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I just used this plugin on my site but it keeps loading the same content repeatedly. Please help. Thanks.

I can’t see your site. I get: The site you were looking for couldn’t be found. My guess to your problem: The next link in your pagination show the same page. You can easily find out for yourself if you disable my plugin and click the next link. In order to fix this issue you have to setup the pagination correctly.

Hi, the plugin is working now, but chrome seems to block it saying it’s an unsafe script.

Please help.

You can check it at


It works ok over http. If you want to use https you need to force https on your pagination links.


I just bought and install the módule but it isn’t working. I check if the console is showing some javascript error but is clean:

I tried with the different options, infinite scroll, and the same with load more button but nothing appear.

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Hello what do you mean? give me an example

You can see it here:

Like ypu can see in this image, when the module load the second part of the products repeat the filter and the buttons to change the layout (marked in red):

Ok i see now. The problem is that your theme has put toolbar with filters inside the product wrapper. The solution to your problem require a small theme modification: You need to put toolbar outside the product wrapper OR to put a separate div wrapper only for products.

Hello, infinite scroll doesn’t work properly with my theme Mr. Tailor. Loaded products have “white overlay” over them. Do you know how to fix it? Thanks for anwser. Have a nice day :)

Hello I need to verify that you have purchase this plugin! Please ask the question with the account you made the purchase

Sorry, I don’t access to that account, because my colleague has bought it with different account. Is it a big deal, can’t you help me?

Hello unfortunately without verifying purchase i cannot provide support.

We have your plugin and like it but we have a bug. Some of our products have child products where there are multiple versions of the product. When your module kicks in on a page with more than 10 parent products, it starts adding blank child products. Sort of hard to explain. See here (scroll down to activate your plugin and then go back up. You should see extra products being added. How it is fixable. We like the infinite scroll, but have deactivated it until we can figure this out. Edit:

Ok now i see, i think is a css selector problem. Both main products and child have the same class (.products) so they triggered both. Can you try to add as product wrapper in plugin settings page this value: .products:first

Ok now i see, i think is a css selector problem. Both main products and child have the same class (.products) so they triggered both. Can you try to add as product wrapper in plugin settings page this value: .products:first

I think that did it! I will test it some more and reply again if need be. Thanks for your help!


my site doesn’t respond with the plugin. I’m trying to get the infinite scrolling with a button on the best sellers of the home page. I would appreciate some guidance. My site is it’s running the retailer theme.



This plugin works only if you have products with pagination. You have to setup the pagination first and then setup the plugin.

Can you please provide instructions on how to go about setting up pagination for the products. I have tried this plugin which has the short code for best_selling_products but it still didn’t work.

It depends on your theme and requires some coding skills. If you have put woocommerce shortcode unfortunately pagination not supported right now.

Is the plugin supported by Visual Composer 5.0

For example adding best seller products with visual composer only sets a limit of products to list. Can the plugin integrate with visual composer using short code? if so what is it?

Hello, visual composer uses shortcode tags from woocommerce and unfortunately pagination is not supported. Without pagination this plugin does not work.

I can confirm that pagination is supported by my theme and woocommerce. Are you stating that visual composer does not support pagination?

Don’t get confused. The visual composer plugin uses shortcodes in order to put woocommerce products. The pagination in shortcode is a feature that woocommerce don’t have right now. You can see the feature request (which declined) here to get more info:

Hi there.

Thanks for your plugin. Unfortunately our products keep getting repeated. See

Can you clarify how to fix?

Hello, if you disable the plugin or navigate by yourself to other pages you will see that the products are repeated. For example check these pages:

You need to delete the products that you don’t need in order to fix your problem.

This is not the case. Please don’t be confused by the repeated thumbnail.

For example, see product with SKU 306097. There is only one of these in WooCommerce, but it repeats several time on the category view.

Please try to put as products wrapper this selector: .list_products

Hi, I need an INFINITE SCROLL PLUGIN that can run with GEODIRECTORY PLUGIN ( With GeoDirectory administrator can make a directory with a map. You can see my web here: When I go to the next page, URL will change to ”/page/2” and map will be update. With your plugin I need that when user do scroll, page will change to ”/page/2”, so the map can be also update. If you make your plugin compatible with GeoDIrectory, you can sell your plugin like a third party plugin into GeoDirectory Community. Please, let me know if you can and if you are interest in make it. I hope your reply. Thanks for your support.

Thanks for your plugin. Unfortunately products keep getting repeated. See the link

Hello, you have to setup paginator wrapper in plugin settings: .electro-advanced-pagination


I bought this plugin recently and installed it on my site with woocommerce and noticed that it creates a bug.

The hover effect of the products on the second loaded page no longer works correctly. That is, it does not show the name or price of the product in these loaded products. Could you help me?

Hello, please check documentation and specific the section about callbacks. The problem is that your theme runs some scripts on window load the same scripts should be loaded when my plugin loads the next page.


We just bought your plugin. Now we have some problems in finding the correct selectors for infinite scrolling.

This is what worked with another infinite scroll plugin: Products wrapper .products_grid Pagination wrapper .grid_pagination Next page selector .grid_pagination Previous page selector .grid_pagination a.prev

Please check on:


The clear:both div creates this problem. Try to find and remove this line and you will be ok.

Sorry, I don’t know how :(

This would require theme customization except if there is a setting in you theme.

Hi I install that plugin on my woebsite and it do not work very well. The second page don’t stay in the grid, and na name and price appears without hover. (In the first page the name and price just show in hover) Can you help me?

Hello, you need to use callbacks. Please read the documentation and specifically the section about callbacks.


I am facing infinite scroll problem can you please fix this. please check this link


I am facing infinite scroll problem can you please fix this. please check this link

Hello, i don’t understand what is your problem. Please explain in more detail.

plugin is not appending product. for now i am using another plugin to achieve this but please check this problem

These kind of problems often related with wrong css selector configuration. Please check if you have setup correctly this settings and try again.


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the plugin does not work like I do for the money back ??

Hello, what exactly is the problem? I cannot issue a refund without knowing more details.

can you please help me to find right css selector configuration. due to wrong select plugin is not working fine.

Sorry but you can see on above link. product should be append. but right now new product are replacing older ones.

We are using Varnish Cache. if cache is a problem then how this plugin will work with cache.

I think this is a css issue. You have in your template this: ul.products>li.product.first { clear: both; } You need to override with something like this: ul.products>li.product.first { clear: none; }


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We have bough this plugin, and we have a bug on this link for example:

When you reach 240 products, the browser crashes. It happens when you make 15 ajax requests, it stops responding.

Do you have any idea how to solve it?

Thanks, Rui Parente

Unfortunatelly there isn’t any quick solution to this problem. If you try to load large amount of images/products the browser at some point (depending on computer available memory) will fail. A solution might be the plugin to remove first pages after reaching X amount of pages but this is not implemented and will cause issues with other implemented features. Another solution will be to categorize your products to smaller chunks.