Instagram and Twitter Bot

Instagram and Twitter Bot

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Social Booster is an Instagram and Twitter automation app that works with a state of the art algorithms to increase your fan following, and post engagement.

  • Easy to use. With a modern UI
  • You Login to the app (your password is saved locally)
  • 2FA handling (bad location)
  • 2FA (SMS pin enabled)
  • Multi-Session
  • Multi-Platform (Windows 10, Mac OSX, Linux, Raspberry PI 3)
  • Error management feature (bad pin, bad password)
  • Screenshot and Verbose logger
  • Like Mode Classic: bot selects a random hashtag from a config list and likes 1 random photo, and can repeat this all time.
  • Like Mode Realistic: bot selects a random hashtag from a config list and likes fast 10-12 photos, it sleeps 15-20min and repeats this all time. Sleeps at night.
  • Like Mode Competitor Users: it selects an account, selects random followers, likes 10-12 photo and sleeps 15-20min. Sleeps at night.
  • Like Mode Superlike: it selects random hashtag from a config list and likes 3 random photos of the same user.
  • Comment Mode Classic: it selects random comments and random hashtags and writes comments under photos.
  • Follow/Defollow Classic: follow 30 users, defollow first and rotate (in loop). This method is not detect from socialblade. ~1h | 300 follow-defollow/day.

In this package, you get the app and the source code of the app in case you want to tweak it for your personal needs. The app is built on electron.js and hence it has cross-platform support. (Mobile App coming soon)

Compatible: MacOS and Windows.

Demo Video