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totally awesome man!! I want to see more of your stuff :)

heh, thanks a lot :) i am new here, but I will surely post more stuff soon :)

You can also rate it to help me is you really like it :D

awesome stuff dude. how to make the facebook thing work with server ?

will that be included ?

I did not include that. The example files are included, but the facebook thingy i made it really quick just to prove a point. If you want I can include a working example or paste in the code here. The facebook form is basically an AJAX chat with a plugin similar to mine :)


I couldn’t see your demo. Browsers are gives the following error:

Error: missing ) after argument list Source: http://s3.envato.com/files/354711/js/jquery.tInput.doc.js Line: 1, Column: 23 Source: n($)”(function($)_table{“tInput_function($)_innerTable”,bon($){{TL:”TL”,T:”T”,TR:”TR”,L:”L”,content:”content”,R:”R”,BL:”BL”,B:”B”,BR:”BR”}};$.extend(def,o);$.extend(def_cls,d);return $(this).each(function(){var x=this;$(x).data(“tInput”,{options:def,def_c

and this:

Error: $(”#testId4”).tInput is not a function Source: http://s3.envato.com/files/354711/js/demo.js Line: 27

from what you are telling me, the error is caused by the CodeCanyon Iframe and not my page.

You can visit the example directly at http://scripts.tak3r.com/tForms/tStepper/

Not the tStepper, tInput is. And I’m already looking for directly at your page.

I have found two issues while testing with Google-Chrome 6.0.472.63.

- Not disallowing furthermore input when Max-Length is reached for Textarea. - Limited Character Input isn’t secure against pasting other contents.

Would like to use it, but these failures must be fixed before.

With kind regards,


As a note for the E-mail field, "knarF" <designer@knarf.tld> , is a perfectly valid email. And so is <"Frank Eriksson"@knarf.se> ;)

better just check for whatever123!”?åäö@a-z0-9_-.tld

I tried to reach this guy and he seems to have totally disappeared. His script site is down; he;’s inactive on facebook.

The item itself is great and can be used out of the box 95% of the time – but there is NO support available, apparently

Hi there,

I had some problems and couldn’t look after my work for the past couple of weeks :)

Will be re-posting the site again in the next days and will be back

P.s. I am active on facebook :)

Any plans to expand this to include dropdowns?

Can you provide the working example or the code for the facebook thing you did?

Tinput looses height when having a DOCTYPE tag set.

Example if you add: <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC ”-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1 .0 Transitional//EN” “http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd”>

and Tinput looses height.

Line 554 in your script there also seems to be an ’’ out of place ?!

are you familiar with asp?

im creating a social networking site and i was wondering like ur comments facebook script you made in html, is there anyway u could create an html facebook like wall/feed i can integrate with my database, such as status update, like button, add comment, before i found this script i had given up hope… please lt me know.. thanks, and honestly i think if u was to create it allot of developers would find use for it as well

I also have some problem with the height. I have this

<style media="screen" type="text/css"> #commentEditor { height: 70px; width: 200px; } </style> <textarea id="commentEditor"></textarea> <script> $(function() { $('#commentEditor').tInput({ resize: { minHeight: 50, maxHeight: 220 }, setStyle: true, focusEffect: true, restrict: /[0-9a-z ]/g, noSpecialChars: false, setCaretIndex: 10, title: 'Enter comment here', imageBorder: { path: '@Url.Content("~/Apps/jQueryTextArea/images/borders/c5c5c5/")', extension: '.png', baseColor: '#ffffff' }, maxlength: { value: 600, target: true, loader: true }, empty: { text: 'Enter text...', inputClass: 'tInput_Empty', parentClass: 'tInput_Empty_Wrapper' } }); }); </scriot>

and when i run application height is always 0

wow, useful stuff very nice, all the best for your sales !