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can i see a demo?

Uploaded live preview.

No working. Login page is OK but Dashboard not show. Used Opencart

Screenshot not exist because page was empty.


Below question might help you to solve your problem, its better if you can provide me your development environment so i can understand better.

1. Does your OpenCart installation are standard or you have another addon installed? 2. You can try to peek into this problem using FireBug console, the error in red might provide an information to error. 3. You can have a look into apache_error.log and php_error.log, you can email to me instead. 4. Imagine using symfony & laravel component in which require PHP 5.3+ to function.

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Sorry but i can’t provide you access to live customer data. all log files are clear and all standard PHP functions are allowed.

Admin login demo isn’t letting me in? Incorrect logins

I have tested, successfully with admin/xs2admin

Hi,Admin login demo doesn’t let me in? I’ve tried with username:admin and password:xs2Admin

Login is fined, password is case sensitive.

would love to buy if it can be responsive?

Still under beta testing for the responsive feature.

This is exactly what I was looking for. But no wordpress! Could I be able to translate this into a WP format?

Thanks, currently don’t. But we do have plan to port for WordPress.

Kindly guide us for installation, for this ! Script

Hi, Steve. Thanks for purchasing, installation is simple. You have to make sure that u have a vQmod install on your OpenCart instance. Follow this link for the tutorial on vQmod http://code.google.com/p/vqmod/wiki/Install_OpenCart

Hello Wajatimur, We have installed vqmod successfully – from your given link…What s the next step..??

H nsteve, please import MySql database scheme from folder database/schema provided into your open cart database.

I really need this for Will it work?

Not tested on that particular version, you can send for support request so we can make-it compatible if you purchased it based on your required version.

fantastic work, wish you big sales