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Hello, we’re testing the HTML5 version of the game on a remote server and we can’t play on Windows Phone devices.

We also are unable to play the demo of this site.

Is this a known isue?

Hi friend.

The game runs well on Windows Phone. So far no one had talked about a problem. Have you tested this link:


I’ll check on a phone with windows, if any problem, I will solve.

Thanks for communicating!

Hello Wall-e, we tested both your demo and our hosted version and they are not working on Windows Phone (we get a black screen).

We tested it on a Nokia Lumia 921 and Nokia Lumia 925 (running Windows 8.1.1).

Any idea about what can be the problem?

The demo also went black screen? I tested on a Windows Phone and was normal.

I do not know what can be the problem may be specific to your phone model.

Try also delete the cache and test again =)


can i use phonegap in eclipse to import this html5 game so I can make android?

i would want to remove sharing function and ads,


I’ve never used phonegap do not know if it is possible. But the program’s website says so:


You must have the program license to do so. To remove the sharing buttons, just delete them in Scirra program.

Merry Christmas!

but when I buy a normal licence for this game, will I get files in HTML5 game or in construct ?

The file that you get come play in html5 and also the files “Construct” game =)

Hey I bought it.. I uploaded iframe and normal version but script is not running fine :( it showing me error

“Not Found

The requested URL /games/iframe/index.php was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.”

Please help me :D Thank YOU

Hi friend.

Look, you are pulling a php file, but the game is html. Try pulling for index.html and see if it will work.

If the error persists, the file may have been corrupted. Trasfira the files again, delete the cache or test in another browser.

Any new doubts can search me!

Thank you and Merry Christmas!

Hi, i’ve bought this game, can you tell me the name of javascript function called when i press PAUSE boutton ? thanks

The game was developed with the “Construct”. Unfortunately the pause function is something ready in the program. It does not call a javascript at the time of pause, you can only do this within the program.

Thank you, and any further doubts, you can search me.

I want to change the background but i don’t have construct installed (need to buy it), can I send you my psd background and change it for me ? thank you

You can change the background image. Are just three images of the same size. The images are in the folder “images”.

Thank you, good job!

Buy this game source and it is great, and I want to buy more of your game source, but we actually want to built a leaderboard system based on all your games, so far I can’t do nothing about it caused all JS was encrypted. Can I have a version of file that not encrypted?

Thank you friend! But look on his doubts, I have dont good news. The game is developed using the program “Construct”. And the program itself generates the code and encrypts.

This ranking is complicated you want to do, you need to edit the game within the program. Without a program license, and advanced knowledge, you will hardly achieve.

Any new doubts, you can search me.

Thank you, we will try to archived it, will buy more your codes later on.

Hi.Do you describe events? How detailed ?

Hi friend, sorry for the delay in responding. I guess your question is about the Construct events. I have no descriptions, because the own Construct is already pretty basic, everything is intuitive.

But if there is any doubt, you can ask me.

Hi friend, you can install the game on a server offline (no internet), is to install an intranet?

I think yes you can, but need a license Construct program. Computers are Windows?

Windows Not !. It is a linux server with apache and php that works without internet. It’s a local network without internet.

I never published for Linux, but checked the program’s website, and it is possible yes. Check Out:


Great game – gorgeous graphics!

Thanks =)

how to export to android. thanks dude

You need to have a license from the Construct program. If you already have a license, you can see how the Scirra site:


Hello, I want to buy. I have a few questions. You will contact me? Skype: mehmetcanhoroz

Friend, please send me an email. I do not use Skype. My email is filippileonardo@yahoo.com.br

Sorry im new at this , can i add Admob to it ?

HI, visit this page of the program, there has depth tutorials that help you do this.But you need to have a program license.


excellent, fun game…

Thanks friend =)

Game gets stuck on the loading screen on safari and Firefox. If I refresh it on firefox, it then goes to the start page but then the start button does not work. Tried uploading straight from the zip file also and I get the same issues.

Ok friend, please send me the link of the game to see if I have something wrong =)

Can send to my email if you want, I’ve got your first one.


Is it possible to translate all game assets, like texts, images etc? The images comes with font for change text etc?

It is possible yes, and the texts are made with free fonts. The game’s texts are images in photoshop you change and replace. A lot of people do it =)

If buy the regular license, I can instal in google play, it will work?

Hi! You need to have the Construct 2 program license. If you have the program’s license, you can export to Windows Phone, iOS, Google …

hello i have some quesiton. 1- how i can install the game ? 2- how i can reskin it ?

Hi friend! To change only the images of the game, you do not need the program Construct 2. But that only goes for html5. To export the game to Android and others you need a license yes.

so with construct 2.. i can esaly reskin it.. and export it to other platforms ?

It’s not as easy to make the reskin within the Construct 2. But I think many can without problem. If you know Photoshop, it’s easy!


If I wanted to modify this game and brand it around my company would that be possible?

I understand if there are additional costs involved . . .


Hi! Many people do it with basic knowledge of photoshop you do.

If you want a quote, send me an email to filippileonardo@yahoo.com.br


Hi, I’m Loois Sndr. I like all your games HTML5, and I would like to promote them all, I have an arcade script and you have the perfect games for my platform, so I would also love to promote my gaming platform in your games, the idea is to unify both the system and the content for the purpose of generate traffic from buyers to your games and to my platform, I would be anxious to give you more information if you are interested, contact me by giving me some suggestion or asking me a question, thanks and regards, fellow wall-e.

Hi! Please send me the details by email filippileonardo@yahoo.com.br



erezson Purchased


I bought your game a month ago. I would like to integrate Adsense when its starts running and between levels or when Indiara fails for example.

Is this option already integrated? Do I need Construct for that?

Hi, and Thank you! You need to enter manually with the Construct program. I do not know another way to enter without the program.

If there is any further doubt, you can look for me.

Hi , i am totally new and was thinking of purchasing “Indiara and the Skull Gold” , i will like to try to do some minor edits using the Construct 2. Just to check with you, is the source code that i am getting a full version (meaning with no restriction on editing) or just a partial version with restriction to certain level of edits (eg. i need to change the back image to different theme at different stage/level) .

Hi! You will get everything, the Construct file, the html game, and all the layouts used, in Ai and Psd format.

If there is any further doubt, you may ask =)