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Chartboost isn’t included. Only admob and iAd. Why are you advertising that you have integrated alll ads platforms? Please refund.. need it to work with Chartboost.

Yes I’ve submitted several. Here is a game where I’m using chartboost and admob. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/cranky-trump/id1076221702?mt=8

Can I please email you to make reskin/ad modifications?

hi i PM’d, will you be responding soon? Thanks again for your help.

greetings, May I know in which language is made this game? I am new to the website I cant find where to see in which language was made this game

This is buildbox software – cocos2dx

Hi, I purchased both iOS and Android versions. I received your email. Can you please make the following modifications for me on both iOS+Android versions so I can be ready to submit both?

-Replace BuildBox launchscreen with “Color Swapped” text instead of “buildbox” logo on both ios and android. -Replace “Infinite climb” logo with “Color Swapped” logo on both ios and android. -Remove iAP on both iOS and Android. -Enable banner admob and interstitial admob (to pop up every time user dies in game) on both iOS and android. -Enable chartboost ad to pop up as backup when admob interstitial is not available on both iOS and Android. -Email me XCode Project and Android APK so I can submit both. you can email to sachetgagwani@yahoo.com and sachettheg@gmail.com. I prefer if you send these projects to both emails.

I’m actually behind schedule on submitting both of these, so if you can modify them quickly and send me these projects asap, I would really appreciate it. Great game btw. Hopefully you can make it so these projects will be usable for me to reskin and submit. Thanks for your time.

Hi… Still waiting on your response for Android. Thanks.


I sent you a mail 2 days ago to send me screenshot of your android license.

Hi I commented on Android version on codecanyon. It will show you “purchased” tag on my comment. I purchased regular license for both versions. Can you please send eclipse file to sachetgagwani@yahoo.com? Can you also send instructions to open and render to APK in eclipse when you send the custom package?

hey bro can I have th eoriginal buildbox file so I can make some changes to the game? thanks

Hi you need extended license t get buildbox file. What changes are you looking at?

Hi isaac2k2, how are you?

I just purchased infinity climb, how can I edit it with Buildbox? also, how can I edit this file with xcode? Do you have any file provided witht the insctructions for iOS.

Waiting for your response, Freddy

Hi and thanks for purchase. If you bought the extended license, send me the license page and I will PM you the buildbox file.

See instruction here – https://www.sellmyapp.com/tutorial/how-to-reskin-for-itunes-and-android-stores/replace-images/

How to remove the No Ads and Restore Purchase buttons?

PM and I will send you a new package with the 2 items removed

already PM. Thanks.

Hi, Can you please send me instructions how to add AdMob and Chartboost? Thanks.

That name is an image file I created. If you want to use an image file, then send it to me to replace it or I can use a text and you just type in your name.

Please check your mail.

How can i show AdMob interstitial each time when user pause the app or die? Any setup in xml files?

Hi could you provide the .psd editable file for the atlas files, otherwise it is impossible to reskin for us without buildbox, I am using Xcode only, you should include the psd file so we can export the atlas file with our own images.

What about adding Chartboost (as well as keeping Admob)?

Yes you can add chartboost but only one will run at any point in time meaning you need to set priority i.e which comes first “admob or chatboost” but you can only do this using the buildbox app.

OK since you have forced my hands, I am giving out the buildbox file so wait for it to be approved.

When is it gonna be approved?

sorry about, looks I missed this one. I have sent update

How about the update?

well still waiting but sent you the link

Can I send it to the iOS app store with a regular license? I want to change the name of the game and can I change the language on Xcode?

If just iOS app store, then regular license is fine. What you get is the buildbox version so you camn easily make the needed changes and export to xcode

I want to change the game language from English to Turkish can I do it easily with regular license?

Hi, Whenever I am trying to upload the new version on iTunes, after uploading the build getting error invalid binary. I purchase the code before a year. Is there any permission required to set?

I found that NSCalendarsUsageDescription is missing that is why Apple reject it. I have old xcode files and don’t have build box. So can you please help where should i add this calendar usage description key? Thanks in advance.