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Game running but incest not displaying please give a solution ASAp

Have you changed something in source?

no game running in emulator and other models but Android kitkat 4.4.4 not running

Maybe something wrong with your Android

All the graphics in game is in one sheet or separated ?


Good luck for sells. !!

I’m a newb and I get some error when doing to edit in eclipse,

here error screenshoot : https://www.dropbox.com/s/131qetpgukxurde/problem.png?dl=0

could you help me. thanks

Have done, customs switch code to if statement.

I don’t have problem and error in eclipse, all perfect, but when i install apk on my smartphone, the game crush before start, why?

Not running gane, why?


Hello there,

How to change :

1. Bug image 2. App Title.

I import project into eclipse and i follow your instruction, but when i want export project to apk, i dont have any project to select?

Click Export exactly on project

Thankyou for your responce, My problem was i checked “is library” on project properties -> Android. I have it one oder error code with switch i resolved by changing switch to if -> else if. All works fine now.

I setup follow document when run project on simulator

FATAL EXCEPTION: main Process: com.oldenweb.InsectAttack, PID: 1462 java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com.google.example.games.basegameutils.R$string

How to fix it?

Thank you

06-18 14:31:44.073: E/eglCodecCommon(3383): ** ERROR unknown type 0×0 (glSizeof,73)

Now the source can be edited in Android Studio

We have seen your app and we are interested in it but we want some to ask something, can we modify and update it as per our needs and resell to our customers? If so which license is required to do so?

Hello Admob ads are not showing up. When I set up for Admob Test it appears normally.

How do I display the ads?

This way no ads appear: <Item name = “show_admob” type = “bool”> true </ item> <! – Show AdMob (true / false) <Item name = “admob_test” type = “bool”> false </ item> <! – AdMob test mode (true / false)

This is how test ads appear: <Item name = “show_admob” type = “bool”> true </ item> <! – Show AdMob (true / false) <Item name = “admob_test” type = “bool”> true </ item> <! – AdMob test mode (true / false)

Did you change package id in the file “build.gradle”? You need to do this, use your own applicationId, becouse ads will not shown with my package id. Hope this will help.

Okay, now it worked. Thank you!