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Any watermark image option?

Hi, not in this app on CC, but if you want it as an extra customization job you may contact us by our profile’s contact form and we’ll get back to you with a quotation asap

Hi there could you please post a pdf file for me on how to insert an interstitial ad by AdMob. Thanks in advance

Hi, that would be an extra customization job we can do for you, please contact us by our profile’s contact form and we’ll get back to you asap with a quotation. Thanks!

seems I can’t find your details how to contact you I tried but nothing ?

Go here: http://codecanyon.net/user/fvimagination and scroll down to the contact form

extra customization job!!!!!!!!!!!

If you need it please contact us by our profile’s contact form and we’ll get back to you asap

hi 1.can run on eclipse or only android studio 2. all memes are internal images or read images on remote server

1. Android Studio
2. Internal images stored into the drawable folder

Does it have an option to save the created meme to gallery ?

How much images can I use as internal so that app doesn’t crash or increase its size ?

The app automatically saves the shared memes into Gallery, and if you use square images with nice jpg compression and a size of 400×300px, for example, you may insert up to 100 images

Will you add watermark to the app in the future or will that remain as a customization job option?

Thanks for your suggestion, we’ll think about it when we’ll be free, right now we’re super busy

Cool, I’ll favorite and follow the progress. It seems it would work well as an app for facebook/twitter/instagram fans to do selfie pics place a meme that could be shared. Big fanpage users would value it too.

Ok cool

Good luck with sales.

Thanks ;)

is this Interstitial Admobs include?

No, only AdMob banners. cheers!

Hi, developer. Please create app for text on pic… Like Quotes Creator App or Instaquote app Best regards.

Hi, we’re super busy lately, but it’s in our schedule, we’ll build it soon or later. Cheers!

Thanks for the reply., eager to buy., There’s lack of good app in that segment. will sell good. Will wait for it.

ok, thanks.

How do i import this to android studio? i’m getting this message.

“This project does not use the Gradle build system. We recommend that you migrate to using the Gradle build system.”

Anyone please help.

thank you…How can i PM

do you mean you want to contact us privately? You can do so by using the contact form in our profile’s page: http://codecanyon.net/user/fvimagination



is the font size and color changeable? How to change them?

Thank you

yes, the User Guide explains how to change the font, and you can set the color by the Attributes panel in Android Studio: textColor.

We’re going on vacation for the whole month of August 2016.
We are not available for freelance works, nor we can assure to reply to comments/messages promptly.
Happy summer!

hi if i purchase can you reskin and place admob unit…and give me finised apk i know its not free,,

we’re sorry but we’re currently not available for freelance work, you may buy the app and search for freelancers on Envato Studio ;)

you’re welcome

Hi how to change the position of the Text are at the picture ??? i try it in layout/create_mem.xml but i cant change the position

yes, it was a permissions issue ;)

ok thanks ;) have a nice Suny Monday. Greetings from germany

you too and please don’t forget to rate this app on your Downloads page: https://codecanyon.net/downloads ;)

Hello. I added 8 more backgrounds for a total of 20 and when I am using the app it seems to work until I scroll down on the page then it closes. any ideas? thanks.

please contact me by my profile’s contact form and send me a screenshot of your issue so i’ll check it out. thanks.

I mean I described it pretty well. When you click upload and select a picture from gallery OR take a picture from the camera, if the image or picture taken is a vertical orientation it rotates the picture a 1/4 turn clockwise so the image is landscape, sideways.

ok, but please still contact me by my profile’s contact form so i can give you a code to test and see if it works on your side

the download link to the Demo Apk is in the app description :)

I can’t install the android demo app, anyone have a solution?

1. what android version does your device have?
2. what is the alert you get on your device after trying to install the demo apk?