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Presale question: can you say how i can handle the translation? and whats webhosting i need can give me any advice?

hi, im hosting it in hostgator as shared host so you dont have problem installing it in a shared host or even in a vps..for the translation i have translation manager for that. please check the demo link.. thanks

good script is this ssl compatible, and login page is not so great can we exept ajax and social login in next update ???

Hi, pls delete duplicate quotes and give fresh file Thank you

thank you.. sure.. ill be checking the duplicate quotes for that… and ill be resubmitting to codecanyon..

Ok Thank You!

Hi Author,

Please advise if you have plan to add related quotes in single quote page ? facebook comment ?



Please advise how i change logo image in header ?


please contact me via profile page..so i can teach you which file to edit.

Please reply my email. Thanks

Really Good Script author thank you for that !! i have suggestion to you

1] hope quotes sorting in everywhere (POPULAR TOPICS, POPULAR AUTHORS, and tags.. most favourited first. it should be

2] I think tag position should be in bottom where favourite button there and favourite button should be in the position of where tags now!!

3] in bottom of favourite button favourited count should show in same simple font which you used for quote like ( 1 favorated, 12 favorated )


5] we should have a control of ading side bar in every page no need side bar all page (side bar : p topics p authours and tag )

Please share your email address thank you!

for your number 1, you want to have a page for popular topics, popular authors and tags that shows the quotes right?.

for #2, it can be easily changed position, let me know if you want to change for your script… but i prefer to be like that.. #3, sure.. ill be adding the count for # of favorite.. #4. ill be adding a searchbox for this.. so its easy to search.. #5. what do you mean no need sidebar in all pages?

ill be listing all the things that i need to update.. for this… please contact me in my profile page for more inquiries

Hi, the quote of the day needs to be the same in all day, and not a random quotes in every refresh.

hi, quotes of the day is set to cache for 60minutes thats why after an hour it will change.. but its easy to change it so it will be 24hours cache.. and the nextday will change..

Hi, the quote of the day is different for every visitor. Is there a way to fix a quote?.

well, i can add a settings.. so you can search for an specific quotes and show the quotes of the day as fixed.. unless you change..

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pre-sale question: this script have sitemap?

Hi, when the next update?

hopefully this week.. or next week.

Ok, thanks

Hey Anthony,

would you please add a way, that a quote is inside some image / maybe from pixabay,

then when we share that quote we can share with a image and the quote,

so it would be a genius thing. i buy then.

best wishes, stay nice.


hi tob,

yes thats possible.. i’ve been thinking about that.. like automatically.. add the quotes inside image…

Pre sale question: Can it handle 500k quotes, 25k authors and 8k categories?

yes.. it can handle.. code wise is well optimize.

Ofcourse. Youre testing the demo.. codecanyon doesnt allow to minify the codes.. so in the demo mode. All js is not minify and not compile as one js. Anyway.. its up to you.. thanks


I used your inspiraquotes. Please help to advise for some below questions: - how i change logo image in header ? - Site font / color ?


Hi, the logo in the header is just a text.. you can see it already in the backend.. general settings.. its called site_text_logo

In demo there are 87440 quotes but when we imported the data it comes to be 70066 quotes and in document you mentioned 5 users where as we got 4 only please support

I tried to add title and description for SEO in author page but it is showing only standard meta tags http://quotes9.com/authors/gary-snyder

hi, ill check on this..

hi megrisoft, please sent me message in my profile page.. ill sent you fixed.. for the author detail page problem for the seo.. ill be submitting too the fixes in codecanyon.. thanks.

Congratulations! GoodLuck :)

thank you..

This looks like good stuff. I particularly admire the way you thought of monetization with ads. I’ve not tried to use it yet but just one change would get me appreciating it 50% more:

Please let the large top slider section (Today’s Daily Quotes) appear ONLY ON THE HOME PAGE. It’s too large to let anyone notice any page content changes when something else is clicked. Additionally, reduce the height of the slider? That would be so much cooler.

One more thing. I’d like the quotes to be added by my registered users too. Meaning their names can appear as “Author” if they choose to. I Also don’t want quotes from people like “Gloria Steinem” on my website. How do I delete all quotes from all human beings who refuse to acknowledge and accept the natural differences between the male and female genders?

I’m waiting to grab this script if these issues are addressed. Thanks

My answer is no,Laravel framework is much easier to used and much faster..

Alright, Thanks.

Can we remove that huge slider from the other pages? I want it only on the homepage, and I want to reduce the height. How is that done in Laravel?

Thanks again!

yes of course.. it can be easily remove.. or adjusted.. in laravel to adjust the height you’re going to edit only the css, and to show it only in homepage.. i will just add a condition for that.. 5-10mins is enough and it will be done..

Hi Kuya, Also here I have some issues.

When changing the site name the name holder stays in front of the changed text. ( see http://iquote.site ) and it also does not show the newest or random quotes that it should.

But my biggest issue is that I cannot seem to upload the entire list of quotes. I have tried it a few times. but it does not add more than 52k. it gives me an error. Now i have tried to have it start from the latest query to finish it but the same error 500 repeats even though its impossible for it to time out with so little left after it could get the 52k easily. and one more thing. is it also possible to have the quotes with tags included or was that already supposed to be there and it doesnt work too.

thanks yet again.

Thats the first thing I did. I just did it again. And still no result

please sent me access to inspira quotes backend.. so i can login and check..

just did ;)

Hello guys, my next version 1.3, will be release, 2weeks from now, it has social network login already.. and other fixes and update.. thanks.. :D


rwemi Purchased

Hi, the version of the Script Installation is 1.0 and when I try to connect my database the script doesn’t work… So, is Script Installation is update for InspiraQuotes v1.2 ?

Hi, yes.. script installation is 1.0 but the script is working properly.. for 1.2.. sorry to confused you.. if the database cannot connect it means.. you enter wrong details.. please check your database username at password..

Hi, Author I have seen a comment that you are introducing App, we are extremely waiting for that, Thank you! apart from that 1] i think you should look at site speed, site page speed is very slow 2] where to change footer copy write text 3] please introduce a option image logo instead of text logo 3] can you Implement Favorited (from all the user) it should be like with Newest – Popular – Random 4] Please Give us a option to remove sidebar, and Hero slider in particular page

Thank You For The Support !! It’s Done.

Please check the mail, just ignore abou css question, I Cleared the Cache, its updating now!!

hi, 1.3 version was approved already.. you can download it already..

yes ofcourse.. you can do it.. you just need to check the parameters.. as long as you know how to program using laravel framework.. its easy to change..

Hello Author, 1] Image Logo Option Is Very Urgent Important 2] we need to Swap the Position Of favorite button up tags down (Guide how) 3] how to hide add this in bottom, for image quote share button showing in left that’s perfect 4]How To Change/Hide Submitted By: InspiraQuote, Super Admin

and what are the next update plan ??

Hello, Author Please Check Your Mail

please check your mail..

Thank You! Author Logo image Worked Like Charm :)

Hello! I’m really enjoying this script and have one question: Currently each quote lists tags that it has in the little capsule in the top right of the quote – how can I change it to show the categories/topics that quote was listed in rather than tags? I’m pretty confident with PHP so if you can just point me in the right direciton that’d be great.

hello, please leave a review if you really my cms.. thanks in advance..

for the quotes at the right you can find it here.. /inspira-quotes-cms/app/views/frontend/index/partials/quote/detail.blade.php

just find the code with