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Bought the code. Thank you, it has been a great learning experience. :)

Question for you – Is it possible to change the background color?


Hello and thank you for your purchase! You can change the color from the storyboard.

Hey Vikor,

I have had great experiances with you and your development team in the past few months. I am wondering if you will be availbale to create a custom app for me. I already have the complete flow chart, just need a quote. Whats your best email? Thanks!

Hello, You can send me an email to axelsyrex@gmail.com .

Whats your Skype?

Check your email.

Hi, i implemented a “Rate me ” into app, it will show on splash screen a pop up who invite user to rate your app ! It can rate it or not show again the pop up and it can show rate pop up later. Ask me if you want it ! It will be great for next update to implement it ! Link video : http://youtu.be/SWbTjeIXZ1Q

Contact me if you want i implement it into your app !

Hi, Thank you for the suggestion.

When reskinning, do I need to do anything in order for the in app purchase to work? For instance, the “in app purchase” tab in iTunes connect, do I need to do anything with that or anything?

From iTunes Connect

Sweet! Where do I get the code from, and where do I have to put it at in Xcode?

The Apple documentation says it all : https://developer.apple.com/library/ios/qa/qa1329/_index.html .
To put it in the game please refer to the documentation that can be find in the folder that you downloaded from CodeCanyon.

Hi, why there is no ads showing on the game?

It suppose to show an ad everytime the user loses am I right? But it doesnt show any interstitial ad at all. please help!

One more question: We can only choose one AD network at a time right? By Choosing static Interstitial const kInterstitial = ChartboostInterstitial; means I am using the Chartboost network am i right?

Make sure you have put correct chartboost ID, then check if you enabled TEST interstitials and have in mind that Chartboost test ads are not showing every time.
You can use only one interstitial at a time.

Hey Viktor,

For some reason my tapSound is playing when the errorSound should be. How can I fix this?


Hey, Have you changed anything?

Yes, I have only changed the sounds. Why would it not work? Would editing the storyboard affect it? I have moved some of the images but that is all

Probably you have not update the names in the Constants file.

Hi from where i can get this number //Rate app link static NSString* const kRateAppID =??????

Yes App ID.


what i have to be select advertising identifier in next photo

???? ????? ?????

You need to pick the first one.


what i have to be select advertising identifier in next photo

???? ????? ?????

You need to pick the first one.
Do not repost the same question!

Where the first question on this subject in order to say they do not repeat the same question ???????? Written by mistake in a reply and then I wrote as a comment Where’s the problem?... I’ve read you some of the answers in all your code and you do not respect the customer For example, you respond to customer says this is the last warning do not write the capital latter Why ?? is a free writes whatever he wants and me2 We paid the money and you should be clear in your answer I bought All your codes and all the are not clear documentation Stay respectable even slightly

Posting the same question twice is considered a spam, you can read it in Envato rules and I do not know why you think this is a problem. I do not know why you get so angry, I am just following the procedure in such cases. Writing in capital letters is considired offensive to us and when we are respecting our clients and supporting them we expect them to respect us as well.
Every code that we sell has a documentation file and almost always a video tutorial and I do not find your comment objective, because the quality of our work is rated with the highest possible rating from 163 customers.

Hi. How can I disable Game Center?

Hi, Yes you can in ViewController.m comment line number 48 :)

For when the Swift 2 release?

I dont know what you mean, because the game is written in Obj C.

Do you have plans to migrate to Swift 2.0?

Not at this moment

My coder says: Chfile.h not found . What is this about? Please help.

Are you using latest xcode? If you are running on a real device did you change the provisioning profile to match your developer account?

Yes and yes , any other idea?

There is no such error in the project. Can you make me a video and send it to axelsyrex@gmail.com

(1) If I buy you app will you help me to publish it on apple store because I don’t have idea on how to do it? (2) How does in-app purchase work?

does this include android source code too ? do you offer it?