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You can install a plugin chat on another site that is not under wordpress platform, ie on any site and work the same?

Es posible instalar su plugin chat en otro sitio que no se bajo plataforma wordpress, es decir en un sitio cualquiera y funcione igual?

Hi, I purchased this plugin and want to know if there is any code to get the avatar photo from wordpress automatically. Now the person have to upload the photo into the chat, is not automatically. And it isn’t resizes automatically as well. There is any code for that two things?

no there is no such code. We removed gravatar because gravatar pics loads slow….making whole website slow for a lot of images used in chat. Also lot of people dont know about gravatar.

Resizing is not automatic…this is because all the image resizing libraries have option of getting hacked so we had to remove them. Also resizing with software will change aspect ratio or will crop them. Since images are too small, it would be better for people to crop and resize to make it perfect themselves.

Hello Thanks for the inchat application. I started using it, but I have a problem. List of members to chat sometimes appear after leaving the system. How can I prevent this? I mean, I want to see the list of members to chat only after member login. Thank you in advance.

You see that because it is stored in cache and reloaded from there. If you are logging in and out with different users in same browser to test the plugin, you might face that.

Under normal conditions, a user will use only one account so only one cache.

You can disable cache from inchat settings option to prevent that, but that cause the server to load more data and wont be able to switch themes

Thank you for your concern, I’ll try the way you said. I have another problem. Except admin panel, listing the members of the side, scrollbar does not slide. I mean, the remaining members in the list below, only I can see if I switch to the admin panel. How will I fix it? So when a normal user enters the system, he/she should be able to see all of the members by scrolling the scroll bar. Thanks in advance.

Hi, I’m wondering can this wordpress plugin block specific content from user?

no it wont

As me know chat list allow send invite chat which is nice. But
1) is it intergate with buddypress, which mean appear who is friend in chat list online in widget only, who invited chat will appear in widget also but in list history who last chat only within 1 month only?.
2) is it allow change status such as online/invisble?

the demo is coming back a malware site… satish does thi or is it able to do commands like /mute or any customs ones we choose?

Hello! I need i chat plugin that allows me to embed the chat window inside a wordpress page, using a iframe, so can create a page dedicated to the chat,

Is it possible? How to? I wanted to see how it would look like when embed inside a page. I cant buy it if i’m not sure it will work as i need

How come nobody can make a demo that works? You want to even sell anything?

Hi. I bought the inchat plugin, and I want to know if there is any way to remove the user photo profie from the chat. Thanks.

Hi i want to check demo but its not working help ?

Please I need a wordpress chat plugin that enables users to chat privately and enables admin to limit the number of users another user can chat with to the number of users assigned by the admin. I want to know if number of users that another user can chat with can be restricted to only those assigned by the admin. Can this plugin do this?

does this work as a front end chat for users? This is a chat on a wall that people can use – not back at the dashboard – thanks!

please demo

demo does not work

Hello, I want to buy this chat plugin.. But I need to know if it is still working or not? please provide me with more details about its current status and it can be integrated with any website directly or need some prerequists?

How come the LIVE DEMO button takes me to crap website has nothing with chat ?. Is there any support here or is it dead ?


jra007 Purchased

Just buy it but not working. can you provide support ?


jra007 Purchased

There are no such option so I don’t know what we should do?

hello i just purchased it but why i can not see other user online which is online ? can only see me online but other user from different browser,dont show online ?


this seems not working…,do you give support ?

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