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any updates yet! this was created on 2012 and having the chat history should be considered! did you came up with any updates yet so i can buy the script?

I am working on it you will get it soon.

Sadly really badly designed its nothing like you said and no updates in 3 years not even a clean up of the UI, shame really all the chat systems I looked at late have been so out of date or needed stupid tech or well.

yes script is old but it still works and there can be improvements. I had worked for a month hard in localhost until i accidentally deleted it. Then i lost interest in upgrading it and thought to make it from beginning so that it would be much better. I was a newbie developer 3 years ago but i have better experience now. I work in a company and work only on holidays to update my scripts.

I am already working on a v2 of script but cant say when it will be complete.

Well lets hope you can push some update soon, I would say clean up the UI a little before your V2 update so people have something to have now before V2 but good luck.

Hi i want to integrate this chat plugin to my jsp/spring controller bas application(Java Web appliction) can i do this?

if yes how?

Sir i have really no idea of java web applications. Also i was going to update this plugin in 2-3 days with new version.

Hi. I was looking into purchasing this script, but I am not sure because I couldn’t see the live demo. The page is not found!

i do have a question! I have a dating community site, and I’d like to integrate chat between members. I’d like for the members to have chat links so that they don’t have to log in after they are already logged in to my site. Is that possible with this script?

Thanks for a prompt response to my post

we are working a new version it will come as soon as possible.

sorry will be available in some days with new version.