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My site uses Softaculous software and I installed Modx site by it. How will I transfer and install your manager template / DB ?

Hi! We are using modx evo. You don’t. Unfortunately, your modx won’t work. For proper work of our app install the modx from our archive, please.

hi, before i buy, i want to know if users using the app gets notification when there is news update from my website?

hi! No.

hi, how does your notification words?

Hi! What exactly do you mean by this?

Hi! What is your Modx version? I have ’’MODX Revolution 2.4.2-pl’’ installed by Softaculous software. http://archives.infosaguenay.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/2.png

Hi! We are using modx evo. Unfortunately, your modx won’t work. Please, for proper work of our app install the modx from our archive.

Hi! Is it normal? When I open “Video” and want to see video, it is open on YouTube in new window. Not in your app ((

Hi! Yes, this is normal. This is just the way it should be working. Thank you for your feedback.

Hi! Maybe it is a stupid question but… can I use this app for my Wordpress site? Thank you ;)

Hi! It’s not stupid :) you are welcome to ask all the questions that are concerning you. Unfortunately the answer to your question is “No”, this app can be used only with modx from our archive

Hello, I’m interested in buying the app, before that i’d like to know if its possible to display rss feed in the app from the cms. Thanks

Hi. Yes, it is

Hi, how can i use Android Studio to edit source code ?

Hi! The Android Studio is all about source code editing. To find out how to use it- please see Android Studio site for manuals.

When i try to run the app, it give me this error : i am using andriod studio 1.5.1

Error:Execution failed for task ’:app:compileDebugJavaWithJavac’. > java.lang.annotation.AnnotationTypeMismatchException: Incorrectly typed data found for annotation element public abstract java.lang.String com.tojc.ormlite.android.annotation.AdditionalAnnotation$DefaultContentUri.authority() (Found data of type none)

i am still waiting ? it’s more then a month and i did not get any feedback from you.

We have fixed everything. Have you checked?

But i did not receive any thing, should i download the project again ?

Hello i need some information. Please give contact email id or skype id

I send mail to ur id. Pls check & reply in mail

Hi please how to install this news app any support and how to login admin panel

Hi! We’re sorry for the delay. The support of our products is launched again. All the guides were included.

Hi, source code is include ?

Yes, the source code is included

I want to purchase product but I am having phpmyadmin and my sql. Please confirm. Will it work? How to add new news/data/ There is no any admin panel or source for uploading data