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Is your plugin limited to Customers, Orders and Coupons import/export? How about product import/export?

I am looking for a plugin that can import and export hundreds or even thousands of products in woocommerce.

Hope to hear from you!


Dear team,

No limit of Customers,Orders and Coupons import/export.

Product Import/Exports not there in this module.We are working on for creating plugin for import/export products.


I bought this plugin but it is not working with Woocommerce. Please refund me.

Hello Team,

Please post ticket on support.Please share store credtail FTP and Admin for checking issue. We will check issue and update you ASAP.

Support URL-


Hi, i have to download 3000 coupon codes from an excel file and apply it for one or two products. Is it possible? thanks

Yes sir, They can pass the multiple Product ID with comma separated.

Hi, where can i find the documentation for coupons import? I d like to know the signification of some cells that you provide in sample..

PRESALE QUESTION: I´m migrating my entire store to a new wordpress installation, I want to import all the completed orders so the customers doesn´t lose their orders and can download the digital products they bought… Is this possible with this plugin? Thanks in advance

Yes,You can import and export customers orders and customers.


Hi, import is ok from the google sheet except the name of the product that didn’t copy… Could you help me to fix it? I’ve tried also to put the number of the product (post), but nope… regards,


Hello David,

Hope you are doing good,

I had replied on ticket,please share necessary detail mention on ticket,we will check issue and update you ASAP.



juvo Purchased

I tried to export all the customers but it is not importing the customers password.

Hello Juvo,

Hope you are doing good,

Please submit your ticket on support.We will check and update you ASAP.



KateCC Purchased

I purchased this 3 days ago. I cant upload more than 400 records at a time and it has lost loads of reacords which ive had to manually find. I have thoughsands more to upload and this doesnt work. Id like to be refunded please

Hello Kate,

Hope you are doing good,

Please submit detail on ticket.Our support team will fix issue ASAP.


Doesnt work at all.. the customer import is a mess. orders didn´t even work. Would like to get my money back.

Hello team,

Please share detail on support.We will check and update you.

Support URL-


Problems with multisite? I tried importing into a single within the network but it gives permission error in a php file ou don’t have permission to access /wp-content/plugins/import-export-order-customer-csv/includes/export_csv_file.php on this server.

Thanks for your help

Your plugin did not work. It is possible to see in most other reviews, it does not work for most people.

My refund was denied even though I complained the same day I bought it and noticed it was not ready. I had to spend money on someone else.

It’s shameful, it will make me stop using Themeforest / Envato and I just want to come back here to remind you and your possible buyers that your product is a boring one and does not respect the consumer, even if they do not use the plugin, Your desired refund.

Dear team,

I have told you please post ticket on support.We will check issue and fixed It.


The idea of buying a plugin like this is to use it in an emergency, so the same day I had to buy another one that solved my problem on time, not yours. Your reply came only 3 days later! And I see you do not listen to other people. I want my money back, OK?? Thank you

Hi. It export/import attributes too?

Can you explain more about attributes.All woocommerce attributes export/import successfully.

Hi, my client have a pre purchase question, I have may physical store and using a ERP software, can he import customer, order details, products, etc into wordpress via this plugin? also can I customize it if required?

Hello Team,

Plugin works with woocommerce.If you have installed wordpress with woocommerce then plugin will work.


Looking to purchase. Can you tell me if all customer user data is migrated? My customers are granted access to an online course that remembers their progress. I’d want to make sure that information is also migrated. Their user role is customer only.

Online course is the plugin that you are using in your website? We can not synchronize another plugin with this. It will only export customer/orders/coupons from one website and you can import it into other website.Export/Import file structure is different.

Is it compatible with Woocommerce 3?

yes,it is compatible with woocommerce 3.0.

Can’t get this plug in to work. Exports fine…import doesn’t work.


Hope you are doing well.

Please can you raise your ticket

Your live demo links to a local address – on here and your main website!!


please use below the link :

User name : admin Password : 12345678

Thanks, I was trying to get the import to work using the exported details with extra orders added but the import template is considerably different from the export format, this is probably why people are saying it does not work, Also there is no error checking or reporting back to the user why it has not worked. I would add the function of header mapping to make it easier to see whats going on. I may purchase once it’s easier to use.


Thank you for your feedback.

let me check the issue with the team.

You can also contact me on Skype ID : amandeepk_softprodigy

Email ID :

I see last update was just over 4 months ago.. Is this compatible with the latest WP and WooCommerce versions ?


yes its compatible with WP and Woocommerce

Hi there,

I think your plugin is what I need but I would like to make sure :)

I need to move all customers and orders (no coupons) to my new woocommerce website, will the plugin do this export and then import?

Also is compatible with woocommerce 3.0.9 ?



yes its does support import order and customer you can just export data from current site and import to your new site.

yes it should compatible with this version. If you face any issue regarding installation we will fix it.

You can also buy from our site in same price. :)

Hello, is this plugin compatible with WPML?


I have used your plugin to export customers and import them in another shop. The export went flawless, but the import gives me the following errors for every line.

Warning: in_array() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given in (..)/public_html/wp-content/plugins/import-export-order-customer-csv/includes/import_csv_files.php on line 88

Warning: in_array() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given in (..)/public_html/wp-content/plugins/import-export-order-customer-csv/includes/import_csv_files.php on line 105


grupocws Purchased

I have problems with the plugin, when the active one stops working all the functions of the wp-admin of javascript. I can not add media within an entry, nor tags, what can I do? What’s going on ? How can I solve that.

Thank you very much.