Discussion on Indiara and the Skull Gold

Discussion on Indiara and the Skull Gold

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How do I add more levels?

Hey! It’s a little tricky, but you need two things:

- The Construct program license, to edit the game in the program; - Know advanced programming in the Construct program;

I left a default level in the game file, if you know how to program in the game, you can make a new level.

But it is something very difficult to do, but it is possible.

Best regards.

Game gets stuck on the loading screen on safari and Firefox. If I refresh it on firefox, it then goes to the start page but then the start button does not work. Tried uploading straight from the zip file also and I get the same issues.

Hey! Could you send me the link to your game on your website so I can see the problem. So I can test here on my machine.

But to reinforce, you have to have the Construct program license to edit and view the game on your machine.

Best regards.

Hi, Keiow. can one upload Regular License to playstore and do you have Apple version. Thanks

Hey! I believe you need my game’s extended license to put the game on the Play Store and Apple Store. But you need the Construct program license to do this…

Here you have more details:

Best regards.

Is this game under 2MB game size?

Hi! Yes, the html5 version has 4.6 MB

can you make crypto play2earn game

Hey! Thanks for the tip, but I’m not interested at the moment… But I’ll research a little more =)


Our company is interested in understanding the pricing structure for contracting full development of games and production/go-live support. We’ve purchased games from you in the past and we would like to have them retooled to work in our environment. 1. How much to retool Indiara and the Skull Gold for phaser or createjs spelling game or some kind of js version. Essentially the unit of work here is taking the game from construct and implementing it in phaser or createjs. (We do have a copy of the game we have purchased with base code and can share with you.)

2. What is a reasonable price range to build a spelling game from a concept and loose set of guidelines/must haves?

3. And how would we structure the payment for the development on that? What is the warranty period on these games/projects? What is the average time to market on a new game?

We like your offerings on codecanyon and we’d be happy to meet with you and discuss further. Thanks so much and we look forward to hearing from you. - Ron from Power Spelling

Hi, thanks for contacting and for your interest in my games =)

Could you send me an email? It’s better for me to answer these details. My email is

Best regards!

Can users invite their Facebook friends to this game and get the virtual coins?

Hey! I’ve never modified the game for this purpose, so I wouldn’t know if it’s possible. But if you know how to edit the game in Construct, I believe you can make those changes.

Best regards.

Good luck with your sales

Thank you =)

How big is the size are this game

Hi! The original size is 860×480px, but the game adjusts to the size of the screen and can be fullscreen.

Hi, is there a way to prevent the game from restarting when clicking fullscreen?

Hi! There is no way to avoid this, because when the game goes to full screen, it means a new page, and the game is reloaded again.

In fact, there must be some solution with javascript, but I don’t know how to do it, I only develop with Construct.

Here I found an example:

Best regards.

Can you put a form at the end of the game when all the levels are completed for the web?

Hi! A form is very complicated to insert in Construct, and I would still have to do several tests with the server.

I think the ideal is in the end to call a javascript or forward to a page with a form. This is simpler to do.

If there is any more doubt, you can speak. Best regards. Are you able to make any changes to construct 2 games ? I had some minor edits needed in this game.

Hi friend. I can make changes. Send me the details on my email Best regards.

Hello How can i Host These games to my website

Hi. Sorry, I didn’t understand the question. If you buy the games, you can host it on their website. But if you are referring to the game preview, then you can’t.

If you still have questions, you can ask me. Best regards.

I hesitate to buy this game because I would like to change the language but I don’t know if it is possible. How can I do that? Is there a language file? Or do I only have to change the images?

Hi. All texts are images, you just need to switch to the one you want. And the font used is free. Regards!

do u have skype support

Hi. Not just by email or here in the comments. Send me your question by email that is easier for me to respond to.

Best regards.

How to submit to MacAppstore?

Hi, If I buy the source code, can I import your code into Unity to edit?

Hi! I do not think it works. The game was developed using the Construct program, and I do not think there is compatibility with Unity.

Hello, I purchased a license for this game, I can email it to you if you’d like. I’m just wondering why when I load the .capx file in the Construct editor the music cuts off when I click on the Start button and go to the level select page?

Thanks for your reply, but I don’t understand. How can I enable the music on the level select page?

According to the event sheet the music should be playing…

Send me an email to, I made a change and I think it may help you.

I tried to update the cod to use C3 but there are a number of issues with it.

Is it possible to get an updated version compatible with c3?

My purchase was


Hi! I plan to upgrade soon to Construct 3. But did you download the latest version of the game? An update to Construct made a bug appear, and I had to update the game. But still in the version of Construct 2, then I do not know if it would work with Construct 3.


HI Keiow, I updated to latest C2 version that seems to have solved the errors I was having. Cheers

Good news, any problem you can count on me. Regards!

I can not ask for a game. Could we post it like we took the game.

Hi. Sorry, friend. I did not understand your doubt. Can you send me more details?

Sorry, but I do not have a demo of the game to download. You can play the preview at this link:


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