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Any plans for the Android version?

Yes, don’t know exactly when, but we’ll publish an Android version if this app too :) you may follow us on Twitter to stay updated, if you want.

will wait for the Android Studio Version, Thanks for the quick reply, Good luck with sales!

All right, don’t forget to follow us ;)

Any video or live version ?

we don’t publish our app templates on the App Store, usually, so we may take a preview video soon. Cheers!

Hi, if I plan to run just Admob banners, should I buy an extended license too?

No, as far as you’ll publish your app for FREE and without any InApp Purchase. Cheers!

Hello, I want to buy it and can pay you extra for custom modifications and make the apk ready to publish, would you do it?

Hi, this is an iOS app so it’s not possible to make apk file out of it, it’s not an Android app. Anyway, we’re currently not available for freelance works, sorry, too busy with urgent projects to get done.

Thank you, got it^^

you’re welcome


I Want to buy this code. Looking Nice. I have some doubts pls answer me.

1. 64 Bit Support

2. I need code without ads and without InAppPurchsase Can u provide?

3. Universal?

4. Bug Free?

1. Yes
2. There’s no inApp Purchase here, only AdMob banners. for customization requests please contact us by our profile’s contact form and we’ll get back to you asap with a quotation for it.
3. Yes
4. yes

Hello! Everything works good except in a ipad air, the memes is not centered on the picture, the bottom meme is more on the middle off the photo, and the top meme is not centered. Any suggestions?

i have not edited anything, just the icons and name. i will send you a screenshot now

we’ve checked your screenshot out, all views are centered in the screen’s width

Fixed it, an update should be available tomorrow and you should get an email from Envato

Does this support Vietnamese language? Thanks.

Hi, it should support all languages as far as you’ll replace the English texts and strings into your language

Hi There, short question ; where are the Pics stored localy or on Server. tnx . PS : Great App.

locally. thanks for your nice feedback :)

We’re going on vacation for the whole month of August 2016.
We are not available for freelance works, nor we can assure to reply to comments/messages promptly.
Happy summer!

Any plans to add to let users post the memes created on a wall using back4app as backend ?

not in this app, you may check CamFun though

IMPORTANT: Please do not update Xcode to version 8 yet, because it has a serious bug on Storyboard layout, it messes up with Views embedded in a Scrollview!
Keep using Xcode 7.3.1 with Swift 2.2, and don’t worry because this app will work perfectly on iOS 10

Is it possible to adjust the font size probably? Thanks.

font size of what label or textfield, the top and bottom memes? Anyway, you can always use the Attributes inspector panel in XCode to adjust font size for Labels and TextFields

Is it still recommended to remain on out dated code?

We’ve just updated this app to Xcode 8.1

Is the available download updated code or do I need to get that from you guys?

yes it’s available in your Downloads page ;)

Hi If I buy this code, can you add Interstitial Ads for me?

Hi, for customization requests please contact us by our profile’s contact form and we’ll get back to you assp

is it possible to adjust the font and the font size? The typical meme uses a font called “impact” I think and much bigger font size than seen in your screenshots, that is why I am asking.

Looking forward to your reply!

yes, you can search for impact ttf font and add it to the project and use it as default font

Hi, Instagram icon is missing from UIActivityViewController. How to fix this?

Thank you

Do you have Instagram installed on your device?

instagram does currently not support UIActivityController

So you should tap on Save Image and then enter Instagram and pick that image up from that app

I’m looking to purchase this code but have a few questions:

1 – Is it compatible with current Swift/Xcode versions
2 – Can it be used as an iOS keyboard extension or custom keyboard

1. Swift 4/Xcode 9.x
2. no