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How to add language string in language array in wowonder v1.4?

Open your language file as mention in documentation,

notepad++ user,find code line:881,put comma ”,”

now, paste string for gmail invite, i.e.

'gmailinvite' => 'Invite Gmail friends'

If you wish to add more language strings,first add ”,” then add new string below that string.

How to add gmail invite option in header drop-down menu in wowonder v1.4

As I mention in documentation, open Folder’s path>script\themes\wowonder\layout\header\add this code in loggedin-header.phtml.txt

then,copy code and paste into your own theme’s loggedin-header.phtml on server root>> file’s path>>> \themes\wowonder\layout\header\loggedin-header.phtml

To do this, find code line:190 using notepad++>>>

i.e. <li><hr /></li> then paste code i.e. <li> <a href=""> <i class="fa fa-users fa-fw" /><?php echo $wo['lang']['gmailinvite']; ?> </a> </li> save changes.

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