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Great work, keep going! :)

Thanks! ;)

Very nice developer friendly menu. I like it.

Thanks! I’m glad you do.

1- It works with hover menu?
2- No css conflict in a bootstrap site, there is no reset.css file for this?
3- works with submenu?
4 works with vertical menu?
Great idea
Thank you


1. Not sure what do you mean by hover menu. 2. No, there i no reset.css. You’re free to add it if you don’t use bootstrap because bootstrap has reset css included inside. 3. Yes, it supports one level of children (submenu). We’ll add more improvements in that section. 4. Menu becames vertical on width: 768px but initially it can’t be vertical for now. We’ll support it soon.

Check out the live preview to see how it works on demo examples. Stay with us, there will be more updates very soon.

Thank you for your support.

Very nice, i like it :) Keep on with good work!

Thank you for your support.

very great script , whish you lots of sales ! :)

Thank you very much Eric. New updates and improvements are coming so I hope sales will come too.

Just purchased. Someone had to be first. Really have a need for this. However, it is pretty fat with dependencies. Is jqueryui necessary? – it’s 239k minified!? Any plans for slimmer version?


Thank you very much! You’re the best! I’m glad you found it useful. You are right regarding dependencies. It’s created from much larger component so it’s not optimized enough. But it’s on the TO DO list. Anyway, 239k shouldn’t be a problem, right.

Please keep following us and we’ll do our best to get back with new updates along with optimization very soon.


if I buy it now, could you install it into my page, if so, I will insert U the credentials for my FTP.

hey sanayar2008

no problem, I’ll install it after you purchase it. please send your ftp credentials on my email


Can these dependencies be removed?

Underscore.js Backbone.js


Hey neuropass,

They are very useful part of the component. But please be patient, the new update of the component is on the way (with less dependencies). And if you like and need it and intend to purchase it, I’ll let you know as soon as it’s done.

Great work. GL



And if I have a lot of menu items and five levels, is it possible to use Ajax on hover to load a file of an attached level?