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Hi I’ve been the lucky one to be the first to buy your plugin :) But here’s also the first question:

To prevent re-usage of the coupon it needs to be set to usaage “1”. But what will happen in case the customer buys another product and via this plkugin is asked to review that item. After reviewing he won’t be able to use the coupon again?!

Sorry to say I regret that I purchased this plugin. Plugin seems not finished and feedback on the roadmap is very slow (at this point in time 23 days ago with no update) :/ Purchased another plugin that did everything one could expect from a plugin like this.

Wish spmusketeer all the luck with this plugin, and at one point it will probably be great, but at this point in time would not recommend to buy it.

I requested a refund.

Hi there. I’ve been considering the statements you made about how you would like the plugin to work and come to the conclusion that I will keep it as it is. That is, a single coupon code created with WooCommerce itself that is delivered to all reviewers.

The way you requested it to work involves creating a unique coupon code for every reviewer. There are already other plugins that work like that. My experience with them is that they create a huge amount of cruft codes (especially on a busy site) which was something I wanted to get away from with this plugin. They’re also brittle because they have to keep on top of all changes that WooCommerce makes to it’s coupon generation code.

I intend to keep this plugin simple and clean. I will continue to make improvements to it but it’s unlikely I’ll add features to it that make it overly complex and that are available in other plugins already.

I appreciate this might not meet the needs of your site specifically and you can of course have a refund. Also, I greatly value the feedback you’ve provided so thank you very much for taking the time to chat through this with me.

All the best,


Congratulations! Amazing Work, GLWS :)

Thank you!

Hi Dave

I bought this plugin and try to review a product and has email send back to me but the coupon code isn’t the same code that I set up via woocommerce. Can you advise me how to do next?


Hi Bunlue,

Have you been to the settings page at WooCommerce > Settings > Incentivized Reviews and picked the correct coupon code from the dropdown box (and then hit “Save changes”)?

hi, does the plugin include any URL for the products that have been purchased? or any URL for the review section it self?

Hi there. The email that gets sent out includes a link to the product page of each product that was ordered. The link includes the #reviews parameter on the end of the URL so it should take the user straight to the reviews tab with the reviews form open and ready to fill out. Here’s an example:


I have set the coupon code to the correct coupon but the email sent out to our customers generates a generic number coupon, that when applied at checkout doesn’t work? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Justin www.madebymixture.com

Hi Justin,

If you could fill out the form on my support page here:


including your email address, I’ll send you an updated .zip of the plugin that should fix the issue for you.



Hi, I would to know if your plugin work with this: https://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-pretty-emails/9005845


Hi ilcava,

This plugin uses the WooCommerce mailer API to send its emails, so if the Pretty Emails plugin is intercepting those and manipulating them it should work fine. I can’t make any guarantees though as I haven’t tested it myself.



Can I send you the plugin pretty email in private and you test it for me before I buy your plugin?

Hi ilcava, if you can contact me via the support form at www.musket-theme.com/support we’ll be able to sort something out.

I have not buy the plugin. Before Buy I would to know if this plugin


Work with your!!!

Can I send you a private message with the plugin and then you test if works for me?

Hi, yes you can, but please use the form at www.musket-theme.com/support. It doesn’t matter that you haven’t purchased yet.

Hi, I just purchased, can you add the ability to manually send the emails via the orders. Because I would like to send emails to orders that were placed a few weeks ago before I installed your plugin..

Hi, that is a good suggestion. I think that would be worth implementing in the next version of the plugin.

that would be great, when are you planning on the next release?

Sorry, I can’t give you a specific date but it won’t be in the next week.


ilcava Purchased

Hi, is your plugin compatible with WPML?

I haven’t tested it with WPML and I’ve not used WPML myself, so I’m not sure what would be required to make it compatible. I’m happy to take advice.


ilcava Purchased

Please can you test and reply me?