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Wawwww,nice plugin NuvuScripts,Good luck !


Very Nice NuvuScripts
In your description you mention “?Use any images via Wordpress media tool”
Can you add multiple images, or is it one image at a time..
Is it possible to “Batch” add images??
Good Luck with sales

Yes – This is what I mean. You can use the media insert tool to add a bunch of images at once. Select them all and click the insert in page button. Just insert them inside the [imageshow]..your images..[/imageshow] shortcode on the page. Hope this helps, Thanks, -Nolan

Awesome work my friend!!!! Excellent!!!! ;)


This is spectacular.


This has the “Wow” factor. I love the idea. Keep it up. :)


Does this plugin come with a filter to sort images by a specific category?

No – They are not populated by category. You just add images to the page for the gallery.

CSS conflict. You can add a height:auto; to the image styling in the css line 665 of to work around this.
.imageshow-img img {
    height: auto;
    opacity: 1;
    transform: scale(1.1);
    transition: all 1.5s ease 0s;
    width: 100% !important;

Hope this helps, -Nolan

a little better :) Thanx.

Looks fantastic. I will keep it in mind for future.

Is there any way this can pull in Facebook photos and display them in this style ?

Sorry, there is no Facebook importing option with this plugin.

Hi, how does plugin work ? I can’t find doc !!!

Very unique! When the blown up image appears next to the pic, the image blown up in the round circle; is it possible to make the image values larger, the image will show a larger pic in more detail? Greater Zoom i guess:-)

You can set a scale amount for the scale in effect for the image on hover.

good work, but need additional possibilities :)

i need turn off zoom on hover

and its possible that all picture after first one will appear bellow it?

Please email me at and I will try to make this happen. -Nolan

really need a help… im converting my website to wordpress ..1 thing i will do that i will redirect my pages to wordpress pages which i will create…

1. but the main thing is that my backlinks r created mostly by image url’s . how to redirect them ?? OR i can make a portfolio gallery by this PLUGIN by inserting images in it by image url..

so still the backlinks wll remain if i create portfolio gallery by ur plugin …ur plugin is nice if possible the gallery looks like masonry style??then it will be more attractive

kindly help plzz

You can create a gallery and set the href links to any url you wish. Here is what the code looks like:
[imageshow visible_at_start="8" margin="5" width="23%" scale="1" popout_speed="0.2" rotate_amount="180" rotate_speed="10"]

<a href="">
<img src="" alt="1a" width="500" height="400" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-218" />

The image has a href pointing to instead of the image url. You can set the href to point to any of your pages. I think this is what you are asking. -Nolan

I saw in the description that there is the possibility of incorporating the titles of images and icons of social networks in the lightbox window. This is the case? I wish also include a caption for each photo would be quite long (up to 600 characters) and a credit line for the pictures. This function is decisive for my purchase.

Hoping your answer will be, “of course it’s possible ;)”, I wish you good success for your sales !


No, the Social Icons and Title Bar are optional overlay in the image elements not the lightbox. There is no caption – the titlebar shows the title of the image and is limited to the width of the image so 600 characters would not be possible. Sorry, Thanks for the good wishes. Good luck finding the right plugin! :) -Nolan

Hi, Is there any way to delay for a few seconds the load of the plugin ImageShow inside one wordpress page ?

Please send me an email to letting me know why you need this. Thanks, -Nolan


could I use this masonry gallery as a way to display products in my woocommerce shop pages?

No sorry this just displays images you insert inside the shortcode tags.

Dear very nice, but its not working properly from my website, i have issue 1- socilamedia icon missing 2- scrolling time not loading images. Please advice to me how to solve this issue. Regards

Please email me at with a link to your site and I will try to help. -Nolan

Waaa Thank you very much dear

Great plugin,

My margins aren’t showing up (space between pics) and when you hover over, the title is getting cut of, can you help?


url is:

please email me at and I will help. -Nolan

dose the short code work with visual composer?

It should. Thanks, -Nolan