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Nice work, GLWS! :)

good work, had to delete it and re download it. works fine.


No Ads seem to be showing, any idea why? And also how to resolve it?


nvm sorted it.


Do you have the app live on the App Store that I can check out?

I cant seem to get revmob testing mode ads to show. Do I need to add any methods or change any variables to show ads?

You have to edit the code to enable that. It is a lot easier to just use real ads because the game is ready. Thank you for your purchase.

Great, thank you. So to run real ads all I need to do is in constants change RevMob to = 1 and then it’s ready to go?

yes, you also need to provide ur admob information :)

is there a way to remove the ”+” button in the game menu redirecting to your apps collection in the AppStore?

got it, no worries! thanks for the good work


Build failed on Xcode 6.3.2: “Singleton.swift:9:8: Cannot load module ‘SpriteKit’ as ‘Spritekit’”. Can you please fix this

Cannot load module ‘SpriteKit’ as ‘Spritekit’

When i try to run the project it says “Xcode cannot run using the selected device” even for the simulator

I have some errors… Can you contact please ASAP

Xcode forces you to update the Swift which breaks the app. It cannot be built anymore.