imgshare image hosting and sharing script

imgshare image hosting and sharing script

imgshare image hosting and sharing script

It’s possible to run this script on shared hosting.

Item Description

Imgshare is a image hosting and sharing Laravel 5.3 application. It is inspired by

Features: Visitors can upload images anonymously and get short links for uploaded images. Visitors can also register and upload and if they want share their uploads with the community.

Shared uploads which are called albums can be commented on, voted on and favorited. Albums can be named, images can be named and given description. There is inifinite scrolling for albums and for comments. Comments can be voted on as well. Each registered user can vote, favorite and comment albums. They can create their own albums and upload images to them. These albums can either be private or public and can be shared with the community.

There is also admin area where albums and images can be inspected and deleted. To test it enter and ‘123456’ when visiting and trying to login.

After login click on admin username in the right upper area. Dropdown list will show and it will take you to the admin area.

Implemented custom css functionallity in the backend. Now it’s possible to use your own css to change fonts, colors, etc in the backend.

Updated css allowing for longer website name without breaking to next line when longer name is used.

Fixed a bug with watermark where if animated gif is uploaded and watermark is applied gif is stripped of animation. Now no watermarks are applied to animated gifs. Also small update to documentation.

Added facebook meta tags for album and image pages for better integration with facebook when posting a link on the facebook.

Added watermark support.

Implemented password reset

Added search functionallity for the frontpage. You can search by album title, tag or search for any user. Added possibility to add more images to already existing album. Added image popup on published albums. Added embed functionallity for published albums.

Added search functionallity in the admin for albums, images, comments and removal requests. Fixed manual update bugs. Fixed many other bugs.

Improved responsivnes of the ImgShare, now when viewing from mobile device or tablet frontpage looks better.

Improved update functionallity. Added new settings for uploads. Now you can limit how many files can be uploaded at once and max size of each file. Made upload popup more beautiful and nicer looking with messages how many files can be uploaded at once and max file size.

Improved SEO. Now when you view an album webpage Title is set to albums title, for example “This is nice album title – ImgShare”. Also when google spider views the album page the meta tag for description has content set to for example “Album with topic Gaming uploaded by robynkassulke. Album Title follows here”. Same is for the image page, user page etc.

Improved popularity ranking. Popularity tries to show the visitor the most popular albums for today. Albums are sorted by views and then points. First version of popularity ranking just checked for today’s post and if there weren’t any nothing was displayed to visitor. Updated version of popularity checks if there are no posts that were published today it tries to get the most popular posts for this week and if there aren’t any it tries to get most popular posts for the whole month. This is good for new websites that don’t have that many users as there will allways be something to show to the visitors.

Added support for topics, users can now choose a topic before they share an album. Topics links can also be choosen on frontpage so users can sort albums based on topics or most viral images.

Sorting functionallity has been added to the frontpage. Now users can sort after topics, most viral images, popularity, random images, newest and so on.

Video to gif functionallity has been added.

Meme generation added, it’s now possible to upload meme templates through admin area. When generating new meme user can choose between predefined templates or upload a new background. It’s possible to position text, set font color and size set font outline size and color as well.

This update is now on codecanyon.

Added SEO option for published albums so links now look like this check under Settings/Seo Added Pagination option for frontpage, two different options infinite scrolling or links check under Settings/Pagination Added Site settings like website name, title, description, keywords and contact email address used when someone contacts you using contact page Added sitemap for albums, images, users and tags check here Sitemaps are cached for 10 minutes, you can change this time under Settings/Sitemap Added support for google analytics, you can enter code under Settings/Google Analytics Added support for ads, above album/image, sidebar on album/image pages and above comments, check Settings/Ads Added social sharing, support for as many networks as you want, able to design change looks of sharing icons Added support for pages about, contact us, terms of service, privacy policy, request deletion, blog and forum, last two are comming in future updates, you are able to decide position of pages when they appear on page under Pages/Order Added support for request deletion, check form here Request Deletion administration added to admin area, where you can close them and save what you did and why you did something, check under Requests Added preliminary support for tags, in next update users will be able to tag albums, you are able to define your own tags Added support for reporting of albums and comments, you can define your own report options that users will see, check under Reports/Reports Editor, you can decide what happens to reported material, do nothing/ban/delete user, do nothing/delete/unpublish album Added update so you can update easily from admin when there is new version available, be sure to backup everyting before updating just in case anything goes wrong Added support for linkifying images in comments, so if you post an image link in comments it will turn into a link and users will be able to preview it by hovering over it, just like on imgur. Only images comming from imgur and your own site will turn into image links for security reasons.