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Hi, I created a ssl-certificate, but the redirect from http in .htaccess file is not working, why?

p.s. Redirect like this RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{HTTPS} =off RewriteRule (.*) https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [QSA,L]

contact me using my profile page to see if i can help you with this

How to make any page (About for example) as “Not active”?

right now you’d have to enter the database manually and enter the table for pages and set the active value to 0 to deactivate it. I know it’s not bestway to do it, but when I was making the script I forgot to add this option to do it in the backend. I’ll add option for it soon :)

it will be great if we have option to add logo and social login

if I see increase in the sales I’ll add these features :)

Would it be possible to have this app post to a WordPress blog and gallery? How does integration work?

sorry no intregration with wordpress and automatically posting to wordpress, only manually

HELLO , is that possible to admin give approve first on user image upload ?

imagine user uploads 1000 of images a hour? Would you have time to approve all of them? Probably not so I never implemented such a feature to begin with

Everything works great with 1.1.6 and I am trying to update to 1.4.1 from the backend Update function. However, the update is stuck with this text:

Updating… Downloading zip file.

Any ideas to unblock? Where is the .zip trying to download to, it may be a permissions issue.

Thank you,

John K.

Currently hosted on a dedicated Ubuntu server with Composer 1.2.2 installed. Everything else works perfectly, I’m only unable to complete the update.

I can’t be sure what the problem could be. I can only suggest to download the latest files from codecanyon, upload everything to server, then ssh into it and run this command: php artisan db:seed —class=UpdateSeeder that should update to latest version

Hi there, I had a question before I purchase. Is there an option already implemented or is it possible to add the feature to drag and drop a picture and upload it on the front page? Right now you have to click on Upload in order to do that.

Also is there a way to automatically upload when you drag the file instead of clicking a button?


Never mind, got no reply so I bought another software. Thanks anyway.

It seems like last update is a step backward. It doesn’t look good on mobile, it’s possible to scroll horizontally, also title is in one line and the menu button in another.

got any screenshots? Last update did not update anything on the frontend

maybe you are right, it’s not last update, its update before that that may have messed something up.

i will mail you some screenshots.

I buy it, but just cannot run it… Need a help…. please


sheome Purchased

hello, where can I find server requirements please? Its not in downloaded documentation.


sheome Purchased

Will it work on LEMP?


sheome Purchased

So I installed it on lemp, no error and problems during install. But after install there is 403 forbidden error. What can I do?


sheome Purchased

on LAMP it is showing “Index of /” page

Hi there we are looking into your script and like to ask is there any external storage like aws s3

is this something you can add into your script

and also on mobile phone if you take a photo in portrait it uploads in landscape and if its took in landscape it uploads upside down