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Another question. If I was to use this as a SaaS, is the code flexible enough to make it an easy job to modify so that we can offer this as a service to multiple users? if not, is is possible to install this multiple times, one per user? or is that too in-efficient, or against TOS

Hi tuanng,

Yes, the code can easily be edited and you’re free to modify the application to suit your needs. Please be advised though that you require an extended license to be able to use this in a SaaS application.

You’re also free to install it multiple times, however every install would require a separate (regular) license. I hope that makes sense?

- Zoe

Is there a specific file to translate the entire platform?

Hi konceptocr,

Yes, there is. The translation instructions can be found in the documentation.

- Zoe

Thank you very much Zoe, I will buy the platform. :)


foxy11 Purchased

Tired to submit a support request, but the form returns an error, having issues with the downloading of PDFs with the following error in the error_log:

[07-Dec-2016 11:25:03 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Class ‘Abstract_Renderer’ not found in /path/public_html/invoice/application/helpers/dompdf/include/renderer.cls.php on line 18

Any ideas?

Hi foxy11,

Are you have issues with the form at If so, you can also email support directly at Thanks

- Zoe


zeroku Purchased

Its possible to change Default Currency in new client??? I dont search where :S thanks!


zeroku Purchased

Sorry..,. but where is VAT Nº field when i create a new client¿¿¿ :(


zeroku Purchased

Sorry, my last question! How i can put Sunday the last day of calendar (spanish)? I change ci_3.0.3/language/english/calendar_lang.php but not work :(


zeroku Purchased


Your product has a major flaw in work flow. When creating a new invoice it asks for ITEM DESCRIPTION ITEM PRICE QUANTITY TOTAL

Why isn’t it calculating prices automatically? Invoicing should be easy. I like your code and I almost bought it, but an error like this could truly be a sign of more programming logic errors.

Hi Cchatmon92,

What you’re describing was actually done by design. With Innvoice we set out to create an ultra-flexible invoicing solution and to that end, the user has complete control over the columns which appear on the invoice. IE the user can remove/change the price, quantity columns. Therefor, the system does not have any means to know which columns should be multiplied with which columns. I hope that makes sense?

- Zoe

It makes sense from your perspective and I’m not trying to challeng your ability. I have purchased many scripts from code canyon and I am now on a mission to help you as an Arthur achieve success. You should make auto multiple an option then

Unable to create clients or invoices, please respond to the ticket or email ASAP.

Hi rabreu,

Have you submitted a ticket through our help desk at

- Zoe

Please make this as a German language. What is needed is: Translation, Default Currency selectable: Euro, Dateformat, Comma Seperator ”,”, Thousand Seperator ”.”, Dateformat, First day of Week: Monday,

Hi ravi000,

Unfortunately we do not provide languages other then English. You’re free to translate the application yourself though.

- Zoe


soleqa Purchased

Hi, I need to remove the documentation button under reports on left dashboard menu,where is that file located? And can i add another user to the admin panel? if yes on which file. Thanks

Hi soleqa,

Please send your request to our support department through Thanks!

- Zoe

Thanks for the great product!

My only issue I’m having is with the email config. Weather I use my or it doesnt send. Always comes back with a error and the account says sent but nothing actually sends. Please advise me on what to do.

Hi Vinnie981,

I am unfamiliar with, but it sounds like the problem is with your account rather then with Innvoice. If you require further assistance with the issue, please submit a support ticket through our help desk located at Thanks!

- Zoe

issue submitted

Did you guys know that adding more than 10 clients breaks the dashboard?

The sales chart and the graph dissapear when we add more than 10 people to the system.

Hi TekBull,

I am not aware of such a bug; thanks for letting me know. I’ll pass it along to the developers.

- Zoe

This is nearly perfect for me but i just have a few questions.

1. Can i set the invoice template for every invoice made, after viewing the demo i found that it kept reverting back to standard invoice.

2. Can it add up more than 1 column as in C1 date, C2 description, C3 price, C4 extra price, C5 Another price then C6 total of C3-C5?

3. Can it deduct VAT/TAX rather than adding it so it shows how much VAT was paid, i.e i’m entering amount inclusive of VAT and need the client to know how much they paid. Subtotal would be the amount minus VAT then below show amount of VAT paid then below that the 2 values added together.

Sorry for all of the question but this is the closet script i’ve seen that gets anywhere near what i’ve been looking for.

Hi jnsayers,

1. I am not sure what you mean by “invoice template”. The application uses a single format for all template; however you can configure this format for every invoice you send out

2. Yes, you can add more then one column.

3. Yes, the application does exactly that

- Zoe

Thanks for the reply, it’s just when i tried the demo it kept reverting to original invoice structure rather than always creating new invoices with the columns that i told it i wanted.

Also on the demo when i tried putting prices in different columns it was automatically adding them up to the total on the right. this is sort of how i’d like it formatted every time and how i would like it to react:



arzeno Purchased

hi, I bought this app in Jan 16 until now , the app never work like suppose to, first when buy the app the zip file that you download is incomplete, .sql file do not have the ci_sessions table you need to create it manually, I’m very angry about this app never work

Hi arzeno,

I am sorry to hear you’re not happy with Innvoice so far. I have had a look at the communication between yourself and our support staff. It appears during the last ticket you were asked to provide us access so we could set up the application for you, however that request was never responded to?

I can guarantee you the application does work fine and exactly as shown in the live demo. If you were to simply comply and work with our support staff, they would be able to get you up and running asap.

- Zoe

Hi, I wanted to know how I can get the invoice page (the PDF or front end link sent to client) to also show the list of payments made. We can see this on back end but clients may want to see their payment history for payments they made. Is this possible? If i purchased it could you help do this?

Hi mobuk,

Unfortunately, this is not possible :(

- Zoe


boxyfly Purchased

Hi, how does one get this application page to load properly in https, i noticed all the reference URL on the page source are referencing files with http

Hi boxyfly,

It’s my understanding Innvoice only works with regular http :( Switching to https might mean you’ll need to change some hard coded instances of “http”.

- Zoe

does this allow multiple users to create invoice for their customer

Hi chaisson,

Unfortunately, it’s single user only for now.

- Zoe

HI, all the installation went well but I cannot seem to create a client every time I create a client it doesn’t seem to be saving it. Is there a way to debug? Thank you.

Hi deep4blue,

Sorry to hear you’re having some issues with Innvoice. Did you submit a support ticket through our help desk at already?

- Zoe

I did submit an issue but haven’t heard anything for 2 days.can you please get back to me. thank you.

Hi deep4blue,

Sorry for the wait; our support queue is a bit backed up at the moment. Do you have a ticket ID so I can check the status? Thanks!

- Zoe

Hi, Cool project! What you think about “Fast invoice” like - Create invoice via fill a little user profile or without it—just create link for pay or send it by email

interested in this, but demo is down and updates stopped?

demo not work

Hi Venewood,

Thanks for letting us know; the demo should be back up and running now.

- Matt

hey guyz can you build invoice software like this, please mail me on this email id fo r further discussion 1 july gst launch in india, so it create a big sale you also contact for next