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ajax tab is showing however there is not form or way to upload or drag and drop files in the ajax tab or ajax uploader. I am using php 5.6

works with php5 but with php7 we get 500 internal error

The script it’s a bit outdated, I will work on it very soon and bring a new update so it’s compatible with latest PHP versions + design improvements. Have a good day and thank you for your purchase!

When should we receive update. Also can you fix the ajax loader and if its not to much to ask can you add a jquery loader and options to remove the different upload tabs

Ajax Loader does not work. Ajax tab No upload form

Any news on an update? Would like to purchase this! :)

In two weeks I will release an update.

“In two weeks I will release an update.”

Eagerly waiting for the update. I put on hold my project to check/buy your new script. :)

Mr Zamfi, any news on update? been 2 weeks exactly. Checking this page everyday. Thank you.

Possible to provide little update on the new version so I can wait. Thinking of getting ximage* script.

how to add a multi server in this script?

i need help


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you waste my money i want it back

Hello, I’m looking to purchase this script, any info on when you’ll release the new update? I’m assuming it’s a big update and hopefully a re-design of the script as the current way it looks is awful. You said 4 months ago it’ll be released in 2 weeks. Please let me know thanks!

Hi, When will the new update? Thank you

hey! how can I see demo?

hi, no update?

How to disable captcha?


I have created a new version from this old script. Fix all bugs and make improvements:

  • Compatible with PHP7.2
  • Fixed Captcha
  • Uploading files without Flash (HTML5 MultiFile)
  • Real Affiliate System
  • Fixed MultiServer FTP
  • Improved option to moderate images
  • Cleaned up trash code
  • New Ips geolocation system
  • Cloudflare Ips Resolver

And more!

Besides I keep updating it since I use it for my own hosting.

If you want more information: or