Improved Sale Badges for WooCommerce

Improved Sale Badges for WooCommerce

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Improved Sale Badges for WooCommerce v3.2.3

Improved Sale Badges for WooCommerce is a plugin that will transform your default WooCommerce sale badges into something that your customers can relate to and that will grab their attention instantly. Change the style according to your current collection, season or holiday using the awesome presets included in the plugin. The plugin seamlessly integrates itself into the WooCommerce interface. Find the settings on the WooCommerce > Settings > Sale Badges page of your WordPress Dashboard. After a quick set-up your shop will automatically show your new sale badges with the discounts in many designs. Show discounts in percentage or money saved, use custom presets and colors, change your badges on the fly and even enable a countdown timer until the sale period ends! You can even set a different sale badge for each product individually! Unlimited combinations! 3 Special badges are also included to which you can add your own custom text! ! Check the demo page at this link. WooCommerce 3.x.x+ Ready!

Install in Seconds & Easiest Setup Ever!

Easiest installation ever. Your shop will automatically show the new badges. Change presets and personalize your badges in the Improved Sale Badges for WooCommerce settings with ease! Choose from the 17 available presets, select the colour, set the position and you’re ready to impress your customers with your shop’s new Sale Badges. Enable single product overrides in order to display a different badge for each Sale product. Unlimited combinations an possibilities! An important update to your WooCommerce store. Use the badges that your competition uses. Show your discounts in percentages, mount of money your customers will save buying a product on sale and even display a timer bellow the sale badge to let your customers know how much time they have left before the sale is over! You can set a different sale badge for each product by enabling single product overrides.

Single product overrides!

Override badges for each product! Set a different color or change the whole appearance of your sale badge on the per product level. Unlimited badge combinations are possible! Set any included preset to any product. Use different Sale Badges on different product categories or types to easily differentiate them and make them stand out to your customers.

Special Badges!

Choose from 3 different style options to display a Special Badge for a single product. Unlimited possibilities are at your disposal to make your products stand out and attract your customers! Insert any text you want and emphasize certain product in your shop. You can set a different Special Badge for each product in your shop by enabling Sale Badge overrides for single products.

Translation Ready!

All files are ready for translation. The WPML translation plugin is fully supported! Easily translate the plugin and your Improved Sale Badges into any language! Spanish language file included. The plugins comes with .MO and .PO files included, as well as instructions for translating it into any language.

Works with every template! (Sale Badge Actions included)

The Improved Sale Badges for WooCommerce works with every Wordpress template that supports WooCommerce shop. If your theme doesn’t follow the WooCommerce standards and the badges don?t appear, you can always use the provided actions to insert them manually!


+ Improved Badges for WooCommerce 3.3.0 - 20. November 2018.
- added 2 bordered style custom badges
- added 9 bordered sale badges
- removed full changelog from documentation
+ Improved Badges for WooCommerce 3.2.3 - 2. November 2018.
- added WooCommerce 3.5.1 support
+ Improved Badges for WooCommerce 3.2.2 - 25. October 2018.
- added WooCommerce 3.5.0 support
+ Improved Sale Badges for WooCommerce 3.2.1 - 21. September 2018.
- added export/import, backup/restore and reset options
+ Improved Sale Badges for WooCommerce 3.2.0 - 10. August 2018.
- removed automatic updates and registration! to get automatic updates from WordPress Dashboard use the Envato Market ( plugin
- updated admin panel to 1.0.7
- updated and improved plugin documentation
+ Improved Sale Badges for WooCommerce 3.1.2 - 24. May 2018.
- updated admin panel to 1.0.6
+ Improved Sale Badges for WooCommerce 3.1.1 - 5. May 2018.
- fixed warning: a non-numeric value encountered in wp-content/plugins/improved-sale-badges/woocommerce/loop/sale-flash.php on line 96
- fixed spanish translation ahore to ahorre
- updated admin panel to 1.0.5
+ Improved Sale Badges for WooCommerce 3.1.0 - 21. April 2018.
- added controls for sale timers/countdowns, display and time adjustment
- fixed admin problems with saving/ordering presets
- fixed admin option names not set
- updated admin panel to 1.0.4
+ Improved Sale Badges for WooCommerce 3.0.2 - 31. March 2018.
- fixed admin issues in general
- fixed new badge period/preset bugs and issues
- fixed ordering badge presets and overrides recent issues
- fixed removing presets/overrides admin issues
- fixed admin settings load
+ Improved Sale Badges for WooCommerce 3.0.1 - 18. March 2018.
- added [ib_badge] shortcode! insert a badge anywhere!
- fixed purchase code/registration issues
+ Improved Sale Badges for WooCommerce 3.0.0 - 9. January 2018.
- added completely new admin panel! developed to suit the performance and precision standards of all plugins! you will love it <img src="/images/smileys/happy.png" alt=" :)" title=" :)" /> expect quicker load times in all WP pages!
+ Improved Sale Badges for WooCommerce 2.5.3 - 20. December 2017.
- fixed rtl support
- fixed automatic updates not working
+ Improved Sale Badges for WooCommerce 2.5.2 - 21. November 2017.
- fixed time zones and sale counters
- removed admin translations entirely
- fine tuned some specific theme installations, check yours!
+ Improved Sale Badges for WooCommerce 2.5.1 - 17. August 2017.
- fixed default badge font-family CSS fix
- fixed featured badges and overrides issues
- fixed saving when removing overrides bugs
- fixed fixed notice for missing badge option, bug fix isb-frontend.php
+ Improved Sale Badges for WooCommerce 2.5.0 - 20. June 2017.
- added sale badge presets, save, load and assign badges as presets!
- added sale badge conditions, featured, new products, product tag and category dependable badges
- added new responsive badge group with 10 brand new SVG badges
- added badge preset support on single products
- added plugins scripts option to fix quick view issues
- fixed WC 3.0.x compatibility variable single product sale badge tab
- fixed variable sale badge, scripts not loading
- fixed translation d and days in counters
- fixed 0days not shown anymore in timers
- fixed non single product enabled overrides and $curr_badge issues
- fixed preview not switching from special badge in isb options
- fixed all scripts
+ Improved Sale Badges for WooCommerce 2.4.2 - 9. April 2017.
- WooCommerce 3.0.0 compatibility
+ Improved Sale Badges for WooCommerce 2.4.0 - 13. June 2016.
- added full plugin translations in french, spanish, italian, german and dutch
- added 3 new svg badges! candy, candy arrow and cloud
- added installation actions and priorities and sale-flash.php template override checkbox
- improved documentation and added specific theme installations for popular themes such as avada, atelier, betheme, bridge, divi, enfold, flatsome, listify, legenda, salient, the 7, x theme
- fixed a few bugs
+ Improved Sale Badges for WooCommerce 2.3.0
- added automatic updates! enter your purchase code to get automatic updates!
- added 3 new badges! the standardized CSS EU badges
- improved documentation!
- fixed a few bugs
+ Improved Sale Badges for WooCommerce 2.2.0
- added 7 new sale badge styles including transparent, transparent #2, random squares, fresh #2, valentine, cool and triangle!
- added 1 new special badge style! ribbon!
- fixed variable products not showing sale badge without selecting the variation
- fixed single product right position badges
+ Improved Sale Badges for WooCommerce 2.1.1
- added actions for manual installation
- fixed a few bugs
- fixed translations
+ Improved Sale Badges for WooCommerce 2.1.0
- added Spanish translation
- added wpml-config.xml file for easier translations
- improved plugin documentation
- fixed major bugs from previous versions
+ Improved Sale Badges for WooCommerce 2.0.1
- fixed external/affiliate product support
- fixed single product notices
- fixed single variable product badges
+ Improved Sale Badges for WooCommerce 2.0.0
- added WooCommerce schedule sale support
- added all sale badges now support scheduled sales
- added custom label badges! three new styles for the custom labels, Plain, Arrow and Big Badge
- added two new styles for the sale badges, Modern and Pure
- added 15 trending colors
- fixed z-index issues on sale badges
- fixed AJAX previews
- ..and a lot more
+ Improved Sale Badges for WooCommerce 1.1.0
- added variable product sale badges support
- added actions for inserting sale badge templates into themes that do not support the default WooCommerce standards
- fixed default sale badge override bug
+ Improved Sale Badges for WooCommerce 1.0.2
- fixed single products sale badge bug
+ Improved Sale Badges for WooCommerce 1.0.1
- added single product badge override
- added 3 new presets

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