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Bar graph is not displaying. I’m using PHP+SQL to generate data for graph display. The HTML generated looks correct, but instead of displaying the bar graph it simply displays the bar values as text on the screen ? ...

Hi, there’s a number of reasons for which you would get that result. Are you sure you’ve correctly included the JS files in the document? Please send me a private message with the link where you included the script and I will try to help you

Hello Im looking for information on using the infograph chart in PHP to connect to MSSQL not MYSQL. Do you have any info on that or where I can find it?


The library runs client side, so on the server you can use anything you like. The difference between using MySQL and MSSQL is just in the way you connect to the database.

You can read the documentation about connecting to MSSQL from PHP

I just downloaded the product, but the infographic.min.js file does not come in the zip, please thank

I’m not sure I understand, would you send me a private message so that we can continue this on email? thanks

i send you an email.

sent you the info on email, hope you managed to get the result you were looking for

I just downloaded the product, but the infographic.min.js file does not come in the zip please help thank

Hi, I will check and give you a response today.


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hi, i need decimals on the line graph is this possible? ok, my mistake, all fine :o)


orasuka Purchased

how do i display the values on the line graph..possible without having to mouse-over for tooltips?

hi, please send me a private message on my profile page and I will try to help you via email


I have a problem with legends.

My code : $query = “SELECT ID_TACHES, TEMPS_EFFECTUER FROM BDD_EFFECTUER group by ID_TACHES”; $result = mysqli_query($db,$query);

// Performing SQL query

// Printing results inside an HTML infographic tag echo ”<infographic-piechart width=’500’ height=’500’ id=’graph1’>\n”; echo ”<infographic-data>\n”; while ($row = mysqli_fetch_array($result, MYSQLI_ASSOC)) { $task=$row[‘ID_TACHES’]; $lestaches=mysqli_query($db,”SELECT NOM_TACHES FROM BDD_TACHES WHERE ID_TACHES=’”.$task.”’”)>fetch_object()>NOM_TACHES; //echo $lestaches; echo ”<infographic-pieslice value=’” . $row[‘TEMPS_EFFECTUER’] . ”’>” . $lestaches . ”</infographic-pieslice>\n”; } echo ”<infographic-data>\n”; echo ”</infographic-piechart>\n”; echo ”<infographic-legend for=’graph1’></infographic-legend>\n”; ?>

Can you help me?

Thanks for all


sure I will help you. Please send me a message via my profile page and I will contact you via email. Please send me the page where you test this and a description of what the problem is

Hello I don’t have any reply for my problem


Issue solved