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Great Games :)
I have questions
Games Import on Android Studio and document tutorial ??

I do not have skype
I’m contacting you via email ??
my email Tana360@gmail.com

Thank you for great support ;)

You are welcome

hello can you tell me please how to modify C beacause it’s locked !

Thank you

What do you mean with locked?

Hello, good game :), does the game speed up with points can u please add 2 cars 4 roads ! so people can play with two cars in the same time ! GLWS Best regards

Hello, yes, speed is increased when you get score.

The game you talk about is Drive Them (you can find it in my portfolio). If you want to join both, I could do it, I wouldn’t charge you a lot. You can contact me by skype (guillocrack) or by email (guillocrackdeveloper@gmail.com).


thank you so much i added you yesterday in my Skype,

I accepted you ;)

Thank you!

hi guillocrack nice game are you AppNoXious ?

Thank you. No I am not AppNoXious

okay then i think he copy your games

Hi, I have just purchased this product and like Thana, I am having exactly the same error. Can you help?

Add me to skype, my username is guillocrack. I am now online

Sorry, I don’t have skype :) Could you email me? djmaddmaxx@gmail.com

I have just sent you an email.

Can you add in app purchase to remove ads? Are you currently available for customizations?

Yes, I am available for customizations. Write me to guillocrackdeveloper@gmail.com

hi. please i need your help. i added you on skype but you didnt accept me :) roger.redvanovsky

hi i would like to buy your apps please email me : johnsdr4@ gmail.com

Hi guillocrack , i tried to contact you in Skype but no reply ! in fact; i have a probleme with the code source , i hope you can help me look here : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-stncoRRWQJb1dEdHl5czBkbjA/view?usp=sharing

this is my skype (valaa_4@hotmail.com)

thank you

What version android app support?? And why I import app in android studio then Error “Cannot set the value of read-only property ‘jniFolders’ on task ’:android:packageDebug’.” How I do fix it?

Can i use eclipse to reskin ?

Can you give me the app with reskin???