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It is posible to post items only of my profiles in Dribbble, Forrst, and Behance? Of course not all of my post will apeare in popular of those site, so I will need a way of posting by URL or by filtering by profile in the admin so I can add my posts to the selection

Hey Gabriel, Absolutely this would be possible, the only thing is that the feed is just pulling from the latest posts in dribbble, I’m going to try and get a way for you to enter in a URL and have that image featured as well :)


Can this be used to upload my own photos from my Computer?

At the moment that’s not available, but we can definitely add that feature in a future update :)

Great, can you please let me know so I can buy.

Will do :) TTYS

In a future? 2 weeks ago you said there will be update :) LOL

I know. Sorry we are still working on getting that out.

Thanks for your patience.


No updates??


When will there be an update where you can upload your own images, or post images of specific profiles in Dribbble, Forrst, and Behance?

Its a nice script but I don’t understand it. This is to display your portfolio only? Or can users login and add their portfolio as well? So its essentially a curator.


Same thing here…when I type in ”/install” nothing happens. I followed the instructions but is not working and your support desk is not working either. Can you help? Thanks

Hi! I don´t have that file, where can I get it? Thanks

Hi, I wrote to my hosting support and they tell me that php and the libraries requested are installed. What am I missing to make it work?

Hello? I am still waiting for an answer

Hi, is it possible to upload and post our own images, rather than just getting content from somewhere else like dribble?

if so, do you have an estimated timeframe for that feature?


hi few question,

Instead of dribble or behance, can i add custom url?

Are the PSD files included? great job by the way

hi, what about the updates to post from own feeds?


Great script, but how does the admin works? When i log in, there is no spcial admin menu…

Regards Andi

ok, i got it…

:) Haha, Great. Thanks. Let me know if you have any other questions.

No space for advertisement?

At the moment, there is not :( You can always customly add this if you would like :)

Hi there, I was wondering if this script could be easily modified to pull in news article RSS instead of designs from Dribble, etc? I am willing to pay if required. Thank you!

Yes, I would need some help and would appreciate it. If I buy the app would you be willing to guide me through the changes needed? I sent you a private message. Thanks!

Hey 007, I will probably only be able to help a limited amount. I can tell you which files you will need to edit in order to build the rss integration, but other than that we don’t have the time for helping with extensive customizations to the script.

Hope you will understand :)


ok fair enough, thank you :)

Hi Tony, I can’t install correctly the App because I don’t have a file “install” but only “public”. When I go in this file I found an install, I put my database informations, The install is done but I need to go to the url for login. The probleme is : - I can’t find my website by the root but only in the public file. - The database is create but I can’t add a new shot in the admin. The loading turn everytime with the error server “add inspiration” Please thx to help me. Best regards


Hey Alex, the .htaccess should be handling the redirect and you shouldn’t need to add the /public folder. Have you went ahead and added the .htaccess file. It is hidden by default but if you show hidden files it will be shown. The file should be shown on your web server.

Let me know if that makes sense :)


If not send me a private message with FTP info and I can help you out further.


Does this allow me to enter X username and only pull the latest X items from that account? How does this work exactly?

Sorry, it does not allow that. Currently you can sort by the most popular or the latest dribbble posts and then add them that way.

Let me know if that helps :)


please include piterest…this could be usefull not only for designs….with the posibility to search on pinterest.

Absolutely :) We’ll look at doing this in a future update. Thanks for the suggestion.

could be interesting the posibility as make users or users register, and upload pictures…. some like picture sharing platform or like:

Absolutely :) We’ll see about integrating this in the future. Thanks for the suggestion.

The last two posts here, are very interesting and I think it will help the script. I want to ask you, when will be the ads option added to the script?

Hi, I like the Script but I’m wondering if i can add upgrades to the script ; - The memberships system and the registration of new members - Members Profile - Change the update system to pages system ( 1,2,3.. ) - Add community for discussion How expected adjusted cost ?

demo website fail.

buena aplicación lastima que nunca se a actualizado