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Loving Indiara. Quick question, when I build it as a HTML game from CapX the game no longer comes up with an orientation warning if you play it on your phone in portrait mode. Is there anything I need to do to make this work?

Thank you my friend! I’ll try to answer because I do not quite understand your doubt. I think you want the message to flip the phone to appear in the capx file, right?

Construct does not have this option. I created this method with javascript. This is in “index.html”. I do not know a way for the Construct program to do this.

If your doubt is not this, please tell me more details.


Hey, how do I install the game on my host service so people can play it on my website

Hi, it’s simple, you pass the game via an FTP program to the server where your site is hosted. See in the game instructions, have some information that can help.

do you have any details how to edit this code source becouse i want buy it

Hi! You need the Construct program license to edit the game. Only editing the code is not possible.