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New service is crap. Not as reliable as OMDB. They also seem to be looking for donations to fully use the service as well… So why not just stick to OMDB when it is cheaper. I setup an API and it always shows as invalid. I changed my password on my account profile and now i am locked out of my account. I try to get a new API key? Says i can only create one… I am now locked up with no data. I only request info on up to 4 movies for any given week… not a lot of requests at all… Very sad that OMDB was not left as an option as MyAPIFILMS sucks.

Also the support email for that service uses a GMAIL address… not professional at all and not something I trust.

Hi sulkrazy,

actually I didn’t switch over over to MyAPIFilms because I’m funny. From now on you have to pay in order to use OMDb’s service, it’s not free any more!

I’m going to re-add OMDb as an option but without being a paying customer, you won’t be able to use it anyway.

FYI: Released v4.1.0 of the plugin which brings back OMDb as an optional alternative for MyAPIFilms. Please be aware that in order to use OMDb to have to become a patreon (at least 1 USD per month).

So just a quick pre-sale question. I am not a coding nerd or really understand a lot of things easily – however was wondering how quick and simple this was to set up?

Hey SportInsider, you need absolutely no technical skills :-)

Just register on the API sites in order to receive your API key/token and use shortcodes in order to display boxes inside your WP post editor:

e.g. [imdb]http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3896198/[/imdb]

Unfortunately the plugin is not working properly anymore. What shall i do? Edit my whole cinema blog posts or wait for an update? Best, Eric www.Kinocast.net

Mh klappt bei mir problemlos: https://i.imgur.com/cpwQOmE.png

Kannst du mal versuchen den Cache zu löschen (Plugin-Einstellungen, Checkbox unten).

Ansonsten kann ich’s mir gerne mal live anschauen. Dafür müsstest du mir aber WP + FTP Zugang einrichten. Falls ja, gerne direkt über https://coder.flowdee.de/contact/ bei mir melden.

Ich weiß nicht, was Du gemacht hast, aber jetzt funktioniert es wieder ;-)

Haha eigtl. gar nix :-D Vielleicht war nur noch der alte/falsche Cache drin. Wenn’s nochmal auftaucht, melde dich gerne direkt bei mir.


There is the possibility of adding seasons and episodes of television programs.

My web is about TV shows and I need that information, otherwise I do not work the plugin.

Hey, series can be shown in the same way as movies:

If they are translated depends on the data on TMDb.org, nothing I can handle.

This http://prntscr.com/fg7rac Can not be translated?

In general it can. But in case of this episode the API simply doesn’t return the Spanish (?) text.


We did the update, – worked

We got a token, – worked

All posts with the imdb plugin, – worked


For the past couple days, the imdb plugin returns: “No movie data found”

We did a clear cache, clear image,

But still getting “No movie data found”,

Any thoughts on how to fix?


Hey, in order to check the movies, please send me some example imdb links. In case they are working on my site, it can be a server issue on your’s.

There is some way to correct this without having to delete all the cache, because if it does the whole site becomes slow


It would have to have an option to remove the cache of a single movie

Hey, you could install this plugin https://de.wordpress.org/plugins/transients-manager/, search for the cached movie and delete it manually.

consulta A que se debe el error que mensiona @dalfmaster arriba ( http://i.imgur.com/oWVKUbt.png ) Saludos

Hi, English please.

Query Why is the error mentioned by @dalfmaster up ( http://i.imgur.com/oWVKUbt.png ) regards By Google

Are you running the latest version ( 3.2.1 ) of the plugin? Can you please try deleting the cache via plugin settings


FaQer Purchased

Hi flowdee!

Thank you for a nice plugin for wordpress

Can you add in new realise of plugin checkbox for updating only rating/metascore?

Hi FaQer,

thanks for your feedback.

Actually this is not planned. In general all data will be updated. Anyway I’m planning to rebuild the plugin in order to improve the data storage and performance soon.

I’m getting ‘No movie data found’ for all my shortcodes e.g. [imdb]http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0088161/[/imdb]

I’m using 4.1.0. Of the plugin and I’ve successfully added the myapifilms token. All prerequisites installed and caches cleared.

Hi christownson, the shortcode works fine for me. Must be an issue with your hosting. Could you please send me an email via my profile page incl. WP + FTP credentials. Then I would be happy to help you figuring out what’s the reason.

Just bought your plugin. Created and confirmed the MYAPIFILMS API token. But it is not recognized in the setting. Error: Invalid token. But I double checked and it is entered correctly. Please advice.

Hi tongchan,

you already got in touch with me via emails. As I said the token worked fine for me. Let’s continue chatting via email :)

Hello there! I installed the plugin, added all the APIs and created a Post with the shortcode [imdb]http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5290382/[/imdb] but it still shows “No imdb id passed”.

Do i have to wait for the plugin to fetch all the data (Intervall is set to 12 hours) – and i checked the status of SOAP and cURL, its activated.

At some point it worked, but now it doesnt :/

Hi nealz,

the link/shortcode works fine for me: https://imgur.com/6wyESWk

Could you please get in touch with me directly ( https://kryptonitewp.com/support/ticket/ ) and send me a screenshot of your plugin settings page. I also may have to take a look into your site and see if there are server issues.

PS: German is fine too ;-)