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Your plugin looks good. I have 2 questions:

1. Is it possible to show the tooltip for only the first version of a word (for a page or post)?

2. Will the plugin add a tooltip to the word if it appears in a headline (H1-H6)? If so, is it possible to make it not do that?

Thank you!

David Coleman

Hi David,

InlineHelp has got an option for ‘first match only’ which should take care of #1. Currently it isn’t possible to prevent tool tips within nested tags (e.g. if you set it to add them within divs, it will work within all child tags), but this is something which I will add to the roadmap, which can be seen here:http://support.pluginhero.com/discussion/33/inline-help-roadmap-v1-0-7


I’ve ticked “first match only” but it still displays for all matches? Example: http://www.naturettl.com/expose-correctly-water/

Hi! Could you please drop us a line either on our support forum (http://support.pluginhero.com/categories/inlinehelp-for-wordpress) or via email – hello@pluginhero.com – with a bit more info (which term is the problem, which browser you are using, etc, as well as an admin login so we can check the settings) – and we’ll investigate for you.


Wow, been using bugmebar for a longtime and happened to click into your portfolio. This plugin is awesome! Purchased within 2 minutes of looking at it. Adds an elegant touch to my newest project.

Thanks for your kind comments! :)

Curious if you could look into why your plugin an InstantSearch+ are not compatible. I really like your plugin exactly what I need but recent updates to something… has caused an error on the search results page. I’m not smart enough to know why/who/where causing the issue. But just seeing if you could help me – reaching out to them too.

Hi! We can definitely take a look, although it’s possible (of course) that any incompatibility might not be something we can change (e.g. if it’s to do with the other plugin specifically). Could you please get in touch so that we can have a look at the specific error you’re seeing? Thanks!

Your Live Preview page doesn’t show a preview of this plugin.

Thanks for letting us know, it was a caching plugin issue and is now working again :)

Hello, pre-sales question. I have a website hospital, is possible to add tooltip link (html code) at a phrase like Dermatology (and show this code), the problem that i have is there is a lot of phrases Dermatology and i need to add the same code at all word as bulk, is possible? Best Regards!

Hi there, no you cannot insert HTML code into the tooltip as it renders out in an abbreviation tag as the title attribute. The plugin then styles this as a tooltip, with no HTML code inside.


I sent you an email yesterday morning but no answer. Can you answer me quickly?

Thank you!

It works yes in private browser! I emptied my cache in “normal mode” of my browser, and it keeps to not display correctly.. do you know why?

That does sound like a localised issue, it may be worth clearing your cache again closing down any tabs on that website, reclearing cache once more and restarting browser and machine. Also logging out of WordPress if you are logged in.

It isn’t an issue for us with testing though and if it works in private browsing mode it should work for anyone else who views your website.


Does InlineHelp automatically highlight the relevant terms or do you need to add shortcodes around the words?

And does it work with custom post types and fields?

Yes InlineHelp tooltips the relevant terms as per the demo. No shortcodes needed. It will work with anything that outputs as the_content().

Awesome plugin, however I don’t get any styling on my phrases – the just look like regular text. I’ve submitted a support ticket, hope you can get back to me soon. Thanks!