I download and install? Or plugin? extension?

Thank you.

I don’t know the limits, it really depends on your account. My app doesn’t have limits. My other app is not the same, it is a software, unlike this one which is an extension, please check the videos it’ll be easier to understand. My apps are either softwares or extensions that you install and use on your machine, please check the videos.


relisys Purchased

One more question about the extension so I’m clear. If I run the extension and lets say I follow 200 people and then turn off the browser, come back the next day and want to run the unfollow feature. Will it only unfollow those 200 that I tried to follow, or will it unfollow some of the people in my account randomly? I just want to be sure that the unfollow feature would not unfollow the people that were on my account previously to running the extension. Thanks.

It will unfollow the Followers or Following of the targeted account (it can be your account). Use the whitelist if you want to not follow/unfollow some accounts, by example you can scrape your Following and add them to the whitelist.

What does this do ? I want to use it to get followers not to follow people . is this possible ???

Read the description and watch the video please. You will get real followers back after you follow them.

Hi. 1. Does hits extension still work? 2. What are the likelihood of getting banned if doing it really safely? 3. What is considered doing it really safely to avoid the ban? 4. How is this product different from your social bot?


Hi. 1) Yes, I update it regularly. 2) Can’t tell, it’s unlikely you get banned because it doesn’t use your credentials, you just might get temporary limited if you’re not using safely. 3) It really depends your account normal activity, but let’s say 50-100 follow per day is really safe. 4) Different features, please read the descriptions and watch the videos.

The bot no longer works as it used to, even on the lowest settings. After a few minutes, the white Instagram page appears, after which you sometimes have to change the account password.

I don’t even exceed 1000 followers. I have the same on other internship accounts. I even did this on another computer with a different ip address. It is exactly the same.

If your account is flagged, it doesn’t matter the computer or IP, just let it cool down for few days

But this is a completely different IG account

If I want to run 20 Instagram accounts. What license do I need? And should you purchase a proxy or not?

You can use it with unlimited accounts if you use sequentially (not at the same time). For proxy, it’s your decision if you want to use one or not, it is not required.


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