Discussion on Invoices - Laravel Invoice Management System - Billing Management - Invoice

Discussion on Invoices - Laravel Invoice Management System - Billing Management - Invoice

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No any transaction time, invoice created time, i only see dates it is hard to trace. Please how can we see the transaction was made at this time and date?


Thanks for your feedback, we will add it soon.

i know it is not a complex task, when will you add? if you add today, i’ll buy today only.


It’s possible to setup somewhere the invoice number and then add +1 on each new invoice?

I mean If I setup to start: 00015
then next new invoice must be 00016
next: 00017
and so on…..


As of now its not possible, but you can add suffix and prefixes.

There are many things that need to be added: 1- Add different payment methods 2- View all purchases for the same customer 3- A payment can be added from within the customer’s file 4- Amending the invoice after payment 5- Reducing the requirements for adding a new customer


Thanks for your feedback, we are adding this to queue.

Hi, the tool looks really good. Unfortunately, some essential features are still missing. The tax rates should be stored directly with the products, so that the correct tax rate is always assigned immediately. Also important, for example for Germany, different tax rates must also be shown differently in the invoice.

Subtotal + VAT 7% total + VAT 19% total Total

we are right now working on this, you can apply tax on sub total.

Demo: Taxes are only shown in one sum.


in super admin transactions, please add the feature to view proof of payments from manual payment sent by the admins of their subscriptions… just like from the admins, they can view proof of payment from clients

Ok, thanks for your feedback, we are adding this to queue as of now.

I would like to know if you can add the MercadoPago payment system.

Sure, but it will be consider as paid service, if you are interested you can contact us here :

can we add custom field in Invoice printing. And can we arrange invoice format? means can we build our own invoice format? If this features added it will work for all kind of business and people.

No that is not supported.

If I buy regular licence can I give access to other users without charge for free or do I need extended licensing for that also. I want to provide this for free to my users.

you must need extended license for that


Pre Purchase Questions:

1. Is this item still being supported and when is the next update? 2. How does the customer sign up? 3. When customers make payment as manual, what does this mean. Does this mean that Customer pay at the bank or transfer or make cash payment. If any of the following was what you meant. Should it not be that the payment is on awaiting verification instead automatic approval so that the business owner confirm if that payment is received or not? I think Cash/manual payment should be manually processed, shouldn’t it?

4. What currencies does it support?


1. very soon 2. its not saas, there will be only 1 admin for this app. we are calling it client.

3. Admin will add client and then client can see invoices, then he can use manual payment gateway to pay.

4. multi currencies check the demo

Hello, ive got 2 thingies about infyInvoices Is it possible that you can add something so that we can our selfs translate the software ?

For the paymentgateway is it possible that you can add Ideal ? or at least tell, how to do it ? because in the Netherlands we are using Ideal big time, and if you support it, there is a big chance that there are more buyers for your software.

With kindly regards, Kees

1. yes, we can 2. yes, we can

Both will be considered as paid service, let us know here if you are interested.

Good, please, when making the payment, would I receive the source code? 2. Does it work locally with xampp? 3. Can I customize or modify the code to fit my requirements?


1. Yes, you will receive the full source code 2. Yes, it will work with xammp 3. yes, you can. but not sell it to others.

good, I already acquired it, how should I do to make it run? I have xampp and php 7, I tried it in visual code but I get an error

Will you please create ticket here :

I have a few questions, 1. Is the payment one off, no other payment required apart from incase i need support? 2. Can i customize the product my self to address a user requirements. Please give elaborative response i need a product to customize and speed up my development time. thanks

1. yes, its one time payment 2. yes, you can customize it but can not resell it to others

hi presale questions? is it possible to integrate infyinvoices with infycal with same admin panel, same client login or user login and same front end, if possible how much? to do it

when we create an product so its ask only single price and later on creating invoice so its ask currency if we change so nothing happend expect changing the icon if possible make an update there you select product price on create product page i think then this scipt perfect for everyone

we will think about this.

hello, I’m from Brazil, I wanted to know if there’s a way to add a payment method for Brazil and subscription of a recurring plan to the script

Sure, but that will be paid service.

If you really interested mail us at

Hi, I like the product but I need a small change. Can you please make a small update for Manual Payment? It should not be Paid automatically. Just make it on “Processing” before admin approval. Is that possible?

within 3 weeks.

Thanks. Purchase is done. Waiting for the update.


1: Is there a way to deactivate the script to Generate a username for each customer 2: when the invoice is partially paid and you print the invoice it’s not showing any reference on the paid amount and the remaining in the invoice it’s only showing the total amount

1. for that you have to do manual changes, right now its not possible. 2. Let us improve this somehow.

is there a manual guidance that i can follow to disable this. appreciate your reply 2: will wait the improvement hopefully the next update because it’s necessary for invoices


We don’t have any manual guidance to disable username as of now. and we are not even generating username for customers.


limon4n Purchased

Any option to change theme or shift to your old theme? Your new theme and fonts are just like shit. You guys just ruined the whole interface.

we are already improving the theme and fonts. we will updates you when new version released.

not working by xampp

Can you go and create a ticket on the above URL? Our technical team will help you with that.

Also, please specify details on the ticket on how you are running a server. via php artisan server OR have you created a virtual host?

You can find more documentation here for local setup:

i dont find any solution in documentation sorry please contact with me on this e mail

Dear Customer,

Can you please go and create a ticket on Then I can connect you with our technical team and resolve your problem.

I do not know why you abandoned your software but it is too good and had a future


We are doing some major changes that’s why, we will let you know once we are up.


We are doing some major changes that’s why, we will let you know once we are up.


We are doing some major changes that’s why, we will let you know once we are up.


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