Discussion on Inspect - RNB Search & Filter (Add-ons)

Discussion on Inspect - RNB Search & Filter (Add-ons)

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frinte Purchased

Hi there, I have 2 presale questions…

1. Is the date-range-filter function to filter out already booked items in this range? If yes this would work for me 2. Is it possible to design the individual items/results or to use the filter for own querys?

Thanks and kind regards, Alex

Hi 1. date range filter will show the products that are available on that date range. 2 It will require some additional code customization.


Is possible in plugin to change format of date like in main RNB plugin? to European format in Inspect addon?

We used different datepicker library in Inspect thats why the European format is not yet supported in inspect ,It will be added in future update .

For changing RnB booking date/time format :

Go to woocommerce->settings->rnb settings->conditions you will find the option for changing the format

Do you know when will be added?

Hi At present we can not confirm on timeline

Hello! Do you have plans to support search with time also? Not only days? Because now, if a product is booked for part of the day, it will not appear in the search result.

Hi Unfortunately we do not have search with time also. It will require a lot of additional code customization

Ok, so no plans for this I take it? I can see this item has not many sales so I guess support and development is limited.

Hi not having the feature does not mean that development is limited. You can customize the code and develop the feature that you need.

Does it works with flatsome theme ? Because i have now purchased your product and installed on flatsome but the listing function doesn’t work. No product is listed. Thank you very much.

Hi Please open a support ticket and our technical support team will assist you.

hi, what i need is adding a search form at my home page so as to search for vehicles available at certain dates. Basically having that at my homepage. This is possible, right? What I would like to know is if the add on works with wpml, while reading documentation I saw that you suggest translating with loco translate. Is this the only way to translate ?

hi yes you can use loco translation for the issue. It is the easiest way to do it.

is it possible to use wpml?

Hi We have not tested it but in theory it should work with WPML

Updated the turbo theme and i’m having problem with listing new products, the listing page shows only demo products, for new products i’ve to hit “load more” button, even if there are only 4 total products

Hi Please open a support ticket so that our technical support team can assist you.

the support period has ended, and sincerely i don’t want to spend more money on this, i’ve installed the last worpress version, turbo theme and only the plugin requested. Created new invetory items, new products, then deleted the demo products and in the listing page there is no product, i’ve to click to load more button to see the new bikes. I’ve tried to restore some demo bikes and only some are visible in the listing page. There are no option and i cannot understand where is the problem.

Hi Sorry but we are not the technical support team here. So you will need to renew the support and open a support ticket. We have communicated with our support team and got confirmation that there is no such issues. Please open a support ticket with details and our team will look into it.

Hello! Is it possible to use the default WooCommerce loop for this? The layout of the products is not suitable for us.

Hi Sorry but we are not fully clear about your issue. Can you please provide us with some details like screenshot or videos of the issue. You can open a support tikcet and provide the details there.


Ayo1 Purchased


I don't see any features about setting a search form based on resources and features, or even the custom search builder as advertised here or I'm missing something here? I need the search form to include search based on motors type and brands, price lowest to highest.. what it does offer and see on this addon is very limited..

Hi We do not have feature and attribute searchable at present. We will look to add it in our future updates.


Ayo1 Purchased

But why did you advertise the addon and plugin as such it offers all those features, but in reality it doesn’t?

Hi We do have resource and feature search on listing page but you wanted it on home page that is not available.

Hello,i wanted an update if possible about the above question ” If you hit the “book now” button on the search result page, the pick-up date and return date is not automatically entered in the selected product.” Is this feauture coming soon cause i have bought your plugin for over 2 months now and i am not using it cause of the above problem. Any timelines and when this will be ready?

Hi We have already added this feature and pushed it. Please download the latest version from Codecanyon and your issue will be resolved.

The latest is supposed to be 2.0.2? If so , no its not working. The dates dont autocomplete in the product when you select them on the widget. And also still the bug persists when using European time format breaks the listings page on “book now”.

Hi Please open a support ticket and our technical support team will guide you.

Hi! I went through all the documentation but when I do a search by date, nothing apperas as search results. On other hand when I select a date range “today’s date – 3 days from today” an error appears. Can you provide help please?

Hi Please open a support ticket and our technical support team will assist you.


JaDaBe Purchased

So far a really nice plugin! Is it planned that the customer has to enter two separte dates (pick-up date, return date) like it is in the standard RnB booking of a product? The range datepicker is nice for tablet/pc bookings, but for smaller mobile screens we prefer the other solution. If you hit the “book now” button on the search result page, the pick-up date and return date is not automatically entered in the selected product. Would be nice to have the feature :)

Is it planned to have a user interface to change the colors of the filtered products?

HI 1. yes user has to select both the dates 2. thank you for your suggestion, we will have a look into it 3. we will add it in future 4. at present we do not have plans to have a user interface change the colors

Hello, do the search results only show items available during the searched time period? For example if on 10/26/22 an item with a quantity of 1 is reserved for a few hours, does the search result show it for a search from 10/25/22 to 10/28/22 ? Thanks

Thanks. It seems not working on your demo website - I book all quantities available of the “Audi 2019 A4 allroad” on 10/27 - when I search on 10/26 to 10/29, the “Audi 2019 A4 allroad” is still displayed - When I want to book on 10/26 to 10/29 the “Audi 2019 A4 allroad” there is a warning message “Sorry! quantity is not available” and I can’t book (this is normal because all item are already reserved)

So why does the search always show this vehicle when it is not available?

Hello, can you review my last comment about a bug ? Thanks

Hi yes we have forwarded it to our developer team for them to look at it and if any bug is found we will fix it and will push an update.

dos it support other languages? like german?

Hi Yes

This plugin can sort availability stock dy date and time? or only date?

its date based searching only.


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