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2. Adding Audio MP3 can be done as part of customizations , please contact on skype for the same .

Can this work using a xampp server for backend? If so can it play pptx, pdf, videos and audio without an internet connection in the app itself ie. can I play a video if my phone is only connected to my local web server?

You video played is stremable or can be donwloaded to device we have enabled both the option’s .

I want to set it up as a repository where people can access documents via local wifi and hosted on a xampp server. So it should not need internet access. Hence why I am asking if I can have people be able to play media without access to any google/web services iwthin the app?

your problem seems complicated , please add me on skype and discuss the same , my skype is rupenm . Buy it only if its useful to you :)

Hey, the .APK seems to be gone. Can you please put it back up

Yes give me 1 hour and I will get it uploaded .

Please find apk

InstaSync Apk DropBox Link ====================== https://www.dropbox.com/s/x1ccbbnvhhmup9f/app-instasync-20May-4-09pm.apk?dl=0

Hi ! i just downloaded the apk sample, installed ok. When i try to run the app, it shows the splashscreen, the syncing alert and then it crashes. I really want to buy the app, but i don’t know if is going to work. I have a Moto G first gen, running Android 5.1.1. Thanks!

Please download apk from here https://i.diawi.com/gSN1aG

It works! Nice app !!!

Thanks :) Go ahead and buy this . Contact on skype : rupenm for customization .

Cannot compile project.It contains errors.Please give eclipse project again.

Use android studio and there is a read me file which explains which file to change for connection .

Ok , thanks sir. I’ll try it now.

if you face any issues feel free to revert back to me on skype : rupenm

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