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Inilabs School Express : School Management System

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If you searching for a tools that helps you to manage your school database then you are at the right place.

Managing an entire school is not so easy task and there are lots of systems available around that can use to manage strong admission, enrollment, courses, accounts, communication, student monitoring and for others. Why not utilize a complete solution as a single & streamlined platform .

That’s why we came up with “iNiLabs school management system”.

iNiLabs offers the most ever user-friendly school management system, with more than 250+ features, including admission & course management, online exam, grade books, attendance & leave management, hostel & transport management, ebooks & library management, HR management, invoicing, inventory, advanced user management with unlimited user roles, mail & SMS management, More that 8+ online payments & SMS gateway, 100+ reports and many more.

Additionally you’ll have:

  • Built-in 15+ language pack
  • Modern, responsive & user-friendly interface
  • 24/7 support by human
  • Easy & clean documentation

Join with other 900+ schools, who trust “iNiLabs school management system”

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Available 15+ Countries language adn Multilingual

Built-in website with advance page manager.

PayRoll Management
Asset Management
Certificate Management
VoguePay New Payment Method
Online Exam
Question manage for online exam
Complain Management

Existing Features

* Indian Payment Gateway PayUmoney Integrated

* Indian Sms Gateway MSG91 Integrated

* Invoice

* Payment History

* Mark Manage

* User Attendance

* Student Activities

* Child Care

* Multiple Theme


Advanced dashboard with multiple excellent statistics and widget

Role & Permission

Unlimited User Role and Permission to assign user roles


Multiple Advanced charts for account, users, payments, income and many more..

Student information

Manage and track all students information

Parent information

Manage and track all parents information

Teacher information

Manage and track all teachers information

User Management

Complete user management with role and permission assignment

Online Payment

PayPal, Stripe & PayUmoney integrated with the management system

Grading System

Their is a advanced grading system integrated in our system

Exam Management

Exam settings, grade, mark, schedule and Exam attendance can be manage via our exam management system

Mark Manage

Advanced Marking system for users so that they can give and manage marks very smoothly

Academic Settings

Users can manage class, section, routine, subject & all academic matter from academic section


Teachers can make assignment for student and manage them smoothly


Multiple user attendance like teachers & students. Teachers can make attendance for student and see report of every student attendance Multiple Type Student attendance day wise, Subject wise.

School Account, Invoice & Payments

Privileged users can manage invoice & payments of school


Privileged users can create exam & class schedule for school students

Email & SMS

Privileged users can send email and sms to any user or user group

Library Management

Complete Library management system integrated with the system so that librarian can manage library books easily

School Transport Management

Complete transport management system for users can handle transport easily

School Hostel Management

Complete hostel management system for users can handle hostel easily


Privileged users Promote student from one class to another

Media Sharing

Privileged users can share files & media to each others.


Privileged users set holiday from settings of organisation

School Event Management

Privileged users can announce events

School Notice Management

Privileged users can announce notice

4 types of Gateway for School Sms

Clicktell, BulkSMS, Twilio & Indian sms gateway MSG91


PayPal integrated, users can pay online via PayPal


Stripe integrated, users can pay via Stripe


India’s Most popular payment gateway PayUmoney Integrated, So now indian clients can take payment via PayUmoney

15 Different Language

We have translated our system in 15 different languages in the school management

Academic Year

Privileged users can set academic year/session and can manage them easily


Teachers & Privileged users manage class syllabus


Advance reporting system for hole database of the school

Messaging System

Private and group messaging system for all users


Privilege User Can take backup of data


Administrator can manage system every settings options from this module, like payment settings, sms settings, system settings and many more


Administrator can manage system every expense in the system

Visitor Information

Receptionist can record visitor data into system and check record anytime


*** PHP 5.6

*** MYSQL 5+

*** PHP Mcrypt Extention

*** PHP MBString Extension

*** PHP DOM Extension

*** PHP GD Extension

*** PHP MYSQL Extension

*** PHP PDO Extention

*** PHP CURL Extention

*** Internet Connection

Note: This project does not works without internet

Customer Reviews

Change Log

Version 5.0 (20 Oct 2021)
[Feature] Sponsorship Api Add
[Feature] Candidate Api Add
[Feature] Sponsor Api Add
[Fixing] Frontend Bug Fix
[Fixing] Menu Bug Fix
[Fixing] Twilio minor bug solved
[Fixing] Message minor bug solved
Version 4.9 (20 Jun 2021)
[Feature] Online admission document download & status add
[Fixing] SMTP minor bug solved
[Fixing] Message minor bug solved
[Fixing] Email setting minor bug solved
[Fixing] Merit stage report minor bug solved
Version 4.8 (28 Feb 2021)
[Fixing] Candidate feature bug solve
[Fixing] Routine feature bug solve
[Fixing] Sale feature minor bug solve
[Fixing] Child Care feature minor bug solve
[Fixing] Section feature minor bug solve
[Fixing] Mark feaure minor bug fix

Version 4.7 (14 Dec 2020)

[Feature] Candidate feature
[Feature] Sponsor feature
[Feature] Sponsorship feature
[Feature] Sponsorship report feature
[Feature] Online exam question answer report feature
[Update] Stripe gateway update
[Fixing] Online exam feature update & minor bug fix
[Fixing] Message feature minor bug fix
[Fixing] Promotion feature minor bug fix
[Fixing] Addon feature minor bug fix
Version 4.6 (23 Sep 2020)
[Feature] Addons feature
[Feature] Overtime feature
[Feature] Overtime report feature
[Update] Online admission feature update
[Update] Routine feature update
[Update] Mail & SMS feature update
[Update] Activities feature update
[Fixing] Online exam bug fixing
Version 4.5 (3 June 2020)
[Feature] PHP 7.2 & 7.3 version supported
[Fix] MSG91 minor bug fixed
[Fix] PayUmoney minor bug fixed
[Fix] SMTP minor bug fixed
[Fix] Asset minor bug fixed
[Fix] Asset assignment minor bug fixed
[Fix] Activities category minor bug fixed
[Fix] Search payment fees report minor bug fixed
Version 4.4 (11 Feb 2020)
[Fix] Frontend Menu minor bug fixed
[Fix] Signin minor bug fixed
[Fix] Invoice minor bug fixed
[Fix] Profile minor bug fixed
[Fix] Student minor bug fixed
[Fix] Product purchase minor bug fixed
[Fix] Product sale minor bug fixed
[Fix] Online admission minor bug fixed
[Fix] Promotion minor bug fixed
[Fix] Update checker minor bug fixed
[Fix] API minor bug fixed
Version 4.3 (19 Nov 2019)
+ [Feature] Mark module imporoved
+ [Feature] Mark reports imporoved 
+ [Feature] Mark setting
+ [Feature] Student session report
+ [Feature] API integration
+ [Feature] Notification alert imporoved 
+ [Fix] Frontend minor bug fixed
+ [Fix] Conversation/Message Bug fixed
+ [Fix] Routine bug fixed
+ [Fix] Import minor bug fixed
+ [Fix] Question bank minor bug fixed
+ [Fix] Take exam minor bug fixed
+ [Fix] Profile minor bug fixed
+ [Fix] Other Bug Fixing
Version 4.2 (30 Jan 2019)
+ [Feature] PHP 7 Supported
+ [Feature] Auto update
+ [Feature] Online admission
+ [Feature] Email setting
+ [Feature] Account ledger report
+ [Feature] Mail/SMS other email & SMS
+ [Modified] Codeigniter 3.1.9 version update
+ [Modified] Modified feature updated
+ [Modified] Mark view updated
+ [Fix] Frontend minor bug fixed
+ [Fix] Activities minor bug fixed
+ [Fix] Child care minor bug fixed and view updated
+ [Fix] Invoice paypal payment bug fixed
+ [Fix] Import minor bug fixed
+ [Fix] Question bank minor bug fixed
+ [Fix] Take exam minor bug fixed
+ [Fix] Profile minor bug fixed
Version 4.1 (13 December 2018)
+ [Modified] Student Module
+ [Modified] Parents Module
+ [Modified] Teacher Module
+ [Modified] User Module

+ [Modified] **Academic Module
+ [Modified] Class Module
+ [Modified] Section Module
+ [Modified] Subject Module
+ [Modified] Syllabus Module
+ [Modified] Assignment Module
+ [Modified] Routine Module

+ [Modified] **Attendance Module
+ [Modified] Student Attendace Module
+ [Modified] Teacher Attendace Module
+ [Modified] User Attendace Module

+ [Modified] ** Exam Module
+ [Modified] Exam Module
+ [Modified] Exam Schedule Module
+ [Modified] Grade Module
+ [Modified] Exam Attendace Module

+ [Modified] ** Mark  Module
+ [Modified] Mark Module
+ [Modified] Mark Distribution Module
+ [Modified] Promotion Module

+ [Modified] Message Module
+ [Modified] Media Module
+ [Modified] Mail/SMS Module

+ [Modified] **Online Exam Module
+ [Modified] Question Group Module
+ [Modified] Question Level Module
+ [Modified] Question Bank Module
+ [Modified] Online Exam Module
+ [Modified] Instruction Module
+ [Modified] Take Exam Module

+ [Modified] **Payroll Module
+ [Modified] Salary Template Module
+ [Modified] Hourly Template Module
+ [Modified] Manage Salary Module
+ [Modified] Make Payment Module

+ [Modified] ** Asset Management Module
+ [Modified] Vendor Module
+ [Modified] Location Module
+ [Modified] Asset Category Module
+ [Modified] Asset Module
+ [Modified] Asset Assignment Module
+ [Modified] Purchase Module

+ [Modified] ** Inventory Module
+ [Modified] Category Module
+ [Modified] Product Module
+ [Modified] Warehouse Module
+ [Modified] Supplier Module
+ [Modified] Purchase Module
+ [Modified] Sale Module

+ [Modified] **Leave application Module
+ [Modified] Leave Category Module
+ [Modified] Leave Assign Module
+ [Modified] Leave Apply Module
+ [Modified] Leave Application Module

+ [Modified] ** Child Module
+ [Modified] Activities Category Module
+ [Modified] Activities Module
+ [Modified] Child Care Module

+ [Modified] **Library Module
+ [Modified] Member Module
+ [Modified] Books Module
+ [Modified] Issue Module
+ [Modified] E-Books Module

+ [Modified] **Trasport Module
+ [Modified] Transport Module
+ [Modified] Member Module

+ [Modified] ** Hostel Module
+ [Modified] Hostel Module
+ [Modified] Category Module
+ [Modified] Member Module

+ [Modified] ** Account Module
+ [Modified] Fee Types Module
+ [Modified] Invoice Module
+ [Modified] Payment History Module
+ [Modified] Expense Module
+ [Modified] Income Module
+ [Modified] Global Payment Module

+ [Modified] ** Announcement Module
+ [Modified] Notice Module
+ [Modified] Event Module
+ [Modified] Holiday Module

+ [Modified] ** Report  Module
+ [Modified] Class Report Module
+ [Modified] Student Report Module
+ [Modified] ID Card Report Module
+ [Modified] Admit Card Report Module
+ [Modified] Routine Report Module
+ [Modified] Exam Schedule Report Module
+ [Modified] Attendance Report Module
+ [Modified] Attendance Overview Report Module
+ [Modified] Library Books Report Module
+ [Modified] Library Card Report Module
+ [Modified] Library Book Issue Report Module
+ [Modified] Terminal Report Module
+ [Modified] Merit Stage Report Module
+ [Modified] Tabulation Sheet Report Module
+ [Modified] Mark Sheet Report Module
+ [Modified] Progress Card Report Module
+ [Modified] Online Exam Report Module
+ [Modified] Online Exam Question Report Module
+ [Modified] Certificate Report Module
+ [Modified] Leave Application Report Module
+ [Modified] Product Purchase Report Module
+ [Modified] Product Sale Report Module
+ [Modified] Search Payment Fees Report Module
+ [Modified] Fees Report Module
+ [Modified] Due Fees Report Module
+ [Modified] Balance Fees Report Module
+ [Modified] Transaction Report Module
+ [Modified] Student Fine Report Module
+ [Modified] Salary Report Module

+ [Modified] Visitor Information Module

+ [Modified] **Administrator Module
+ [Modified] Academic Year Module
+ [Modified] Student Group Module
+ [Modified] Complain Module
+ [Modified] Certificate Template  Module
+ [Modified] System Admin Module
+ [Modified] Reset Password Module
+ [Modified] Social Link Module
+ [Modified] Mail / SMS Template Module
+ [Modified] Import Module
+ [Modified] Backup Module
+ [Modified] Role  Module
+ [Modified] Permission Module
+ [Modified] Update Module

+ [Modified] **Frontend Module
+ [Modified] Posts Categories Module
+ [Modified] Posts  Module
+ [Modified] Pages  Module
+ [Modified] Menu Module
+ [Feature] Product category
+ [Feature] Product
+ [Feature] Warehouse
+ [Feature] Supplier
+ [Feature] Purchase
+ [Feature] Sale
+ [Feature] Leave category
+ [Feature] Leave assign
+ [Feature] Leave apply
+ [Feature] Levae application
+ [Feature] E-Books
+ [Feature] Posts category
+ [Feature] Posts
+ [Feature] Menu management
+ [Feature] Multi invoice
+ [Feature] Multi Payment
+ [Feature] Library books report
+ [Feature] Library card report
+ [Feature] Library book issue report
+ [Feature] Online question report
+ [Feature] Leave application report
+ [Feature] Product purchase report
+ [Feature] Product sale report
+ [Feature] Search payment fees report
+ [Feature] Salary report
+ [Feature] Terminal report minor bug fixed
+ [Feature] Routine module view modify
+ [Feature] Student attendance module add weekend and holiday
+ [Feature] Teacher attendance module add weekend and holiday
+ [Feature] User attendance module view add weekend and holiday
* [Fix] Mark module minor bug fixed
* [Fix] Promotion module minor bug fixed
* [Fix] Complain module update
* [Fix] Make payment minor bug fixed
* [Fix] Online exam module minor bug fixed
* [Fix] Take exam module minor bug fixed
* [Fix] And All issues reported by buyers previously...
Version 4.0 (13 June 2018)
+ [Feature] Income manage
+ [Feature] Global payment
+ [Feature] Social link
+ [Feature] Student absent SMS/Email send option
+ [Feature] weekend in setting
+ [Feature] ID card report
+ [Feature] Admit card report
+ [Feature] Routine report
+ [Feature] Exam schedule report
+ [Feature] Attendance report
+ [Feature] Attendance overview report
+ [Feature] Terminal report
+ [Feature] Mark sheet report
+ [Feature] Tabulation sheet report
+ [Feature] Merit stage report
+ [Feature] Progress card report
+ [Feature] Online exam report
+ [Feature] Certificate report
+ [Feature] Fees report
+ [Feature] Due fees report
+ [Feature] Balance fees report
+ [Feature] Transaction report
+ [Feature] Student fine report
+ [Feature] Dashboard module modified
+ [Feature] Student module view modified
+ [Feature] Parents module view modified
+ [Feature] Teacher module view modified
+ [Feature] User module view modified
+ [Feature] Routine module view modified
+ [Feature] Student attendance module view modified
+ [Feature] Teacher attendance module view modified
+ [Feature] User attendance module view modified
+ [Feature] Mark module view modified
+ [Feature] Manage salary module view modified
+ [Feature] Child care module view modified
+ [Feature] Fee types module monthly type add
+ [Feature] Academic year module modified
+ [Feature] Setting module modified
* [Fix] Syllabus module bug fixed
* [Fix] Mark module minor bug fixed
* [Fix] Promotion module minor bug fixed
* [Fix] Message module minor bug fixed
* [Fix] Mail/SMS module minor bug fixed
* [Fix] Online exam module minor bug fixed
* [Fix] Take exam module minor bug fixed
* [Fix] Activities module minor bug fixed
* [Fix] Child care module minor bug fixed
* [Fix] Issue module minor bug fixed
* [Fix] Visitor information module minor bug fixed
* [Fix] Many More
Version 3.5 (30-11-2017)
+ [Feature] Advance Frond-end Theme with Cms feature and built-in website
+ [Feature] Settings update with front-end disable and enable feature
+ [Feature] Page Builder
* [Fix] Login session minor bug fixed
* [Fix] Student import minor bug fixed
* [Fix] Question module minor bug fixed
* [Fix] Teacher Dashboard school counter minor bug fixed
* [Fix] Online Exam permission minor bug fixed
* [Fix] Certificate print minor bug fixed
* [Fix] Certificate permission minor bug fixed
* [Fix] Routine language change minor bug fixed
* [Fix] Email and sms language change minor bug fixed
* [Fix] Student module minor language issue fixed
* [Fix] Message system language change issue fixed
* [Fix] Student promotion minor bug fixed
* [Fix] Online exam minor bug fixed
* [Fix] Mail and sms select user minor bug fixed
* [Fix] New Tag missing in sms and mail minor bug fixed
* [Fix] Timezone minor bug fixed
* [Fix] Installer Module all bug fixed
* [Fix] Payment module minor bug fixed
* [Fix] Some Language issue fixed
* [Fix] Invoice Gross amount minor bug fixed
* [Fix] Report Graph minor bug fixed
* [Fix] Mark Issue Fixed
* [Fix] Check Capture
Version 3.4 (22-09-2017)

+ [Feature] Assets Inventory Management
+ [Feature] Stuff Salary, payroll management system
+ [Feature] Certificate and Transcript Report
+ [Feature] VoguePay Payment Gateway
Version 3.3 (30-08-2017)
+ [Feature] Admin can manage student group
+ [Feature] All user can submit complain to the authority
+ [Feature] Privileged user can manage complain
+ [Feature] Online Examination with various type.
+ [Feature] Question Bank with question level and group.
+ [Feature] You can add 3 type of Questions.
+ [Feature] You can add online exam instruction note.
+ [Feature] Student can take online exam
* [Modified] Student invoice minor changes
* [Fix] Teacher Can only see his classes students.
* [Fix] Other bugs fixed
Version 3.2 (08-08-2017)
+ [Feature] Staff Attendance
+ [Feature] Student Activities
+ [Feature] Child Care
+ [Feature] 5+ Themes
+ [Feature] Attendance with late present
+ [Feature] Optional subject in student module
+ [Feature] Student have group, Extra Curricular Activities and Remarks in student module
* [Fix] Fixed User Module Bug
* [Fix] Minor Bug Fixing
Version 3.1 (03-05-2017)
+ [Feature] System updated to Codeigniter 3.1.4 version
+ [Feature] Google Captcha added to login
+ [Feature] API Environment
+ [Feature] Footer section added
* [Fix] Fixed Report module
* [Fix] Fixed Settings module
* [Fix] Fixed Install module
* [Fix] Fixed Student edit module
* [Fix] Fixed Mark Percentage
* [Fix] Fixed Profile Edit
* [Fix] Fixed Caching problem
* [Fix] Fixed Reset Password
Version 3.0 (25-02-2017)
+ [Feature] Advanced dashboard with multiple statistics
+ [Feature] Academic Year and Previous yearly data history available
+ [Feature] Unlimited User Role and Permission
+ [Feature] Multiple mark category
+ [Feature] Invoice History
+ [Feature] New Payment Getaway. PayUmoney, Stripe, Paypal
+ [Feature] New SMS Getaway. Msg91
+ [Feature] Added Google Analytic
+ [Feature] Added Assignment module
+ [Feature] Added Syllabus
+ [Feature] Advanced report system
+ [Feature] Auto-update available
+ [Feature] Visitor statistics in dashboard
+ [Feature] Privilege user can manage library fine and add fine in invoice
+ [Feature] Added Capacity for each class section
+ [Feature] Added Quick add button in related modules
+ [Feature] Added Portuguese Language pack
* [Fix] Fixed Dashboard earning graph
* [Fix] Fixed minor bug in message module
* [Fix] Fixed minor bug in media module
* [Fix] Fixed minor bug in backup module
* [Fix] Fixed minor bug in visitor information module
* [Fix] Student module Improved
* [Fix] Student Attendance Improved
* [Fix] Subject module Improved
* [Fix] Promotion module Improved
* [Fix] Invoice module Improved
* [Fix] Library Book Issue Improved
* [Fix] Mail and SMS module Improved
* [Fix] Routine module Improved
* [Fix] Settings module Improved
* [Fix] Menu structure Improved
* [Fix] UI and UX Improved
Version 2.2 (14-03-2016)
+ [Feature] Multi admin feature available
+ [Feature] Admin can export Database backup.
+ [Feature] Admin can create school event. And all user can see events in their calender.
+ [Feature] Admin can create school holiday. And all user can see holiday in their calender.
+ [Feature] Admin can set default language settings.
+ [Feature] Admin can reset any type of user password.
+ [Feature] Subject-wise attendance.
+ [Feature] Student can submit leave application to teacher.
+ [Feature] Admin, Teacher, Student and Parents can see the subject highest mark in each student mark details page.
+ [Feature] Teacher can submit leave application to admin.
+ [Feature] Receptionist is the new user type.
+ [Feature] Bulk Import for student, teacher, parent, user and book.
+ [Feature] Add calender in all users type dashboard.
* [Fix] Fixed Paypal minor problem
* [Fix] Improved Message replay
* [Fix] Improved Dashboard UI
Version 2.1 (26-08-2015)
* [Fix] Improved all user Dashboard UI and Profile
Version 2.0 (15-08-2015)
+ [Feature] Parents can see multiple student activities
+ [Feature] Section in class
+ [Feature] Teacher attendance
+ [Feature] Exam attendance
+ [Feature] Invoice generate
+ [Feature] Paypal payment method
+ [Feature] Student promotion to next class
+ [Feature] Share media for student or all users
+ [Feature] Mail/SMS with template for any kind of users
+ [Feature] Any kind of user can send internal message with each other
* [Fix] Improved admin Dashboard UI
* [Fix] Improved student view mark table
* [Fix] Improved routine view
* [Fix] Extended report module
* [Fix] Bug Fixed on Exam Module
* [Fix] Bug Fixed on Report Module
* [Fix] Bug Fixed on .htaccess file for No input file specified
Version 1.0 (03-06-2015)
- Initialize release


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