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Can I use this for featured images? After I pick the photos, does it use the default WP gallery?

Yes you can, even we have feature for featured images. If you press and hold on a image, that image will be featured for post. You can see featured images with red color border.

Best solution for images. I used your web based service. GLWS Ustadim burada gormek guzel apiyle ugrasmadan botla acilan konulari otomatik guncellese cok daha guzel olacak. Bol kazanclar

Thank you for your comment. Yak?n zamanda güncellemeyi planl?yoruz, te?ekkürler.


some pre sale questions

What is the difference between plugin that you sell here on codecanyon and free version here

If I buy plugin on codecanyon do i need to buy subscription plan here

thanks for reply


It looks like searh for Instagram does not get any results I check for google, pinterest, tumblr and get the images, but searh for Instagram give me blank field

Hi Maxvit,

Can you try again this Instagram feature? We solve this issue on our server. You can try without downloading plugin again.



Thank you for your fixing, now it works fine.

Great plugin! Just one question. Does plugin has any possibility to copy images to my server from gogle images so that after adding them to the post they will load from my server, instead of some other sources?

Thanks. Yes this plugin does copy images to your server from Google Images. With that way these images will be on your post and will serve from your server. Users will load images from your server end of the process.

I’m receiving a conflict with OptimizePress… If i disable it, it works. How can I resolve this?

I’m getting: engine.min.js?ver=4.6:2 TypeError: $ is not a function at new <anonymous> (main.js?ver=4.6:326) at Object.r [as invoke] (engine.min.js?ver=4.6:1) at c.instance (engine.min.js?ver=4.6:2) at engine.min.js?ver=4.6:1 at o (engine.min.js?ver=4.6:1) at w (engine.min.js?ver=4.6:1) at a (engine.min.js?ver=4.6:1) at a (engine.min.js?ver=4.6:1) at engine.min.js?ver=4.6:1 at engine.min.js?ver=4.6:1

Hi @leobarcellos, Is it possible to get access from your web site? With that way i can check and fix issue quickly on demand. Also this error message doesn’t help to find actual issue. I installed OptimizePress and ImageTS on example site but didn’t see this issue. So it would be better to check on your web site. Please do not share your site information on comment directly. Please write as an email to

Hello, is it work with add new product of woocomerce? is it available for checkbox to choose which one + which one + which one then:

option add to gallery thumnail product to image product to inline to description

Please reply me soon, if there all reply can do, i will make a payment. Thanks

Hello, ImageTS works with WooCommerce properly. You can add images in gallery format or inline in description. But there is no customization for WooCommerce. For example ImageTS has no ability to set product images directly, so in this case the plugin is not fit for you. Thank you for contacting with us.

Ok geart job, can you upgrate it to have option download image to :

1) inline description 2) product picture 3) product gallary

I mean when choose, each requires only work for 1 or 2 or 3, if want work for 2 and 3? Then do one by one to be done

Please contact me if you ca upgrade, i will purchase this. Thanks

Hi Guys. I sent you an email recently to you ask about editing images from within WP Editor and you said it’s on your next update. (Hope you can remember me)?

I want to know : - if the images are free of any copyright restriction? - when the update that will allow me to edit images within WP Editor?

Thank you.

Hi John, Yes I remember :) Currently we are working on update. Regarding your question; software has no ability to understand if image has any copyright. ImageTS will allow to edit every image file with this update. Regards

Thanks! Looking forward to the release then I can buy it. Will it not be a problem for users to download images that have copyright restrictions? Also, I think some plugins do have the ability to distinguish between free and commercial images – Perhaps you want to check it out? When should I expect the update release? Thanks

Sorry for late answer. Regarding your question; some plugins reads exif data from jpeg and get copyright restrictions. We didn’t add this feature to our plugin. But we have an option to filter images on search results. Please see screenshot : With this option users can be able to filter images. Also we are working on next release at the moment. I hope we will be able to release stable version on this weekend.

Top, works solid. Hope, someday you, like to add some other sources. till then, i am, a happy customer.

Hey FlexBarker, thank you for your comment. We’re glad you liked it. With other sources, you mean Yahoo, Bing, Pinterest etc? I guess we can add more sources on plugin. Please let us know, so we can add more feature with your feedback. Regards


..i suggest them. regard.

Thank you for your feedback. We’ll work on it and let you know.

Great Plugin. Unique and will definitely save Me a lot of time instead of manually downloading and uploading Pics. However, kindly answer the following points :

1. Save Images to Medial Library : Instead of putting images from Posts ( as shown in screenshots ), can I directly add images to the Media Library ? I want to do so because I want to use those Images in a Seperate Gallery Plugin.

2. Works with Visual Composer ? : The theme that I use has a Modified Version of Visual Composer. I hope that this Plugin will work flawlessly with Visual Composer.

Kindly Revert,

Hi, thank you for your comments.

Regarding your questions ; It doesn’t work on media library but it can be add. I’ll add button on media library as well.

For Visual Composer, it wasn’t designed to work with Visual Composer but you can add images into VC easily after getting them with ImageTS. I’m not sure how we can improve to work with VC properly. But we are always open for any feedback. Please let us know if you have any idea about plugin.


Nice work mate

Thank you :)

How do I remove the (-) in image caption automatically?

Hi taiwome, Unfortunately plugin doesn’t have this feature on it’s currently version. However we can add it on our roadmap for future updates. If there is any spesific request regarding ImageTS please let us know.


hey the script on wordpress 4.8 do work?

Hey, it works on Wordpress 4.8 properly. I’ve just tested it.

Hi does it save images found in wp media gallery? Want to ba able to manipulate the images or download them from the wp server ? Thanks

in case the email i sent misses When I downloaded the trial it somehow installed it in a foreign language how do i change it to english?

I replied your e-mail. If you have a question, please don’t hesitate to ask.

just before i get stuck in and try to find out what the problem is are we all go your end no problems?

very strange it was working yesterrday now nothing two diffrent installs nought tried uninstalling reinstalling turned off all other plugins chnged theme nought

Hello, i replied with email. I’ll try to help.

How the heck does one leave a review???

You can review our plugin under download page or at this address :

Hadnt used this for awhile and installed and found it doesnt work with the plugins and themes I use Is there a fix on your plugin to get around conflicts? I find if I turn off all the plugins and go to a vanilla theme it works but that kind of defeats the object I guess i could try switching on one by one but again thats a real pain any solutions?

I see. I’m not sure which plugin causes this problem. If you give me access from your web site, i’ll check and let you know and maybe solve the problem. Some plugins uses global objects and this may be the problem, i should take a look. You can send your access information to .


ayron Purchased

Hi, Is google used as a search engine (images) as in the browser or does it use google to do search in the pinterest? Thanks


ayron Purchased



Sorry for late answer. ImageTS uses Google search engine to get image results. It also can search Pinterest.

For second question, you need to check images to import in post. It’s not checked by default. You can also check image as featured with double-click. I’m not sure about imsanity compatible.



ayron Purchased

Thanks. I just bought. I confirm with you the compatibility with the Insanity plugin.


ayron Purchased

Hi, How do I set the image to be the highlighted image? Thanks

I’ll check these issues and update our product. We actually solved lots of issues on our master branch. But we didn’t update codecanyon. On our official web site we have plugin’s original version but it’s not in English language. I’ll let you know as soon as possible.


ayron Purchased

Thank you very much. I did the review, product features and support.


ayron Purchased

When will the fixes and updates be available in codecanyon? Thanks


gnfb1234 Purchased

“Yes you can, even we have feature for featured images. If you press and hold on a image, that image will be featured for post. You can see featured images with red color border.” I had no idea this feature was there LOL well done

Yeah, i’m sorry, we should have add it on document or specify it on panel. That’s our mistake, but thank you. I’ll update plugin to specify that feature. I’m not sure maybe we can add a button to make images featured instead of press and hold action.