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Infographic Maker WordPress Plugin – iList Pro

iList is first of its kind WordPress infographic Creator Plugin to make Infographics and elegant Lists effortlessly to visualize data. This infographics maker is a simple, fast yet powerful content creation and content curation tool and Data Visualizer. iList lets you Compare between two Lists, show a percentage bar with each of your infographic item, create Dynamic, HTML5, Responsive, Animated Infographic or stylish Text or Graphics Lists easily with Charts and Graphs and display on any WordPress page or post with short codes.

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What Can You Do with iList?

With iList you can make Infographics like this, and this in a matter of minutes without any graphical expertise or help.

Not convinced? Check our starter guide on how to make Infographics quickly and easily with iList under 15 minutes.

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Charts and Graphs with iList

With the latest version of infographic creator iList, you can now create and add charts and graphs directly from iList interface. It just takes a few clicks to generate your Chart that will be fully integrated with your iList. If you want to create only Charts or Graphs, that is possible also. iList comes with iChart visual editor button. Use the iChart button to generate and embed a chart on any page directly from WordPress visual page or post editor. iList supports Bar chart, Line Chart, Polar Area Chart, Radar Chart, Pie Chart and Doughnut Chart. Infographic Maker - iList Pro - 6

iChart allows you to create stand-alone, beautiful HTML5, Responsive Charts and Graphs using Google ChartJS.. iChart can be used in conjunction with your iList infographic maker or on itself from any of your WordPress page or post. iChart supports multiple charts and graphs on the same page.

What is Infographic Maker iList?

This is a new way to make Infographics and upgrade your boring lists into exciting contents. It is a content creation tool and Data Visualizer that can help with your SEO. Turn your website into an Authority by creating exciting contents that your website users will love, bookmark, embed and share!

Create beautiful, elegant Infographics with live links and HTMLs, Text Lists or Graphics Lists easily by simply adding your own text and images and then selecting a template of your choice. Then show the iList on any page of your website anywhere.
  • The Infographics are all dynamic, animated and HTML – so they are fully SEO friendly.
  • The infographics are also Responsive – so readable in any screen size.
  • They are embeddable – so anyone else can share them on their websites
  • People can vote for each individual Infographics or List items – so your users can interact with them
  • Create live links and HTML tags within your Infographics. Supports tinymce editor
  • Infographics are customizable for every aspect of colors and fonts

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    iList Benefits:

    Creating useful and great looking Infographics can often take a lot of time and money (even if you are a designer yourself). This innovative and powerful, yet simple Infographic Creator WordPress PlugIn allows you to create great looking Infographics and Elegant, Animated Lists without almost zero design expertise.

    The Embed iList feature allows other website owners to show Infographics you created on their websites and increases sharing, engagement and value of your own. As a HUGE bonus, you can get Backlinks when your Infographics or Lists are shared!

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    Infographic Maker iList Pro Features

    • Create Dynamic Infographics Easily
    • Create Elegant Lists or Infographics Directly from WordPress Backend
    • Create Dynamic Image Lists Easily
    • Create Dynamic Text Lists Easily
    • Create Once Use Anywhere!
    • Responsive, Editable, Animated
    • 80+ Templates in Total with New Templates Added Each Months
    • Upvote Individual List Item
    • Customize All Colors/Fonts
    • Use Predefined Fonts or Choose from 800+ Google Fonts
    • Font Awesome Integration to Easily Add Icons
    • Create Live Links from Your Infographic. Supports tinymce editor for description
    • Create Elegent Text Lists
    • Create Elegent Graphics Lists
    • Powerful Short Code Generator
    • Extensive Options for Control Over Display
    • Elegant Box View or Open Width
    • Defince Infographic Width
    • Custom CSS to Add Your Own Style
    • Upload Your Own Images
    • Link Image to a Custom URL
    • Visual Editor for Description
    • Assign Different Colors for Each Item
    • Embed option. Other website owners can now embed the useful Infographics and lists you create on their websites with a backlink to your own website. Great for SEO!
    • Create charts and graphs and add to your iLists with few clicks. Pie Chart, Bar chart, Line Chart, Polar Area Chart, Radar Chart, and Doughnut Chart are supported
    • Google ChartJS implementation with HTML5, responsive charts and graphs
    • iChart editor button that lets you create charts on any page anywhere – even without an iList!
    • Compare Two Lists
    • Show Percentage Bar
    • Priority Support

    Infographic Maker - iList Pro - 13

    WordPress Infographics Creator iList comes packed with 65+ fully responsive and innovative design templates. We are working on more beautiful templates that will be released in regular interval. If you are a blogger, webmaster, SEO specialist or marketer this is an indispensable plugin for you!

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    Infographic Chocolate Style 01
    Infographic Chocolate Style 02
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    Infographic Origami Style 04
    Origami Style 06

    View All 65+ iList Demos

    Why Infographics Maker iList?

    • Developed by a company with 14+ years of experience. You can rely on us
    • Always up to date and under active development for new features
    • Extended documentation
    • Easy and Flawless Setup
    • Fully Responsive Templates
    • Automatic updates – Update Easily using the Envato Toolkit
    • Powerful iList Options panel
    • Unique Features
    • Quick, Reliable, No-nonsense and Friendly One-on-One Support

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    Version History

Version 4.0.0 
# Chart/Image added for both compare template
# Background color added.
# Compare list title added.
# New compare template added.
# Compare list feature added.
# Progress Bar added.
# New template added premium style 27,28,29,30,31,32,33,34,35,36,37,38,39
# Premium-style-8 arrow conflict issue fixed.

Version 2.9.5
# Option tree conflict issue fixed.
# Premium-style-04 text slider disappear issue on embed page - fixed.
# Share list button removed on the embeded iframe version.
# Language change option added.
# Google font issue - fixed.
# CMB2 upgrade to 2.3.0 and compitable with php 7.2.1 version - major update.
# Premium style 25 upvote issue fixed.
# wp reset query added in shortcode.
# chart width added.
# chart render issue fixed.
# Multiple chart issue fixed.
# Template fixed premium-style-22, chocolate-style-01, premium-style-12.
# Preview button remove for ilist list creation page.
# image size bigger as posible.
# item bg color fixed for all posible template.
# Shortcode generator switch updated.
# Generated by iList - Pro WordPress Plugin - Developed by Web Design Company QuantumCloud added.
# Maxwidth issue fixed for style 23,21.
# Maxwidth issue fixed except style 23,21.
# share button design changed.
# style 21 image size fixed.
# title added in style 22, style 24,
# option tree issue fixed
# max width issue fixed.
# Shortcode generator issue fixed.
# Admin css conflict issue fixed.
# H1 issue fixed for all template.
# Box layout implemented for all template.
# option tree error fixed.

Version 2.5.0
Added 6 new templates
Minor improvements everywhere
Added Box mode
Title Area Design (new feature)

Version 2.2 – released on Mar 20 – 2017
 Added 2 new templates (premium-style-20, premium-style-21);

Version 2.0 – released on Mar 20 – 2017
 Added charts and graphs feature
 Improved template selection process

Version 1.8 – released on Mar 06 – 2017
 Different row color for each list item
 3 more templates

Version 1.6 – released on Feb 17 – 2017
 Added 12 more templates
 Minor CSS fixes

Version 1.4 – released on Feb 10 – 2017
 Added 5 more template
 Minor bug fixes

Version 1.0 – released on Jan 25 – 2017