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Hp herald is a fraudster,Do nothing believe it!


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Is there away for the up keep tracking even when no internet and then when is connected, the system synchronize the history to the person tracking the phone?

Do you plan to have a new version soon?

Can modify the appreciation to tracker employees of the company who happen to go for research the company wants to tracker whether they reached in that particular location?

How do i uninstall your App? Please update your app because right now its not usable

My friend gifted me a version of this.Seems like the login is broke and the api and ui are bugged up. Is the newer version bug free? And is it running flawless?

Hi, can I ad admob code with (android studio) to display ads (banners, interstitial, etc) ? Thanks

Hell yeah you back Update this crap then beware Hp gerald is a scammer do not trust

where is the demo apk? i want to buy… also what is the “Premium feature” in the app for

Hello. I am looking for an app to track a phone by his number. If you can do this app please contact: geigroupes@gmail.com. Thanks

the demo is not found