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Another question. If I was to use this as a SaaS, is the code flexible enough to make it an easy job to modify so that we can offer this as a service to multiple users? if not, is is possible to install this multiple times, one per user? or is that too in-efficient, or against TOS

Hi tuanng,

Yes, the code can easily be edited and you’re free to modify the application to suit your needs. Please be advised though that you require an extended license to be able to use this in a SaaS application.

You’re also free to install it multiple times, however every install would require a separate (regular) license. I hope that makes sense?

- Zoe

Is there a specific file to translate the entire platform?

Hi konceptocr,

Yes, there is. The translation instructions can be found in the documentation.

- Zoe

Thank you very much Zoe, I will buy the platform. :)

Tired to submit a support request, but the form returns an error, having issues with the downloading of PDFs with the following error in the error_log:

[07-Dec-2016 11:25:03 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Class ‘Abstract_Renderer’ not found in /path/public_html/invoice/application/helpers/dompdf/include/renderer.cls.php on line 18

Any ideas?

Hi foxy11,

Are you have issues with the form at If so, you can also email support directly at Thanks

- Zoe

Its possible to change Default Currency in new client??? I dont search where :S thanks!

Sorry..,. but where is VAT Nº field when i create a new client¿¿¿ :(

Sorry, my last question! How i can put Sunday the last day of calendar (spanish)? I change ci_3.0.3/language/english/calendar_lang.php but not work :(


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Your product has a major flaw in work flow. When creating a new invoice it asks for ITEM DESCRIPTION ITEM PRICE QUANTITY TOTAL

Why isn’t it calculating prices automatically? Invoicing should be easy. I like your code and I almost bought it, but an error like this could truly be a sign of more programming logic errors.

Hi Cchatmon92,

What you’re describing was actually done by design. With Innvoice we set out to create an ultra-flexible invoicing solution and to that end, the user has complete control over the columns which appear on the invoice. IE the user can remove/change the price, quantity columns. Therefor, the system does not have any means to know which columns should be multiplied with which columns. I hope that makes sense?

- Zoe

It makes sense from your perspective and I’m not trying to challeng your ability. I have purchased many scripts from code canyon and I am now on a mission to help you as an Arthur achieve success. You should make auto multiple an option then

Unable to create clients or invoices, please respond to the ticket or email ASAP.

Hi rabreu,

Have you submitted a ticket through our help desk at

- Zoe

Please make this as a German language. What is needed is: Translation, Default Currency selectable: Euro, Dateformat, Comma Seperator ”,”, Thousand Seperator ”.”, Dateformat, First day of Week: Monday,

Hi ravi000,

Unfortunately we do not provide languages other then English. You’re free to translate the application yourself though.

- Zoe


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Hi, I need to remove the documentation button under reports on left dashboard menu,where is that file located? And can i add another user to the admin panel? if yes on which file. Thanks

Hi soleqa,

Please send your request to our support department through Thanks!

- Zoe


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Thanks for the great product!

My only issue I’m having is with the email config. Weather I use my or it doesnt send. Always comes back with a error and the account says sent but nothing actually sends. Please advise me on what to do.

Hi Vinnie981,

I am unfamiliar with, but it sounds like the problem is with your account rather then with Innvoice. If you require further assistance with the issue, please submit a support ticket through our help desk located at Thanks!

- Zoe


Vinnie981 Purchased

issue submitted