Infinite Scroll

Infinite Scroll

The users are used to seeing contents in a sequential line, just as Facebook or Twitter. A very different type of navigation from the traditional one.

Infinite scroll is a type of interaction that allows users to navigate moving through the website instead of clicking on links. Very useful because, nowadays, most visualizations are done through mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

The new content uploads before the user even reaches the end of the scrolling bar.

What does this module do?

This module enables you to apply this new navigation style for a direct consultation of the website’s content.

All included in just one solution where users, even those from mobile devices, will be able to scroll down and obtain all the details they’re looking for immediately, without fear of losing them by charging a new page.

Why would you like this module?

This new navigation style has become very popular on social networks such as Twitter or Facebook because this pages have great amounts of contents and this is the perfect solution to improve the users’ experience. This style of navigation is also very helpful to invite the user to spend more time on the webpage.


  • The infinite scroll offers an amount of products that can be shown all at once
  • Easy and direct navigation, even through mobile devices or tablet
  • Transition effect
  • Perfect navigation for tactile mobile devices
  • Improves the users’ navigation because it’s more practical than the paging in small screens
  • Quick and easy navigation
  • Better content showing
  • Creative and innovative navigation


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