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Demo down!

Would like to see this :)

We’ll make a new demo on our servers asap! Stay tuned! :-) Thanks for the feedback!

please check the Item details, there’s a new Live Demo link! Thanks!

Cheers – looks great now :)

Check your server configuration on demo server mate. I went to see your demo and actually downloaded the whole imgresize.php with the code. Something is wrong with your server configuration. “Ne add el a munkad ingyen :)”

Thanks Buddy, we see it now! :-) Make a new demo on our servers asap! Thanks again!

please check the Item details, there’s a new Live Demo link! Thanks!

hi where is the demo link ? regads

hi Buddy! Please check back within 1 hour, we will make a new demo link! Thanks, regards!

please check the Item details, there’s a new Live Demo link! Thanks!

Hi, you would help in the installation? or you provide a manual to connect to the database

yes, the script comes with a step-by-step installation guide!

Very useful script, good luck with sales! :)

Thank you! :)

Nice work, GLWS! :)

Thanks! :)

Works great, inly 1 little problem. You have to put a log file in the map, add this to your documentation. Thx

Thanks for the purchase & feedback. We will add this to the next release.

Great.. can you modify your script like this picresize[.]com without login/reg feature.. simple & free for public :). thx

Dear yinkira!

We think that this basic “login” is mandatory – as without it everyone could easily resize all images on your webpage (who finds the script). As it can be done without saving the original ones, it can result very bad things and we would like to avoid any misuse of our script.

Regards, DD

Dear DiffDev

Unable to resize images
Added to proper directory, See’s all my folders. But LIST button grayed out and when I select RESIZE nothing happens

Please Help FrankD

Hi, have you set the desired width or height for the images? You should start with that. Right after setting it, “LIST” should be enabled.

No Deal. See’s the folders but not the images. No errors messages. Just not working.

It lists only those files which are larger than the given width / height. You should try with a relatively small number eg. 10px. If it doesn’t work out please send the link to us via the message form here, so we can take a look at it.

Hi. Great product. I’m running Magento and I’m trying to resize images in the media directory. For some reason I can only get the script to work five sub-directories down in a backup directory of our site. The script runs in the production root but doesn’t show any sub-directories. Anywhere else, outside the backup directory I just get a 404 error. I’ve checked the permissions and nothing seems out of place. Do you have any ideas why this is happening?


Hi gkruger,

thank you for the purchase! Please give us a little time to try it out and get back to you with a possible solution. At first sigth I think this might be a .htaccess related issue in Magento. In the mean time could you please check your PHP / Apahce logs for any specific error?

Thanks :)



It was indeed the .htaccess file in the media directory. I renamed the .htaccess file and the script works now. I just don’t know what in the file caused the problem!


Well, it’s quite a complex one. Right now the workaround is to rename the .htaccess during the process… We’ll address this in a future release.

hey dude, make a php class to resize and cache on fly, probably its alredy exist on your script, so maybe you can sale it. http://codecanyon.net/forums/thread/need-a-image-cacheresize-php-class/156259?page=1&message_id=1191960#1191960

Thanks for the tip, but there are quite a few solutions for that. Our aim is a bit different. :)

WOW can this be made in to a Wordpress plugin? There is nothing out there that does this job. I have a photography website and oversized images are often uploaded. Would be great if this as a plugin could reduce images on upload to a desired max size.

Dear idurston, sure it can, but it would take some time… :) I believe you can use it with Wordpress if you have ftp access to your site, by simply uploading it to the media folder. As I know there are some other solutions that create different thumbnails upon uploading (maybe these come with 3rd party templates…) or at least we have this functionality on some of our WP sites.

Ok, well as im no coder, how do I do that? I have Dreamweaver CC and have FTP access as ive had to remove troublesome plugins that way, but how would i implement yours? And where would I set the settings if it doesnt have a plugin settings page or GUI?

You can simply upload the zip file to your site’s wp-content/uploads folder. Once it’s there unzip it (or unzip before upload and upload all files). Then you can reach it via http://mywpsite.com/uploads/wp-content/imgresize.php. This will bring up the tool itself – the GUI as you said. :) Just tried it out on one of our WP sites and working like a charm.

Hi, Does your script optimise the resized pictures ? Regards


sorry for the delay, everyone is out till next year. The quick answer is yes – it uses the PHP default of 75 (%) when converting images. You can alter this, by adding a third parameter (0-100) to imgr_func.php, line 184 [imagejpeg($base, $filename)].

Hope this helps!

Hi, The script does not keep the image ratio if we specify only width or height. Could you please tell me how to fix it ? Regards

So if i have a picture 600×800 and want width 300. How can I get the with 300 with the option “Bigger”?

Well, that is not possible at the moment. Forwarded this to our devs, I think we can put a checkbox in the Fixed section which will maintain aspect ratio.

That will be good. That’s a must have option. We are waiting for the update

Was the below ever fixed? Why wasn’t this feature added if it’s a must have? “Well, that is not possible at the moment. Forwarded this to our devs, I think we can put a checkbox in the Fixed section which will maintain aspect ratio.”