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I have a few question before purchase: - Is it possible to load layer without upload ? For exemple to load external image from a select box (for watermark or else) - Is it possible to save result to a php script ? Do you provide a sample script in documentation ? - Can we load in a modal box (with bootstrap) ?

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Yes it is possible to add a layer without upload (even you can do that in demo from “Add new layer” section). But if you add a layer from another origin you cant get that layer in client side render output (because of the “Same-origin policy” https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/Security/Same-origin_policy ). But you can still render on a server by exporting parameters. I will add a php script in couple of days. You can load in a modal box, I will add an example for it as well.

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I have some doubts answer me the message, Thanks.

Hi, What is your doubts?

I have a proposal pra you pass me your email to contact you .


i have a question is it possible to some how put the text in the picture? not a watermark i want to put simple text

Hi, You can’t do that directly but I will add this feature soon. For now however, you can create a canvas element, draw text to it and export base64 for your text layer.

Hi, I’m interested to buy it..I think this is a great plugin but I didn’t see any button to add text. I thougt it’s a text in example but I realize it’s a image too..can I add text to image with this plugin?

Hi, You can’t do that directly but I will add this feature soon

How can I add a save button to save the final image to server instead of downloading to client computer

Hi, there is an example for that (server-side code written in php) in examples section of documentation

There is issues when using touch (can’t rotate, zooms all layers at a time etc…), any thoughts about this?

The plugin does not work with jQuery 3. Was quite frustrating the amount of time I spent customizing it only to attempt to integrate it with an existing site and be stopped by incompatibility issues.

Sorry, there won’t be jQuery 3 support

good job, nicely done ! i wish you all the best for your sales


Hello, is it possible to disable the resizing of the canvas

Hi, you can fix parent element’s (initial img element’s parent) dimensions

Hello ctekn, thank you for your answer. I would also like to use the features of image cropping. Are they set?

Eline sağlık cihad başkan :))

Sağolasın kardeşim :)

is there a way to get the initial image size of the uploaded layer? outside the function;

i want to configure a control-slider that will resize that selected layer; but i need the initial height to be there in the slider options


Hi I’m using your tool. Now I want to add a new feature, can you give a tutorial to add a new feature please? Thank you

Hi @ctekn,

I am very much interested in this plugin.

But, the thing is I also wanted this plugin to not only work for Image. It should also work for “ ” or “ ”.

The thing is I have Editor where I can put (Drag & drop) elements from toolbox & it is having dynamic values image, content etc..

Can you provide me or suggest me anything like this?

Hi: When I add a layer it says: Uncaught Error: Missing src parameter and the file bar shows ” is loading” and does not change to “completed”

I can’t get it work :-(

By the way … can you send the unminified version of the js ?

Do you have any code examples of how I could add text rendering to this plugin? I thought it was included, but after purchasing I now see that it’s actually just an image of text. Thanks in advance.

Do you know why does the imagist render to base64 is empty? it looks like only get data and render to from the bottom. I use AngluarJs. —Yes, it only render the background pic, when I change the background color to blue, the blue pic was saved. please tell me what’s going on. how can i do it.

I got the issue, because the image is external, crossOrigin. so that is blank

Could you add the feature into it?

PRE-SALE-QUERY ; Looks perfect but need to know—how can i add text in this canvas via a text file … please help or guide me if you can after purchase if its possible.

Elinize sağlık çok güzel tam işime yarıycak script gibi duruyo. export ettiğimiz gibi import da edebiliyomuyuz. kısaca anlatmak gerekirse ben bu exportu database e string olarak kaydedip daha sonra çağırdığımda bu stringteki gibi göster yapabilir miyim? jquery bilgim hiç yok o yüzden kısa bi yolu varmıdır kodun içerisinde?

After add layer is it possible to save image as sever upload with all layer?