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Eclipse or Studio

When you export the game from buildbox it’s actually comes with Eclipse files , but you can also import eclipse project into android studio . see this video . which will show you how to do it :

hi, is the bb file included? and how many levels/sections are there?

what does bb stands for ?! . There are 9 sections , and you can add many of the sections as much as you want easily just drag and drop .

Have you a ios version????

actually you can export this game into xcode , because it made by buildbox .

Buildbox gives an opportunity to export the game into many platform such as android, ios, windows desktop , OSX, windows store…ect.

After you done all the game editing , go to file – export – choose ios , then the game will be exported into xCode files .

here’s a video on how to do that :

good luck with sales.

Thanks :D

is it possible to disable “in app purchase” ?

Yes you can first go to the menu editor > double click on the pause Screen => Then delete the no-ad button .

as showing in the image below :

thank you man, is this is applicable in eclipse ?

This game made by buildbox , so after you done all editing you can export the game as android platform, then you will be able to import it into eclipse, also you can import eclipse project into android studio.

This video below will show you how to export the game from buildbox and import it into eclipse, also inside this item you will find a tutorial will help you to clear understanding : -

And this video will show you how to import eclipse project into android studio : -

I purchased this source code. But when i extract downloaded zip file it gives error. Seems like zip file is corrupt. Please send me a working link

Give me your email address if the problem was not solved .

It worked with 7zipX. Thanks

Your welcome .

is the buildbox file included?

Yes off course , you will find it at file called “CODE – Import me in BuildBox”

Thanks! what is the BUILDBOX version? is it 1.3.6 or the latest 2.0

It’s 1.3.5

Hello, I’m interested in buying it, however can I ask you for custom modifications? It’s okay if it’s paid modifications.

Thank you

Yes you can edit everything inside this game as long as you wish so , also there’s a tutorial inside this game that will show you how to edit this game .

if you have any question feel free to ask me

Thanks :) Also is it possible for you to make changes for me? :) if needed I can pay :)

I will try my best , but i can do that after 3 weeks from now , because i’m too busy during this time .

Thank you for trust :)

Nice Game Bro :D Good Luck

Thanks bro

If I purchase this game, will there any Copyright issue in Google Play after upload or will I face any legal issues ? Please reply for this

Hello Sachnipep,

There is not any Copyright issue in this game, so feel free to upload it .

Here’s my game link to make sure that there isn’t any Copyright issue :-

Hi fyodor,

Thanks for purchase.

Try to download the latest version of the 7zip

here’s the latest version of the program links :-

For windows x32 : For windows x64 : For mac :

I buy this game and I like that you help send me the games eclipse project I connate nothing buildbox

We have seen your app and we are interested in it but we want some to ask something, can we modify and update it as per our needs and resell to our customers? If so which license is required to do so?

Leader board is not working. i cant delete no ads button. please help me. my mail adress is


Thanks for Purchased.\

Read the documentation to be able to setup the leaderboard.

And the leaderBoard Needs to be published in the google play. and also you must publish the game after you publish the leaderBoard.

To delete no ads button, all you have to do is to delete in app purchase button for the project inside buildbox.

Kindest Regards,


hello , i bought , but after edit it and export apk file from eclips and upload it to google console , they refuse and said there is security problem , please help

Hi rajwa ,

Thanks for purchased ,

The problem is that you needs to upgrade the buildbox software into 2.2.4 or above .

i did , it is can not upload it and win from it , i just lose :(

we all lose sometimes… but don’t stop and try again until you success….. wish u best of luck

Hi, I don’t have Buildbox so could I use eclipse or Android Studio if I’d buy this game?

Hi, no, you needs buildbox to edit the game. eclipse is just a way to export .apk file .

Kindest regards, Gohan

is the game fully changeable and do you offer customer support

Hi Kwinchi,

Thanks for Purchased. Yes this game is fully changeable, read the documentation it will show you how.

i am offering customer support if there any issue with the source.

Hello, video after every 3 crash is admob or chartboost? thanks


Both companies have video ads