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Hi, Can it have multi user admin accounts to handle different companys ?

Hi acjnas,

Unfortunately, this is not currently possible; it’s a single user application.

Do you have the Spanish translation?

Unfortunately, we don’t :(


clean design, and simple. I’m interested to purchasing the item if you don’t mind add (SaaS) option

Hi, I got this working but the invoices have data that disappears when I go back to edit an invoice. Can you help?

Hi oliverh72,

Sure! Did you submit a support ticket already?

No, it says above you don’t support this item, so I don’t know how to submit a ticket.

Hello, Now a days many companies need to send the invoices to the customer with a payment link, where the customer can click on the link and choose the method of payment and once he pay the invoice it will update on the system that this invoice has been paid,

Is that something we can do using your invoicing system, can I add my payment getaway to the system

Please advice


Hi, I recently moved the script to a different server. Everything seemed fine, except that when I try to send an invoice, it tells me that I’m not allowed to do that. Is there something I missed during the transfer?

hello ! before buying this product i just want to know if it can read data from excel, what i have is an excel sheet containing invoices that update in daily bases… can this product read data from this excel file on daily bases ?

Not by default I’m afraid; you would need to code some integrations for that to work.

is it possible to add a permanent footer or top text ie. Bank accounts? I don’t like add these separately to all invoices

Do you have any updates in the works for your script? If so I’m a buyer!!

It would be a great feature if clients can LOGIN, purchase a product, checkout and or pay invoices.

Hi Vito227,

We’re not currently planning any updates for this script.

I can’t seem to use either sendmail, mail or smtp? each setting i try won’t send the emails?


rezahbs Purchased

Can I use this app for Bitrix24 platform?

I am afraid I am not familiar with the Bitrix24 platform :(

I did it (It is perfect)

I’m checking in again to see if your planning to update this script at all or introduce another version?

We don not currently have any plans for an update.

Hi, when I try put client/invoice by API i see response: API is not activated. In GET everything is okay, but problems in PUT request, why?

How do you connect Stripe to your script?

Stripe keys can be added in the admin panel.

I have around 2000 clients and when I want to create a new invoice, I have to scroll all list, do you have any suggest to create new invoice easily?

the script can’t generate pdf, after push button download I have a white screen. Send invoices impossible because is not invoice pdf. Any solution?

The PDF generation works fine (you can verify this from the live demo, this is the exact same script).

Re PDF generation, I have provided you with the requirements, pls make sure all of them are met.

As for emailing, this requires configuration to work. Instructions are in the documentation.

No sir PDF stop working because this Dompdf has cPanel issue (libxml2 incompatibility). Incompatibility with cPanel is a serious bug, no one need that script. Can you read this please the best solution, for now, exchanges Dompdf for another PDF script. I test this script on the 2 different servers with the same problem! For now, the best solution is to stop buying your script because everybody cPanel users have like me troubles.

The issue you’re referring to has nothing to do with cPanel. The live demo runs on a WHM/cPanel server and does not have any issues. We have plenty of customers using the script on cpanel servers and nobody has reported this issue so far.

Just make sure you’re using the correct version of libxml2 and the PDF generation will work just fine.

follow up for TKMTechLtd post. latest cpanel uses libxml2 2.9.7 which is not possible to downgrade. and your script have a bug with that version. which version of libxml2 have your cpanel server?