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Nice work, GLWS! :)

Thank you! I’m happy you liked it! :D

I bought this theme however I’m disappointed that the mobile homepage doesn’t fit the mobile screen.

Well you probably shouldn’t have tagged it as ‘responsive’ to avoid confusion. I look forward to your update.

Sorry… It’s a responsive template, BUT not fully responsive.. Sorry by the problem. In 5 days or less it will be added.

Hey, MrHerick! Before I buy i’d like to ask two questions: 1. How would I remove the co lour selection feature for the user? 2. I already have the Plus theme, and I want to know if I can use this theme just for the signup page! (I really like the sliding thing)

Hope you can help. Best and kind regards, donutict :)

Yes, I’ll send via private message.


Ive purchased

Hello mrHerick how and where can i resize the cover image i would like to have it a bit higher i have bin looking in css.style but there is nothing like hight for cover-image only the width is changeable regards Casy

Thanks for purchasing!

You can change it by editing three files. Look for .cover-image { in styles,css (Add the height value and change the padding-top). You’ll need to add a new cover size, you can find it at thumb.php file. And set it into the fetchProfile function on classes.php file.

Have a nice time!

Please provide me with the edited files becouse i do not now how to edit the files as you say above. or send me the lines that i have to put into the files and were regards casy


looks great. i love the sliding on the homepage.

regards, crixxu

Thank you! i’m glad you liked it.

Hello! I Loved this theme,but,can you include the Voice Control of the React on this theme? Thanks!!!

You can purchase the React Theme and copy some code lines for this theme. Or you can use the annyang! js plugin, you can get it at https://www.talater.com/annyang/

With the new group updates to PhpDolphin can the Innovate theme support Groups now?

Thanks for getting back to me. Is that new innovate theme going to be released in a few weeks also.

Yeah, probably this week i’ll update all my themes and this month (December) release a new one.

Sorry for the late updates on my themes, i’ll keep it better now.

this is the best theme so far! please update the theme! thank you!

thx for the update. really appreciated!

Thank you, a new theme will be released soon. Keep your eyes wide open :D

of course! keep going! all the best!


I’ve tried to release, but it was not accepted by Envato. I think it’s because a lot of features that it had. But i’ll try to submit another time.

your template looks very nice ! but the live demo is down :(

Dear MrHerick – please update to latest dolphin. Thank you so much in advance!

Dear MrHerick – please update to latest dolphin. Thank you so much in advance!

Sorry for the late reply crixxu, i’ll update soon!


crixxu Purchased

Dear MrHerick – please update. Thank you so much in advance!

please update to work with the latest version

Sorry, i’ll try to update when i have free time, cause i’m on the last year on university and having some time troubles.

Hi Author,

It is possible that this theme will have dual side bars left and right and can be seen in all pages like the kleo theme? https://seventhqueen.com/themes/kleo/3-colums-template/. Please reply.

Thank you.

Yeah, everything is possible. You’ll just need to update the HTML and CSS. But remember: This theme is not being updated anymore (i’m having time troubles)