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Looks like an awesome skin! Keep up the good work!

I like it very much… very good work!

Compared to other bootstrap packages, I recommend varcolac1000’s packages as they come with good add ons and all the less files required to develop on top.

Salut varcolac1000 ;)

Thank you very much ! I will try to keep it up. — Salutare ! _

The unminified versions for the JS would be available?

For example prettyCheckable or the others.

Maybe on request. You can download each JS plugin from the author website (there is a .txt file with all plugins) if is urgent or send me a PM to send you the unminified version of the bootstrap.js.

Hi, please read my e-mail message.

Thanks for great pack. Really nice and shiny. And here comes the question. I wan’t to change the height and width of the modal popup before showing it but the css that I wrote for it does not override defaults. Actually it opens and changes to the standard size. I couldn’t see in documentation. Is there any size options that I can give from javascript like: $(’#ModalDetailBody’).load(‘somephp.php’); $(’#ModalDetail’).optionswidth(‘600px’); $(’#ModalDetail’).modal(‘show’);


Hello melih. You can change modal width like so: $(’#ModalDetail’).css({‘width’:’your width’ + ‘px’, ‘margin-left’:’your width’ / 2 + ‘px’}); ‘Your width’ should be a number (int). If you have more questions, send me an email. Good luck !

I bought your skin, it is perfect, but i would like to use all of this features without less, for example I would like to use different color skins just to change the css color file. And, of course, I would like to see it on Bootstrap 3. Could you tell me, do you plan to make non less skin with easy change color or could you tech me how to do it easily?

Hello OnlyOneLab,
Please contact me via email and I will show you a video tutorial or a written tutorial.

is this in bootstrap 3 or 2.3?

When do you plan on releasing it? Can you give me a rough estimate?

I can’t give you an estimated period of time, but is very soon.

The update is already sent to validation.

when u will update this to bootstrap 3?

The update is already sent to validation.


Yes, it is interesting for me too, when will you update this to bootstrap 3?

The update is already sent to validation.

I’ve tried to register on the support forum with my license code and it keeps saying invalid.

Hello hwnd,
Please send me an email via profile form with your issue and with your purchase code. I will help you via email and create an account.