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interesting, is it any different from the animated image sliders? please elaborate a bit more…

This has up to 10 sequences of animation. With delays and durations and over 1500 classes to choose from. All pure CSS. Image sliders on the market have one sequence per element when the slide is loaded. This is also Inview triggered not a slider.

some demo video will be great

good luck with sales


Here is a quick demo of the backend.

Very interesting but i need more ‘demo’ with back and frontend…

Here is a quick demo of the backend. The front end demo is at:

Thanks for demo link. Ok i understood, it is very great but make a (easy)timeline editor with button and you could become little rich with this plugin. Maybe i’ll buy for my website, but i ask my mind if it is fast into my workflow with customer, i don’t think so. But really, great idea (maybe i missed flash lol)

You def need to know some HTML to work the plugin. Thanks, -Nolan

Great, amazing idea. Congratulation for this original file. I just saw your video example and is easy to use and create a nice animations (like use a Action Script code) Really I liked. Bookmarked.

Thanks, I appreciate it. -Nolan

This looks great but how much bandwidth does each animation take? I’m concerned about it slowing down the page for mobile users.

It is just css classes – zero bandwidth since it is all front end css taking place. The only bandwidth being used is jquery applying the classes but all animation is front end css transforms and animations. It all depends on how many css animations you have going at one time as far as slowing down a front end browser experience. Each browser handles CSS tranforms/animations differently. Thanks, -Nolan

Can you have multiple actions on one page?

I would love to see what you create with it when your done. Good luck! -Nolan

I will email you the link

Looks Awesome! – Thanks for sharing, I appreciate it. -Nolan

Thanks, -Nolan

Hi, This is fantastic work. It appears that I can bulk upload posts and create animations with action classes within the body of the post. Is this true? Also, can I reference external URLs for pngs not under the media library? Cheers, J

It is all html in the post body so yes and yes. -Nolan

Hi, Thanks Nolan. Can it enable a 3bar brandable/logo sticky menu, or do I get a script for a menu? I ask this since I may want to take someone outside of my site to a semi-customized webpage just for the user and could do this via bulk uploading of posts, but I need a menu for the webpage. The menu could be embedded via your “image tag slider 2 demo” method I suppose. J

You can put any html elements inside the scene container. It is all html that you normally put inside the Wordpress page body. You could create a static menu if you wish inside the scene there is no limitations for internal content.

Hi, Thanks. I’m fairly light on responsivity. Can I insert a responsive menu inside the scene container as html inside the wordpress post, or is this a page php issue? J

I am not sure what you mean about menu. Is this a Wordpress (dynamic) menu? Menu’s do not normally go in the body of the post.

Hi, Sorry, I’m in the html weeds mentally. If I link from a post with your script, I could link to a subdomain and another wp install or same, with a 2013, 2012, etc. or same theme to another post on the same site with your script. So, I don’t need a menu per se. J

Using html tags you can link to any websites.


do you plan to make it work on iPad?


It does work in the ipad IOS 7 Safari browser.

Hi there, I’d like to make something like this: for one of my sites, would that be possible with your plugin? I don’t mind getting my hands dirty in a bit of code, but wouldn’t class myself as a coder! Thanks up front for taking the time!

I do not think this is the correct plugin for the job. This example is a slider effect with image movements on mouseover. The Imagine plugin is for triggering sequences of animations when the scene is in view.

Hi, Nolan, Do you think with your plugin we can create smth similar but much simpler as this website:


Thanks, Nolan,

for your comprehensive answer. I was referring my question to transmitted feeling that the visitor can get by adding some interactivity via your plugin animations. Sony campaign site is great and a really high example to show. The same as Mac Pro promotional website. They both use video with JavaScript.

By the way are you familiar with such techniques? Would you consider such individual job? You can email us at if this would be of any interest for you.


The Imagine plugin will trigger a CSS transition when the element is in view so you cannot get the same exact frame by frame look with the animation. It is more of a 2D feel triggered animation. If you would like to give it a test drive send me an email to : I am not familiar with the video/canvas – javascript methods used by the sony site so I could not help there. -Nolan

Thanks for the reply, Nolan. It is nice to give it a test drive – thanks for the proposal. I am very buss during the coming week but I would gve you a sign when I can free 2-3 hours for this. Thanks again!

Wow, you do some AWESOME things, was looking at your Article Scroll and Wah-Menu and found this too. I have bookmarked all 3 and plan on buying very soon.


Could I create 12 simple rotating animated thumbnails such as the example below?
( below is flash, I do not want flash, just similar )
^ home/ top / right

Email, sent and reply received, it’s PERFECT! I KISS YOU!
Yes, I am a gal :)

lol – Thanks. Check your email for the files. :)

So far…so good, it’s working exactly like I needed! It was easy to understand. Has not tried a video yet, but the rotating images are PERFECT.

I am interested

Please send me an email. Thanks, -Nolan

Hi, I have a couple questions.

1. Are there any known conflicts with this and any of the more popular compression and caching Plugins ( i.e. Total Cache, Optimize / Smush-it ) as well as any known Theme conflicts ? I am currently working with the Avada theme framework.

2. Can I create an image to rotate on a 3 dimensional plane so that it looks like it’s actually spinning? I saw the planet-like rotating orb on your demo however it still looks like it’s functioning in a 2-D plane though it’s designed to look 3D. Thank you!

1) No known conflicts to date. 2) No, it is simply 2D css animations(transform:rotate() etc) Thanks, -Nolan

Ok, Thank you !

I bought your plugin. But plugin don’t have compatibility with my theme. I can’t use plugin for my site, so I want to refund your product.

Please refund.

Item Purchase Code: 1a5b0356-9e78-45ad-aa08-15b69ef06fbe Purchase Date: 2015-03-22 13:25:57 UTC


It is compatible with all themes. If there is a conflict going on please contact me at and I can help you resolve it.. If you need a refund you need to contact codecanyon support for that. Thanks, -Nolan


Seems great. Is it easy settings in the backend, or will I have to write and do things into my css manually?


It is preset classes with css animations so any changes are done in the plugins css file. There are no backend settings, just a doc page explaining how to use the classes etc. Thanks, -Nolan