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Hi, i noticed the addthis buttons only share the current page url and title, not the different quote pages, how can these two parameters be added to the addthis div ; addthis:url=”http://site.com/quote1” addthis:title=”The Quote”

can i remove or disable the authors?

it can be easily remove.

Hi, why do you not respond to my comment and support mail?

Are you planning updates for the script?

yes.. for v2. using laravel 5.2 and new themes.

Hello, are you planning add new themes?

i have plans for that and mobile app too.. after i finish last script.. that will be done this end of the month.

I have to delete the cache everyday because the urls do not point to the correct domain in the cached version,

Any solutions for that?

yes its HTTPS now, will wait to see if it does not change after the cache.

I remove already the cache.. so its working

ok which file did you edit? so i can save it for backup.

Hi ,

Do you have plan to add new updates: exmaple new theme ? can use image as logo in admin ? can change font in admin ?

Many thanks,

yes.. i have.. im planning to make a mobile app for this.. just finishing my other script.. then will plan out already the next release.

Hi, Adding new pages from admin does not work. When created a new page and visit that url it goes to; iqcms-404.html with message “OOPS! This Page Doesn’t Exissst!”

Nevermind, it works, i found out you need to add ‘page/’ in the url before the page slug.

Hi, i noticed the search page does not find anything if you type and press enter, only the search suggestions work. Also it only searches in quotes, is it possible to have it search in authors too?

yes.. actually.. its possible.. i may put it in the next release.. after im done in my current script.. ill put a search.. in a category, based on quotes, authors, categories..

Hi, can i not hire you to do this and the addthis butttons fix?

well, at the moment i cant do any freelance work.. im finishing my new script.. i already applied it in my local development. for the search.

Please i have issue uploading the script to my site, i have sent you a message

check your mail


I add image one of your Quote, I thought the Quote appear is on the image but it’s not, It’s showing bottom of the image.

I want to edit import quotes and want them to be written on image rather than above or below the image. Let me show you the example please.

https://snag.gy/YWXkJx.jpg https://snag.gy/JAGW1M.jpg

Looking forward,

what do you mean?.. you’re talking about the quote to image? or the installation time of my script?

I’m talking about time of Completion on Quote to image

Its easy to add.. quote to image.. coz i just need to write the quotes in the image.. but after uploading the image you cannot change the position of that unless ill make some editing in the image which is more okay i think

Hi friends,

Do you have plan to release new update for this script ?


Yes.. im done already in some part. Ill put new layout too and new features


I need to know how to update the SSL and please reply my support mail too. I have sent you one.

do you have RTL version of it ? , please i need it so much

Thanks :)

it will be appreciated, do you plan when you make the next update ?

i put RTL css, ill update the demo.

i send email pls check

please check your mail

hi how can i edit the speed of the autoplay?

ill tell you once you purchase it already.. thanks… its just a matter of changing one line of code.

yes i am considering buying it. what about facebook, google login/signup?

you just need to provide the app key for facebook,twitter and google sign up.. you can check the tutorial on how to create ang get an app key for social logins.. if you encounter some difficulty im happy to help you.


mcdasdmr Purchased

Hi, I think this script is working with Laravel. Is there a need for the “Symlink” command for this? Because my hosting is not running “Symlink”.


mcdasdmr Purchased

I bought it and uploaded the files to FTP. But I get the error: “Whoops, looks like something went wrong.” I can not even start the setup.

please delete this file


that will solve your problem.


mcdasdmr Purchased

Thanks, it’s solved.

Really good script thank you author. I am interested to purchase but waiting for new theme as you say above comment. “yes.. i have.. im planning to make a mobile app for this.. just finishing my other script.. then will plan out already the next release.” How much wait? Thanks

Thanks. approximately one month or two more let me now please I really like this script and want to purchase with support please. Thanks

Yeah sure.. just finishing my other script

can I import the quotes? my current website is in wordpress

at the moment there’s no way to import quotes.. but i was thinking to have an excel import… so its easy for you guys to import 1000+ quotes at once…