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Very useful item, well done WhoWP! :)

Thanks @diank123, glad you like it. :)

thanks SRahayu :)

Hi, do you have one that is similar to snaggy.gy or prnt.sc

Hi isaac2k2,

To be clear, do you need the same functionality as the mentioned websites or you want the same look?

- Img Upload has even supreme functionality over prnt.sc, such as image resize, custom folder and backend monitoring.

- But if you want the same look as those sites, you’ll need a theme.

With some basic CSS, the upload form can be customized to look the same way. Hope this was helpful, cheers!

Hi and thanks for reply. I actually just need same functionality like snag.gy so one can simply crtl+v to past from clipboard. Have features to manage registered users and also how long images are theer for for non registered users.

img upload is good but lots of backend management and privacy issues.

So in simple words, i need same feature as snaggy but obvious different theme.

Just downloaded this and I do not see a function for adding a watermark.

Thats weird but I can see it happening if facebook changed their api once again..

Well I’m not in the office right now and I’m writing you from my cellphone so I can’t even check it. But I promise you that I’ll check it first thing monday and if it is as you say I might have to update the plugin.

I’ve writen down your mesaages and will test it. So if you find any other issues please mail me at hello@whowp.com and I’ll chech them all.


Hello again, I’ve tested the plugin and you’re right, the facebook sharing is messed up.

As I assumed, the facebook API was changed and now I first have to get familiar with the new API and than I’ll do the required modifications to the plugin.

I’ll try to do make this happen as soon as possible, so please be patient and you’ll get notified about the update. Cheers!

Sounds great!

Is there a way to make all the uploaded images go to one page? maybe like a gallery of some sort?

Hello, I can’t install this plugin. This is the message I received:

Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.


I would like to buy your plugin but i have few questions:

1- Can i create a form including file upload with the plugin ? 2- Is it possible to upload the uploaded files to different server than the WordPress hosting server (is it by providing ftp credentials in the settings)? 3- is it possible for the admin to see the original uploaded pictures but not the thumbnails? 4- if there are many users who upload the pictures, how is the admin see them in the admin area?are the pictures organised by username? 5- Does the plugin allow multiple selection upload?Also on mobile phone? – From all your wp plugin portofolio,which one do you recommend for me? Thanks