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Can’t create accout. any demo account ?

yes, you can use unlimited features with this demo – http://www.onesecond.us/

which is the data’s source?

Because there are too many sources so I don’t record, but you could record in content/explanation of each fact

Does the buyer get all what this demo show for the $30 price, or the demo is not for the resl product you sell here but for the “pro” version that you sell seperatly for much much much more money?

yes, so sorry for this, I updated the title, add “LITE” to this version

with this LITE version, you can get all features like demo below

for details, please check this link, to compare differences between licenses, short summary about PRO solutions:

+ UNLIMITED groups & facts
+ User registration & submission: all users may submit
+ and more...

Try inOneSec. with full features & PRO+ functions

You keep promoting your PRO and keep hiding what is really included in the LITE.

1. The LITE demo includes many advertising space. Is it true? Or advertising is only on the Pro?

2. The LITE demo show all social media stats. Is it true or need to pay a lot of extra to get it work with this content?

3. The LITE say that who buy the LITE can add unlimited facts/stats. Is it true also this is a scam and only who pay you more can get it?

Thank so much for your questions

1. LITE don’t support advertising, PRO only

2. LITE allows to add & show maximum of 50 socials & 500 facts

3. inOneSec. is script’s brand name, the script can add unlimited groups & facts, not LITE says

This is a promoting page for all licenses, so we will promote all features & solutions we have in the script, please check “In this package” to see what you’ll have with this license.

Then for details, please check this link, to compare differences between licenses

Admin area will not correctly update the website information. It keeps reverting back to the default settings. Where are these settings stored? It is not in database, I would really like to change my website name.

Now site settings is blank page. I will download the update and re-install and see if that helps.

Update…Installer does not seem to work with upgraded version. Email Sent.

so sorry for this

please check again with your information

Purchase at your own risk. Script and update is not working.

really apologize for this inconvenience

but really this is just stupid mistake, in development mode, I commented many code lines on many file to have faster test & debug, but when packaging, I just forgot to uncomment some line


Are these stats are true ? I mean they are real or it is just showing fake stats and increment in real time ? btw good work from your side.

stats are true, you must fill real data

This is still available right? Check your email.

PreScriptZ: have U realy time to spam every new item?

Demo not working?