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Amazing work! GLWS! :)

Thanks! Appreciate it :)

What mean Premium and Free in demo?

There is a free version of the plugin released in WordPress repository few weeks ago. Free templates are just those available with that free version. You get all templates when you buy this pro version.

fantastic work ! big sales to you :)

Thanks for the encouragement :)


I like the plugin functionallity, but ufortunatelly it occurs the error in the admin panel of wpengine.com hosting solution.


Please help me to fix it.

Thank you, Lech

Hi Lech,

Sorry to hear about the issue you are having. We will get to the bottom of it. No worries.

I just checked the screenshot. Is it the shadow like thing you are referring to? If so, that is quite strange. Can we have access to the WordPress back end? Please email quantumcloud@gmail.com with the log in, so we can investigate this thoroughly and get it fixed.We tested the plugin in dozens of different environments. Without access to your particular installation we cannot duplicate the same error.


Hi Lech, Have not heard back from you. If you would email us at quantumcloud@gmail.com we could discuss how best to find and fix the issue.


What will happen if the infographics are shared on pinterest and other social media sites? Will it show images on pinterest or other social sites?

If someone embed this on another site and it got shared?

Hi Antone, To share on pinterest, you should just take a screenshot and share that. Use the screenshot image as Featured image of the page as well.

We are releasing a new version within couple of days that will support Charts and Graphs and new template like this: https://www.quantumcloud.com/iList/ilist-premium-infographic-style-19/

Forgot to answer about the embed question: When someone embeds the infographic on their site – it will display in the same HTML format as in your own site.


ozappa Purchased

I purchased a Regular License. “iList Premium InfoGraphic Style 19”Can not be used. I purchased it because I wanted to use this, but I can not use it. why?


ozappa Purchased

Thank you. This is my site. http://ozappa.com/site/test

Thanks. We are checking.

Can you please email us to quantumcloud@gmail.com , so we can send you the CSS overwrite code? Code pasted in code canyon comment will probably get messed up. Thanks

Hi. LOVE your plugin. Except… I can’t type in the description box when setting up iLists… Do you know why that might be happening and what I can do to fix it?

Very glad to hear that you like it!

The issue you mention is an odd behavior. There should not be any reason to not be able to type in description field unless there was some Javascript conflict with another plugin. Is it possible to email us the WordPress admin login to quantumcloud@gmail.com ?



beatty Purchased

Hi there,

I installed the free version of your plugin from the wordpress plugin page but then went on to purchase the pro.

I installed the pro, or tried to anyway, and encountered these fatal errors: Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.

Notice: Constant QCOPD_URL1 already defined in /home/visitne1/public_html/demo/wp-content/plugins/iList-pro/qc-project-ilist-main.php on line 18

Notice: Constant QCOPD_IMG_URL1 already defined in /home/visitne1/public_html/demo/wp-content/plugins/iList-pro/qc-project-ilist-main.php on line 19

Notice: Constant QCOPD_ASSETS_URL1 already defined in /home/visitne1/public_html/demo/wp-content/plugins/iList-pro/qc-project-ilist-main.php on line 20

Notice: Constant QCOPD_DIR1 already defined in /home/visitne1/public_html/demo/wp-content/plugins/iList-pro/qc-project-ilist-main.phpon line 22

Notice: Constant QCOPD_INC_DIR1 already defined in /home/visitne1/public_html/demo/wp-content/plugins/iList-pro/qc-project-ilist-main.php on line 23

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare qcld_ilist_remove_ot_menu() (previously declared in /home/visitne1/public_html/demo/wp-content/plugins/infographic-and-list-builder-ilist/qc-project-ilist-framework.php:12) in /home/visitne1/public_html/demo/wp-content/plugins/iList-pro/qc-project-ilist-framework.php on line 15

Can you please tell me what I should do so that I can start using it?


Hi, Did you delete the free version first? It sounds like you may have not. Please deactivate and delete ALL instances of iList free AND pro first and then install the Pro version only. Please email quantumcloud@gmail.com if the problem persists.


Hello. I just purchased the premium version of iList. I’m having issues displaying the charts. I created a list with some charts but the charts are not displaying at all.

Thanks so much for your help.

We have implemented the multiple chart support in iList. Please email quantumcloud@gmail.com if you need it right away. Envato review process can take a few days some times.

Thanks for the prompt reply. I had to go another route to be able to make the deadline. I will try it once it’s on Envato for another piece of the project which I still have time to complete.

Thanks again.

OK. Just check back in couple of days. Thanks

Presales question – can custom templates be added which we create?

There is no special feature for that. You can customize the plugin or an existing template in it on your own responsibility. It will require significant programming knowledge. But the changes will get overwritten when you upgrade the plugin next time.


literally just downloaded and installed your plugin and whole site including admin is down! Not v impressed :(


I understand. It sounds like a conflict with another plugin or PHP version (5.4+ required). Is it possible to email us the WP admin login and FTP login to quantumcloud@gmail.com ?

Hi, Just following up on this. If the issue is not yet resolved, please email us so we can get it working for you. Thanks

How can I use an iList item that I already built in the free version of iList, in iList Pro?

Simply deactivate and delete the iList free version and install the the pro version of iList. Your data and lists will remain safe. Though you may need to reassign the template.