Indusrabbit - SMM Panel

Indusrabbit - SMM Panel

Indusrabbit SMM Panel Script will allow you to sell your Social Media Marketing Services with an easy to use panel. You can provide quality and cheap SMM Services to your customers, they can buy Instagram followers, buy twitter followers, buy facebook likes, buy facebook shares, buy YoutTube Views, buy YouTube Subscribers, using your the smm panel. You can create as many as services & packages according to your expertise, this is a completely dynamic panel.

  • Free User registration
  • Create unlimited services
  • Create unlimited packages
  • User Add Funds in panel / Admin can also add funds to user accounts
  • Place orders
  • Place Mass Orders
  • User dashboard
  • Admin dashboard
  • Support & Ticket system
  • Ticket messages timeline between user and admin
  • System management
  • User management
  • Orders management
  • Built in API for customers
  • Panel customization, theme, description, banners, logo etc.
  • SEO optimization for meta tags
  • Cheap SMM Panel Script
  • Dynamic Pre-built pages for FAQs, Contact Us, About Us etc. Ready for update contents
  • ...and more

Unlimited Services/Categories

SMM Panel script is completely dynamic, that allows you to create unlimited services. For example you can create Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, YouTube and more Services that you offer to your customers.

Unlimited Packages

Along with creating services you can create different packages in each category. For example you are providing Facebook as a service and there are various packages you offer to your customer, Facebook Likes, Facebook Shares, Facebook Comments and Facebook Video Views etc. In the same way you can create twitter followers, twitter retweets, twitter likes in twitter category which is equivalent of service in the panel.

Payment Gateways

Through the panel your customers can load funds to their accounts automatically. There various international payment gateways like Paypal, Skrill, and others along with Country specific like Indian Paytm paytm payment gateway, Turkey Paywant Payment gateway, Indian Instamojo payment gateway and so on.

  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • Payza
  • Skrill
  • Instamojo
  • Paytm
  • Bitcoin/Crypto – Coinpayments
  • Bank or Manual
Both admin and user able to see funds load history on each gateway, easy for managing funds details.

Support & Ticket System

The script have ready to use support and ticket system, In which customers can inquire their orders through messaging system between you and them. You can assist and update them about their orders or any other support query. Support ticket can be opened by customers and closed by admin.

Mass Order

Using mass order screen in which user can place various orders on single page, it works in a way so each order will be on a new line with package_id, link to social media post or account, quantity of the package and start counter, for example 200 likes on a Facebook Post. All package ids are displayed on mass order page with detail of each package so your customers can easily get package_ids and place orders with a breeze.

API For Your Customers

Customers can place orders on your panel through system provided API. They can generate their API keys through user account settings, there are a very clean details of how to use API with examples of request and response documentation out of the box ready for your customer. Panel will automatically set the URL address where your customers can place orders. API have a very clean and secure logic where it will check various conditions before performing orders. It also check for user account funds that either these are available or not.

SMM Reseller Panel Script

Indusrabbit SMM Panel Script can be used as a reseller SMM panel too, using built-in API that can be used for your reseller customers. If you are not willing to provide API, you can disable API functionality from system settings.

Orders Management

Orders can be managed through admin dashboard. Admin can update order status, check order details, cancel or refund etcetra. Bulk Order edit for quickly chaning order status Quick Edit and more.

User Management

Admin have complete control over users. He can create users from backend, load funds to user accounts, update their details, block them or delete users completely from admin panel.

User Dashboard

Indusrabbit have a very smooth user account section on which user can add funds to their account, check their funds load history, checks status of their orders, update account settings and a very clean Dashboard page where statistics of their funds spent, orders completed, orders pending, new messages and order cancel counts etc.

Admin Dashboard

The panel have extensive admin dashboard on which new orders, new messages, total earning, pending orders and other statistics are shown on dashboard page. Along with that admin can update various pages which are ready for update out of the box like FAQs page, Terms and Condition page, about us page etc. Admin can update site home page description, banner and logos.

Theme Customization

Customize theme of Panel, whatever color you want, there are pre-defined awesome colors with a wide variety for selection

Instant Order To Reseller Panel

Most prominent feature for placing orders on any reseller panel, add as many different reseller’s API’s as possible. Api response logs, error detections and more.

Multi Language Support

English, Spanish, German, Russian, Chinese, Arabic and more… Any language you need easily can be added.

Color Schemes

Script is Built in mind that every person have a different test of color and theme, select different colors out of the box.

Funds Load History

Admin can see All user funds load history and user can see his or her own funds load history.

SEO Friendly SMM Panel

Editable meta tags for homepage and other pages like contact-us, faqs, privacy policy etc.

System Wide Status Updates For All Users.

Update your users about service and server status, new updates in system etc.

User Special Prices

Give special prices to your most valued customers, who are placing more orders from regular customers.

System Requirement

  • Server – Apache/Nginx
  • PHP Version >= 7.1
  • OpenSSL PHP Extension
  • PDO PHP Extension
  • Mbstring PHP Extension
  • Tokenizer PHP Extension
  • XML PHP Extension
  • Mod Rewrite Enabled
  • You must install SMM Panel on main domain or sub domain, not in sub folder

Demo Details
Demo Accounts
email: pass: 123456
email: pass: 123456

SMM Panel website

Complete Details about SMM Panel Script Can be found here.

User Guide

After purchase, download smm panel script from your account section.
Getting Started Documentation can be found here:


v5.3 – 03/03/2018

[*] NEW: Paywant Payment gateway (Turkey)
v5.2 – 18/02/2018

[*] NEW: Paytm Payment gateway
[*] NEW: Instamojo dynamic Payment conversion to INR (if currency is USD)

v5.1 – 19/01/2018

[*] NEW: InstaMojo Payment gateway
[*] NEW: SKRILL Payment gateway
[*] NEW: Process all orders in API Automation, Cancel and Refunded along with all others.
[*] NEW: Order Filters in User section.
[*] NEW: Payment method selection UI
[*] NEW: remains key dynamic along with status and start_counter key in API Automation.
[*] NEW: Last login time of user. To see Users status either they are active on panel.
[*] NEW: Custom CSS and Custom JS files, so custom changes won't affect on each update.
[*] NEW: Timezone Option. User and Admin can select their own timezone.
[*] NEW: Description on new order and new subscription order page.
[*] NEW: Bank/Other payment method page, So admin can add more details on bank selection method.
[*] NEW: Bank/Other payment method page, So admin can add more details on bank selection method.
[*] NEW: Services Listing category wise.
[*] Various UI and Performance Enhancements

v5.0 – 17/11/2017

[*] NEW: Subscriptions / Autolikes
[*] NEW: User Special price import csv
[*] NEW: Packages API
[*] NEW: Status colors
[*] NEW: Other types of packages like mentions, seo keywords etc.
[*] BUG: a few minor bug fixes
[*] Various Enhancements

v4.1 – 08/11/2017

[*] NEW: V2.0 API/
[*] NEW: Balance check API.
[*] NEW: Example PHP Code for API.
[*] NEW: Order filters in Admin order listing.
[*] NEW: Change language of script from front while loggin in to panel.
[*] ENHANCEMENT: Remvoed Breadcrumb where not needed.
[*] ENHANCEMENT: On API order place instant order to reseller.
[*] ENHANCEMENT: Custom comments Auto count.
[*] ENHANCEMENT: Adding new API in Automation section.
[*] ENHANCEMENT: Packge ID mapping, now only Reseller Service ID needed.
[*] ENHANCEMENT: Table row hover color change, easy for accessibility
[*] ENHANCEMENT: Improved script instalaltion form labels.
[*] ENHANCEMENT: HTML code editable in pages.
[*] ENHANCEMENT: After login user should go to new order page.
[*] ENHANCEMENT: Recaptcha alignment on center.
[*] ENHANCEMENT: Clear label for skype optional field.
[*] ENHANCEMENT: Improved Simple theme UI.
[*] BUG: Admin messages was not on new line.
[*] BUG: On response logs, error when too many entries.
[*] BUG: Home page text center.
[*] BUG: Due to wide link, it was not looking good on listing, so limit it 30 characters.
[*] BUG: Refunded status should not be updated on fetch status call.
[*] BUG: Admin was not able to update custom comments        

v4.0 – 04/10/2017

[*] NEW: Paypal Email Only. No client_id or secret required.
[*] NEW: Ability to set front page, either login or home page.
[*] NEW: Server Side Pagination. Fast speed loading on all listings (orders,users,tickets etc).
[*] NEW: Bulk Order edit. Quickly Edit bulk orders from orders listing.
[*] NEW: Instant Order place to reseller panel. When submit by customer System will send to preferred reseller instantly.
[*] NEW: Ability to set Special price for indvidual user.
[*] NEW: Ability to set Order Partial Complete.
[*] NEW: Ability to resend Order to another reseller. (useful if cancel from one reseller send to other)
[*] NEW: On New ticket Open, Email to admin.
[*] NEW: System status report Email to admin (new CRON Job).
[*] NEW: PARTIAL order from reseller will be processed automatically. (Will be marked as Partial complete and remaing amount will be refund auto).
[*] NEW: Emojis can be added in System.
[*] NEW: Currency Separator, Comma or Point.
[*] IMPROVEMENT: Change of price display, if price is 1.2 system will display like 1.20 easy for customers. (two digits after dot)
[*] IMPROVEMENT: Colors in page texts and increse width of text on all pages.
[*] IMPROVEMENT: Order with status COMPLETED, PARTIAL, CANCELLED can not be edited. (to minmize errors)
[*] IMPROVEMENT: Moved admin account menu to right along with logout.
[*] IMPROVEMENT: On new order place, not redirect on listing but on same page, easier for multiple order placement. Along with this on all pages same logic updated.
[*] IMPROVEMENT: Changed url to API Docs from to
[*] IMPROVEMENT: If no custom comments in package do not show custom_comments field in order -> edit.
[*] IMPROVEMENT: Admin can deduct/add use funds directly in funds field.
[*] IMPROVEMENT: More stats in admin and user dashboard.
[*] CHANGE: Removed Reseller Role and all pricing set to it. Not needed after each user's special pric option.
[*] BUG: Custom comments count validation, it shouldn't be more than quantity added.
[*] BUG: Pacakge Status Inactive got active while edit
[*] BUG: Space in between "IN PROGRESS" was causing issue.
[*] BUG: If no custom comments in package, then do not send it to reseller.
[*] BUG: A few small bug fixes

v3.0 – 01/09/2017

[*] NEW: Arabic Language added.
[*] NEW: Payza payment gateway integration.
[*] NEW: Editable information on pages like add funds, new order, login, sign up etc.
[*] NEW: Added "Simple" Themes.
[*] NEW: Bank/Manual payment method.
[*] NEW: Enable/Disable Payment methods for sepecific user.
[*] NEW: Enable or disable default payment methods while new user registration.
[*] IMPR: Remvoed extra 00 after decimal points now only .00 two zeros in amount.
[*] NEW: Added custom comments functionality 
[*] NEW: Added skype_id in new registration of users
[*] NEW: Added anonmyzer service for referrer HTTP
[*] BUG: in price per item not correctly selected in new order.
[*] Various UI Improvements
[*] BUG: A few minor bug fixes

v2.6 – 17/08/2017

[*] Update Get Status CRON logic
[*] Removed URL validation any link/username can be accepted by system
[*] Auto Send Orders to Preferred Resellers Usign CRON
[*] Full width and fixed width configurable
[*] Bug fixes

v2.5 – 29/07/2017

[*] New- Display price per quantity. Admin will be able to set "price per time" for showing ot customers. price per 1, price per 100 or price per 100.
[*] New- System wise Announcment for customers in Admin and Customer dashboard.
[*] New- Reseller User Account, Admin can assing different role to users, USER and RESELLER. Set differnt price for Resellers and separate for other Users.
[*] New- Unread Message count in Support ticket easy for admin and user to view unread message count in ticket listing.
[*] New- Add more status for orders. PENDING, INPROGRESS, REFUND and more.
[*] Improvement: - Better UI improvement in forms and tables.
[*] Added: Terms and condition approval while registration.
[*] Added: Package description in services list.
[*] Bugfix: On order_id key in API automation 
[*] Bugfix: User role change won't affect.

v2.4 – 21/07/2017

[*] Added bitcoin - coinpayments Payment method
[*] Payment method settings configuration menu change, moved settings from system settings to payment method settings.

v2.3 – 13/06/2017

[*] Start_counter will be fetched by API status Call and updated automatically
[*] New order placement UX improvement easy for placing order now
[*] Several UI improvements

v2.2 – 10/06/2017

[*] Added Turkish language. 
[*] Removed start_counter from order place/mass order / api order place
[*] Added added start_counter in status API
[*] Admin can update start_counter from order edit
[*] User can regenerate API Key

v2.1 – 6/06/2017

[*] Order Status API. 
[*] In reseller Automation added Check Status of Orders section
[*] Added Italian language
[*] Bug fixes in Reseller Automation

v2.0 – 29/05/2017

[*] Automatic Order Place on Other Resller Panels.
[*] Multi Language Suppport.
[*] Start Counter in order.
[*] Added Maxmimum Quantity in package.
[*] Small UI imporovement
[*] All new Orders & Users will be in descending orders in listing.
[*] Small bug fixes

v1.1 – 16/05/2017

[*] Customize theme color, a wide variety of selection available.
[*] Meta Tags for home page SEO.
[*] Meta tags for individual pages SEO.
[*] Rich text editor for homepage description.
[*] Order total for real time calculation.
[*] Minimum deposite. Admin can select minimum deposit amount.
[*] Enable or disable API and Support functionality if you are not using it.
[*] Various other UI improvement.
[*] A few bug fixes.